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  1. And then damaged the opposition winger which led him to be stretchered off after an illegal tackle- which the referee missed/didn't miss.
  2. Do we think that Child will be informed of that at HT or will the Ref be in 'isolation ' as regards things he missed during the first half?
  3. We're all in this together, making Rugby League Great Again!........
  4. This says more about me than say.... the present morals/rules etc of the RL game as it is at now but if any single person grabbed my testicles its a game reset / go to court/ let's embarrass all who need to be embarrassed. Again this says more about me but a a broken jaw from a leading elbow is 'more' honest then grabbing the genitals of a player. Just me though.
  5. I understand grabbing the testicles of someone, slowly or otherwise. And I imagine I would understand if someone grabbed my testicles, slowly or otherwise. It's one of those things perhaps.
  6. So if I grab your testicles slowly you would have no complaints? And no, I'm not thinking of doing any such thing.
  7. Did I see that cas had a better completion rate? Breathless and intense. Am knackered! Tackle counts equal I see.
  8. I could find out but I'm too lazy, but I've struggled to pay Sky for RL suspecting that 95%? of any monthly input goes to Football which I think is big enough and rich enough to look after itself. Have I got it all wrong? I do support RL by having a season ticket and drinking beer at a local pub. Sometimes it drink beer without an RL input but.......
  9. Watching this in Crete. I read your post before the ball had landed. Theres a job for you in the commentary team I think.
  10. Code Treize? Wouldn't work of course but any reasonable person might ask why 'French 13' and ......[ENGAGE RANT MODE]..............
  11. IMO and not trying to drag any teams name though the mud but from what I’ve seen and heard Cas are probably the worst. Tbf I've heard of many incidents in the pub/Cas Forum/etc but never seen owt. I was at the match when fans abused Gareth Thomas and missed it. The most memorable incident was back in the late 80's-early 90's ish when two men in their late 60's were jostling each other. They didn't want to escalate to full fisticuffs (perhaps it was too cold to take their hans from their pockets) so instead they basically rubbed up against each other whilst hopping- pogoing up and down in what the other might hopefully perceive as threatening. it was both funny and revolting the same time. People stood and looked not sure what to do. No bottles and bricks at Cas, we cant afford stuff like that.
  12. Talking to an Old Boy at work(long dead now) who went to Post Office Road to see what all the fuss was about. He couldn't believe it- there's this scrawny old man on the pitch with the players. His words were 'You couldn't see him for bandages', 'shouldn't be on the pitch'. Pause- 'then he got into some space.............!'
  13. Following the increasing fractions back from the scrum should the FB be a Back Whole?
  14. My only football match was Cyprus v Italy in Limasol early 90s. Hadn't realised till then how much happens in RL, moment to moment, compared to other sports.
  15. There is a mythically good but mystery curry house behind the railway station somewhere. With a station cat, pint at the George, curry and a direct train from Cas ....Well, it would be rude not to.
  16. 11th Nov 2019. England 0 NZ 34. Despite this I like the photo.
  17. Being a bit self indulgent here but I like this one of mine. The Citadel of Heroes in Castleford.
  18. Dropped on the Aldi Islay a while ago and never quite disengaged from it. Spouse loves it but their Speyside is a first for us. £18 a go. No brainer surely.
  19. Watching this with 7 to go I'm thinking this game could have been an absolute classic. It isn't and 22-6 does not reflect Salford contribution. Shame.
  20. An old boy(long since dead) told me about this guy Brian playing at Featherstone I think. You couldn't see him for bandages. The general view was he should not have been on a rugby pitch. This was not healthy. And then he got the ball.... It was then they all understood.
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