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  1. Wonder if anybody could help me? Basicaly I got a ticket from the Skolars for the CC Final, I know its in the Saints end but thats about it! Got the ticket attachment via email, but it just says general admission and what i wanna know is, do i go to collect the actual ticket at the Stadium like ive done in the past? Im guessing so, but dosent actualy tell me! Cheers for any help in advance.
  2. Thats far to sensible though isnt it?
  3. Think he is an alright Ref personally.
  4. Anybody on here got a rough Idea what the kick off times for the Lions games are likely to be....I'm guessing late nights or early mornings?? Just I'm needing to sort the rota at work out. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ouch..think this could be the game that dooms London to be honest.
  6. The mighty Hammers lost there first bit of silverwear to Athletic Bilbao today in the betway cup
  7. Watched the game and no it wasnt a good look...but seriously, all this cc final is gonna be a bloodbath, mind ya back etc..seriously?? Granted im a soft southern cockney git league fan, but it was hardly West Ham Millwall was it!! Im sure it will be fine and I do think a few people are overeacting somewhat?
  8. Really sorry to hear this, must be heartbreaking and my thoughts go out to you. Had a bit of a couple of weeks myself, but dosent seem right to bang on about it right now,
  9. Did ask this before, but anybody got any rough idea about KO times for the Lions games...uk time? Just I need to book time off work.
  10. What excatly is the point of that clip excactly??
  11. All the best to Kenny T's cousin and Dave T
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