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  1. I once dreamt we had a local baseball team, just next to Cragg Road for those who know. Why? I have no idea. I've never had much of an interest in the sport.
  2. I got 7/10. That Baseball Ground question was a stinker.
  3. Former Easts, Norths and Kangaroos star Mark Harris
  4. Brian Rix's sister. Not a bad innings. Mind you, as with some others (including Ron Saunders), I thought she'd popped her clogs a few years back.
  5. Ken Burns docs are a must view. Peter Coyote is one of my favourite narrators.
  6. My Mum. Born in Lambeth in December 1937. Survived the Blitz (home bombed). Evacuated to Mytholmroyd in late 1940.
  7. Now we can see why Gareth Southgate has lost the plot.
  8. I heard if you shook hands with him, his hand was like a vice.
  9. I remember Peter Downsborough when he was at Swindon..
  10. They were too keen to appoint Solskjaer in the first place - caretaker managers have little pressure. Still no Director of football in place.
  11. I enjoy Burns' documentaries. I'm not a baseball fan, but I was persuaded to buy the book based on his series.
  12. Danny Frawley VFL/AFL footballer and coach, media personality. Legend with St. Kilda Football Club and coach at Richmond.
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