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  1. i just read an article today regarding stadium capacities post covid19, it was about football but the result will be the same. its saying capacity will be 33% maximum, but could be as low as 17%. the variation is based on the concourses at the ground & entrances/exits etc. the older the ground the more likely it will be 17%. will be pretty distaterous for most clubs. st helens with a capacity of 14,000 i believe, will have a capacity of less than 5,000.
  2. shame, many micro breweries do some great beers. are the beers going to be in regional rounds?!
  3. yes i would like the 1980/81 to 1985/86 if possible. email is kevinbrendan@hotmail.com many thanks
  4. if elite 1 is on par with Championship, perhaps a play-off system with top 2/3 from Elite 1 & Championship for the 1 promotion place to Super League. P & R from Championship/League 1 would continue but would have to be adjusted with teams coming down from Super League or not (could be French team). Easily adjusted at that level
  5. MLS is about the 4th attempt at a professional football league in USA. all the others went bust. they may be going better this time as they didnt aim too high.
  6. my line up is Fullers ESB Abbot Reserve Crafty Hen King Goblin Wild Card IPA Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger Youngs Special Brew Dog IPA Owd Rodger Sam Smith Old Brewery Bitter Harveys Sussex Bitter Adnams Ghost Ship McMullens County only one beer per brewery! kev
  7. in all fairness john, most posts go "well off topic" a lot of clearing up to do john!
  8. expunging the results makes most sense, no point awarding all teams the same points. it could come down to points difference for play off places & 18-0 might be enough to win/lose a play off place, against a higher or lower score who actually played them. no no option there i believe.
  9. can we have a vote of the line up of beers in the england team? as its a RL website i suggest 13 beers of voters choice!
  10. the NY statement is obviously a publicity stunt, seems to have worked if people are talking about it. the package is a very american thing giving lots of cheap merchandise for a not so cheap price. great idea for a non existent club!
  11. managed to pick them up on ebay the other day. but i still need the booklets 1980/81 to 1985/86 to complete set if you can help. many thanks
  12. could be. as only 1 point awarded in 41 games & no draws shown in table. was this the case last season in SL? i know golden point was played for then.
  13. the championship & league 1 tables as shown on RFL website shows a column for bonus points, only Batley shows a bonus points. were bonus points awarded or is this an error? i know its unimportant now, but i like to keep my records right!
  14. will wait & see whos playing first. if a few games down here i'm sure me & my boy would have gone to them. i go to the england internationals when in london & usually well attended.
  15. not sure where the EFL leagues 1 & 2 are cash rich, almost all living beyond their means. some i believe will not make it to next season. Bury were the tip of the iceberg!
  16. very few games in the south, only semi at arsenal, & being a spurs fan thats a no straight away! surely a few more games could have been brought from the heartlands. wheres expansion?
  17. perhaps put Elite 1 on par with League 1 with promotion to the Championship could improve the standard. maybe play offs between Elite 1 & league 1 for promotion (eg top 4 from each div play off for 2 promotion places.. teams from other european countries should be encouraged to come in at league 1 level (hopefully with their own division made up from 6/7 countries.
  18. when will championship/league 1 clubs make a decision o 2020? the cards are on the table now, no spectators until october at earliest. teams who want to play should do so with P & R up for grabs. those who dont want to play, sit it out & stay put for next season. may need to change number of teams in championship for next season, but not a major issue.
  19. either 20 game programme, or all play each other once & top 7 & bottom 7 play returns with their own half, in championship. league 1 play 20 games each.
  20. if the season is only going to be 2 months (oct & nov). why not play 2 games a week, should be ok for a !mini season"! no play offs still promotion & relegation to super league. not ideal, but gets bums on seats & games played. & a full season of games, almost
  21. as no crowds till october, championship & league 1 clubs must make a decision now, surely!
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