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  1. Sorry to lower the tone. Billy Swan - I can help. Not exactly listening to it, just can't get it out of my bonce.
  2. Or perhaps a degree of common sense when using VAR?
  3. Not my Wurst. Entschuldigung, habe ich nicht Fang nicht an
  4. I can say the following like a local. Hier ist der deutsche welle in der bundersrupblic deutschland Hier ist der österreichischer rundfunk That's my German for today.
  5. Very sad to learn of his passing. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
  6. Halifax, like many towns, had a few engineering firms at one time, but Steelers would be stretching it a bit.
  7. It's OK. At least it doesn't have a town crest attached.
  8. Town crests are for lower league clubs, even in soccer.
  9. With the bombers being seen as non-PC, I always thought Flyers would have been a good alternative.
  10. That the game is stuck in a cycle has been obvious for years. How do we improve without upsetting the whole fabric of the sport?
  11. The gulls in Barmouth are definitely into architecture, rocket science and possibly crochet. Pigeons are everywhere and seemingly live in an alernatate universe to everything else.
  12. Perhaps the gulls in hull are featherweights. I've seen gulls that look evil.
  13. The Lion is related to many towns and cities in the UK. Perhaps Edward I did that for several cities and the Lion became a dominant animal in English heraldry. Gulls are white with black and yellow, which would tie in with your shield?
  14. I agree, it was cartoonish and over the top. I always thought Magpies was perfect for Hull, although maybe the seagulls scare the local mags. Which are Airliest?
  15. Many years ago I thought Ronnie Hilton had died, long before his time. I do have moments when I think I've slipped into a parrallel universe.
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