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  1. What you all haven't taking into account is the number of people from up north living in Devon/Cornwall, i went to a Rebels v Sharks game a few years ago at Redruth & was surprised by amount of fans with team shirts on Leeds, Saints, Wolves even somebody stood next to me with a Batley top on yes i was polite to him Lol.
  2. One slight problem the Rebels haven't played a game for about 3 years ?
  3. If your a Hunslet fan there's a train from Leeds to Truro where you change on to the Falmouth line.
  4. No problem already been a team in Cornwall the Rebels.
  5. If it ever gets built been talking about it for 15/20 years.
  6. Market value!!! sorry thought it was a sport. stupid remark from a selfish SL fan. You lot will only be happy when there's no relegation your own little private club with all the cash.
  7. Yep but what do 90% of Rugby League fans complain about leading up to Challenge Cup weekend, lack of promotion on the BBC itself every year same old moan (you wouldn't know the BBC had the cup game on this weekend) even their flagship 60 secs would never mention it on Friday night.
  8. If you look at the likes of ITV4 they don't have to worry about the likes of Coronation Street or other main ITV shows.
  9. What do you mean lack of coverage in todays media ??? has i keep saying you can take a horse to water but you cant make him drink it.
  10. Me personnel i hope its ITV they have showed through ITV4 willing to put the hours & effort into coverage take Tour De France 3 weeks all day coverage with evening highlights show only this week Tour of Britain all week. But will we the fans ever get told who the bidders are or will it all be behind closed doors & once again SKY will hold all the cards, lets face it they don't like competion.
  11. I went through Hotels.com allows you free cancellation you get a certain date to cancel after that buggered. Its the poor buggers who used Split Ticketing for train travel, i waited before booking train travel just incase it was put back or cancelled.
  12. Excuse me since crowds allowed you talk has thou its been months not about a week since grounds open to about 100%.
  13. With St James Park booked plus Kingston Park why don't they play England v France on the 23rd plus keep the Scotland v Italy game on the 24th try and salvage something from this diabolic mess sure all 4 teams would like to play a game. Could have a Ireland v Wales at one of the stadiums already booked Keepmoat or Leigh Sports it would give the teams a chance of a game if others interested something could be arranged ?
  14. So it looks like what we all feared the BBC has get out clause theirs no way will show 61 games then go into World Cup football, what about the stadiums are they expecting fans to sit on tickets & hotels waiting till at least next year to find out if tickets booked plus hotels are ok ? its a cluster FCK.
  15. IF the Games are in summer & Aussies & Kiwi's send teams its going to be hard for NRL to play the same game again.
  16. Nope but we wont get the coverage from the BBC in 2022 due to the Football plus Commonwealth Game, i understand people are saying that it doesn't clash 100% with the World Cup but the press media & BBC will be all over it leading up to the start of the Football has said on this post its something the Aussies don't get.
  17. What about all those hotels across the country who have bookings for match weekends especially Newcastle with 2 games on opening weekend, booked mine when they said it was on !!! What you are saying people that go to Rugby League don't go to Football ?
  18. So why cancel if its true, what happened to Serbia & USA on stand bye ?
  19. Booked the weekend in Newcastle for both games plus Emirates for semi-final, not sure if i can be bothered anymore if its true.
  20. My thoughts i said it at the start of all this nonsense football clubs might take the chance while World Cup on to make improvements to their stadiums plus pitches ??
  21. So if its correct its off till next year i take it all the football clubs are on board with this ? because for arguments sake St James Park is not available then whats the plan for the opening game plus people who have bought tickets for the double header that weekend.
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