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  1. Very "Meh" about the whole thing to be honest...def isnt the same without the crowds. Only watched the 2 games so far involving the mighty Irons and "Winning is what I do" Moyes wants me to slash my wrists anyway! Watched a lot of La Liga since it has come back and enjoyed that far more if im honest....UPA ATHLETIC ?
  2. Seen it in Sainsburys at the saver center near Gillingham aswell!
  3. S.L Benfica if you dont mind ? ?
  4. Like East London Mike, was a regular at the mighty Irons(home and away) for many years and had some great times, but prob lose more interest with every season...couldnt care less about the Premier League and its "Super Sundays"(which usualy end up being anything but) and its "Magic Mondays" etc and have pretty much zero interest in watching other Prem games if it dosent involve the Hammers. Money has ruined it IMHO and can honestly say i havent missed it since it stopped. Saying that, like the East End footy whore that I am, I,ll be firing up a stream when it restarts and effing and jeffing along with the best of em ? Funnily enough, although I might agree with some comments about my team that someone might make, I,ll still argue the toss with em and wont have it...not that it has ever happened on Holiday(for instance)...honest ? Enjoy watching the Spanish footy and as for internationals...enjoy the world cup etc, but not all the England England hype if im honest.
  5. Let the tribe increase by the Mob has been on the turntable tonight...still a classic after all these years. Yep I know, who are The Mob...never heard of em? Bit of the Dead Kennedys, Rudimentary Peni(10 TRL points for those who know em) and a bit of crass. I know the rules...Lefty #### etc ? ? ?
  6. No one mentioned Happy Gilmour? Country, dogs etc etc
  7. Yeah the promotion/relegation bit is gonna be one of main sticking points as far as i can see. As for Super League, as people have said, maybe they are waiting to see what happens with the footy first?
  8. Its not a definite that the footy is returning in June, from what i read only that plans have been"Progressed".
  9. The Avengers? The rather cracking old SF punk band or the Marvel version ? ?
  10. Not really fussed about the Premier League overall these days and to be honest probably care less each year but.... West Ham United. Born and bred 10 mins from Upton park(RIP)...even got West ham on my birth certificate ? UE Sant Andreu. My Catalonian footy team of choice...had many a good rowdy afternoon/eve with their little mob Miami Dolphins. Always loved my NFL and loved the 80's Marino, Marks Brothers era Essex CCC. Keep an eye out for but wouldnt say I follow Athletic Club Bilbao Benfica Phily eagles AS Roma New York Cosmos
  11. So what are you trying to say? If you bang it on every political or virus thread on here(which you seem to be trying to do) we will have a Lets clap Boris Friday or something ? ?
  12. Been involved in a few of these over the years and the answer is yes..a GP does have to attend.
  13. Bit disapointed with this thread...thought it was gonna be a "What ever happened to finding grot mags over the local park?" or "what was your fav flavour of discontinued 70's crisps etc....country, dogs etc ? ? ?
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