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  1. Currently listening to Crucifix Dehumanization LP...one of the best(if not the best) hardcore punk albums of all time. 24 mins of blistering tracks and inteligent lyrics.
  2. Only down the road so I,ll have a butchers next time.
  3. Alwys keep an eye out but never seen either unfourtanetly.
  4. Positives? I dont have to get up early/or rush home from work! Should be a saleon the clothing pretty soon!
  5. Always the game Ive been looking foward too the most on this "Tour", should be some atmosphere! Bennett needs to go, not one for getting rid usualy, but just had enough of his dull rugby and persona and just not enjoyable watching it. Sinfield can ###### off aswell.
  6. Deary me..awful game...and I was one of the rare people looking foward to this tour!!!
  7. Do you get a proper membership card...thats what I want to know? In all seriousness Your basicaly paying 25 notes for a hat and a badge...its not gonna be hard to get tickets is it? I would rather they actualy gave us a bit more info regarding the kangaroos tour next year to be honest.
  8. Currently watching Aus v NZ on Fox Soccer Plus, so might have the Lions game on tomm?
  9. Fox soccer plus and sportsnet world both show the live SL and NRL games....dont know if there showing any of the international games though.
  10. Course its music and some of it has been groundbreaking....Public Enemy, KRS1, Beastie Boys, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy to name but a few. Dont get me wrong like evrything there is a load of dross aswell, but its like saying Emerson lake and Palmer or King Crimson etc isnt music with there tedious half hour drum solos and keyboard solos!! Blimey your be telling me hardcore punk is just noise next
  11. Despite peoples grumbling, im well looking foward to this tour....finish work at 7 Sat morn, home and GB....cant wait. Only decision is which retro GB shirt to wear
  12. Its all subjective really aint it? Like saying all genres of Rap are noisy shouty with lyrics about guns etc...its really not. Anyway in the spirit of things Dull middle class solo males and females with guitars Prog ###### rock U2 and the like....oh and its not that I dont get it, but Sex Pistols Never Mind album...really dont understand the reverence for it....give me The Lurkers any day
  13. Im burning all my shirts and anything to do with "League"(spits) as we speak
  14. White Noise was actualy a BM record label for #### like Screwdriver and Brutal Attack etc.
  15. So anybody know what this England fan club involves? It better include a car sticker, a decent pin badge and a proper membership card
  16. Now now...we are all blinkered armchair refs on here apparently
  17. Firstly congratulations Saints fans...over the season you deserved it. I actualy like kendall as a ref, but this post has saved me writing the same thing...couldnt have summed it up better. Tottaly spoiled the second half and the game for me to be honest...im sorry but some of those calls were ridiculous.
  18. Im usualy the kiss of death for teams im tipping so.....im just gonna copy what I have put on the last couple of Salford threads...... "Come on you rip roaring, free scoring, never borring Red Devils!! Gonna be a close one I reckon...cant wait for this"
  19. Excactly....not that I would pay £50 to be honest!
  20. Cheers mate! I,ll keep an eye for when they have a sale on
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