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  1. Fax is 46 miles closer than York, only 19 people on our coach to Whitehaven bet there's more than that on the Fax bus.
  2. Theres five games on T.V. to keep us going over the weekend, that will do me.
  3. At least it gives players a rest and time to get over any niggling injuries, last season I don't think we had a weekend off with all the cup games, mind you it was nice getting to a final.
  4. Thought the atmosphere was great yesterday infact the best we've had at the new stadium, think the players responded to it as well.
  5. Best performance by a mile this season, but we have to do it week in week out, our pack were excellent much the better out of the two.
  6. Game day, a lovely sunny day in North Yorkshire as usual, just the type of day to watch a game of rugby in a great stadium, why not watch two games for the price of one.
  7. Saints rested half their team thinking all they had to do was turn up to win, we'll done Toulouse.
  8. If there was only half hour between games people would be still moaning, it's a rugby league thing, we're only happy when we're moaning.
  9. Gives them game time and keeps em fit.
  10. Looks like 2Ps is playing Sunday and Fordy said he could play all 3 halfbacks, hope he doesn't mess about with the team this week.
  11. He's also a Fev lad, been a Fev fan all his life, can't blame him everyone wants to play for their home town club, best just to move on can't change the past.
  12. Looks like Olly will miss rest of season because of his injury, shame I was looking forward to watching him play.
  13. It wouldn't be R.L. if people didn't moan
  14. Think it will knock a fair few off especially after last week, a family of 4 can sit at home and watch it for a fiver, a lot of Widnes fans will stay at home and watch it, what with the cost of fuel then the admission, can't blame them.
  15. It is the No 9 Park n ride bus, takes you right to the ground.
  16. I'm hoping to get to the games on Sunday, first time since the Rams game just hope the players turn up as well.
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