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  1. Sixfields Upton as a tourist today. Car parking just near the Cobblers stadium. Lovely park with plenty of waterside. Upton is an exemplar urban development. This week and last I have my highest age %. 40s off PB (2017) but improving.
  2. Good luck. Frustrating and difficult to decide how much rest.
  3. I've read them all about 4 times in my 50 years. I still have about half the set. Maybe i'll give them another go soon. Royal Flash, Charge and Great Game were favourites. I am a little biased as home was once Ashby de la Zouch where it all began.
  4. The Ascent of Rum Doodle. This book made be laugh aloud. Short. A bit dated. Runs out of steam a little but really glad I read it. The author seems interesting for his apparent ordinariness (an accountant at Kendal Urban Council or similar). Apparently a cult following sufficient for Rum Doodle to be named as a part of Antarctica!
  5. Spot on. Too much depth and time taken now. Life was much simpler with ZX81. Spectrum added some nice to handle complexity.
  6. Shocker for Leicester City losing to F*****. Don't seem to have a decent defence.
  7. I enjoyed it back in the day (1990s?). My son put a version on my laptop last year but i found it far too involved and complicated to now enjoy playing.
  8. Several local parkruns iced off this weekend. Brixworth - a gem of a setting- was open with an alternative course omitting its steep finish. I was pleased to get round with my leg still dodgy. My son got a sub 19pb finishing first . A nice confidence boost.
  9. I've been junior parkrun volunteering most Sundays. Even allowing for the odd child that gets randomly distracted (by a stick or similar 'toy'!) its normally all done by 9.45am. Very uplifting to help as with parkrun. As is the way the 4th anniversary last month was fancy dress. My red / white Where's Wally hat effort was ok but didn't match the other 4 Wally's - or 2 dinosaurs and one excellent minion.
  10. Great memories for me and i didn't know his Chelsea playing career was so good. The Sky Blues team bus (or part of it?) on display in the Coventry Transport Museum was a great reminder of a brilliant led team.
  11. Fabulous news. Can't wait to watch on C4! Agree well done to those involved.
  12. I shall miss Cov but appreciate it's a big and bold decision. Hurricanes is coming up on facebook but no webpage? Looking forward to seeing how the Hurricanes fare next season.
  13. Northampton racecourse yesterday. Last ran 2 years ago and got a 1s PB! Junior parkrun volunteer today which was pleasant in the sunshine. I hope to have solved my niggling injury having realised i was running in the wrong shoes (support - I need cushioned). I must have got them 'cheap' online. Classic false economy as my replacements cost me ninety.
  14. Takes me back 30 years to a nice summer spent in Vaasa and fond memories of Suomi. I twisted my knee at Rutland Water parkrun this week. I will probably rest and volunteer the next 4 weeks now.
  15. Missed having no F! this week. Ordinarily i am ambivalent but find this year the competition is compelling and nip/tuck. Hope its on next week and i guess 5 or 6 races left?
  16. I saw several wild camping at North Berwick last summer. Looked great with BBQ on the beach and tents in the dunes. There was a car park with some facilities which must help.
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