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  1. Caught some of the DC v Seattle game last night, and realise im in the minority, but I really enjoyed it. Yep not a massive high standard, but then never was gonna be and some of the defending was atrocious, but as i say i will carry on watching. Some of the rule changes were good and enjoyed the coaches mic up and hearing the plays put in. Decided to follow DC before hand aswell...just for the smart kit.
  2. Yeah funnily enough was looking to go to this and have been checking on and off for tickets and still nothing.
  3. Bit of a dull band back in the 80's...Scott Welland, herion addict who died. Thats about it really...although I dont know that much about em to honest....as I said they sounded pretty dull to me.
  4. Been hit and miss! Still with my Mrs and the my old dog Benny, who is 19 next year and still hanging on in there, still working and just about getting by. Diagnosed with Cancer(bowel which spread to my bladder, prostrate etc) in 2015, had a permanent colostomy fitted in 2015, loadsa heavy chemo and an 11 hour operation later I was cancer free...unfourtanetly came back on my lungs this year and Lymph nodes, so back on the chemo...find out Mon if it is working, if it isnt, it probably wont be a happy Christmas. Sportswise, my footy team are still rubbish and infuriating, NFL team are rubbish and infuriating and looking foward to seeing how London and Salford get on next season.
  5. Currently listening to Crucifix Dehumanization LP...one of the best(if not the best) hardcore punk albums of all time. 24 mins of blistering tracks and inteligent lyrics.
  6. Only down the road so I,ll have a butchers next time.
  7. Alwys keep an eye out but never seen either unfourtanetly.
  8. Positives? I dont have to get up early/or rush home from work! Should be a saleon the clothing pretty soon!
  9. Always the game Ive been looking foward too the most on this "Tour", should be some atmosphere! Bennett needs to go, not one for getting rid usualy, but just had enough of his dull rugby and persona and just not enjoyable watching it. Sinfield can ###### off aswell.
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