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  1. Ive heard Sutcliffe is also a doubt We're really down to the bare bones in the backs for this one, I suppose the only consolation is it totally takes the pressure off as we're not expected to compete never mind win.
  2. Saints by a lot, our back line has too much quality missing, just hope we can make a game of it
  3. How does he Pronounce the Salford RL player Krisnan Inu’s name though?
  4. Oh and im changing my mind on the strip rule I thought it was ok but I think its going to make attackers a lot more cautious leading to fewer offloads and resulting in a lot of faffing about/wrestling
  5. Squad numbers isn’t always a true indicator though. both first choice centres were out, first choice winger, both of our fullbacks, we only had one halfback in the team, take those out of any team and they would struggle. thought it was s good game and even though we lost lost of positives to take from it
  6. Based on what? however I can’t see us winning this with who we have missing Cas by 12
  7. I don't think the team is too bad at the moment - I actually like Stuart Pike commentating, he's got quite a distinctive voice which I think fits in well. I think Jenna Brookes is great in the role she plays, she's clearly knowledgable and passionate about the sport. I'd like to see more of Courtney Hill (oooo er) thought she was excellent as a guest - Greg Inglis the day before not so much! I could be wrong here but I'm sure Ive heard Sean Briscoe commentating on Our League? he was excellent. As long as they keep Eorl Crabtree away from commentating, he's terrible - Sorry Eorl!
  8. Is my memory playing tricks on me but hasn’t the one on one strip rule been like this before? I can see why some are against it but to me it makes more sense, Leeds obviously had worked on it (maybe Sean long influence?) but i think it will settle down a bit, It also puts more onus on the ball carrier to carry it properly, far too many times attackers carry the ball loosely and end up getting a strip penalty this may help. For me though the 6 again rule has been a success, the game stopping for penalties for slowing the ruck down were getting very tedious and thankfully this has helped.
  9. That’s because Leeds were more disciplined, its not the refs job to even the penalty count up
  10. I always find its better not to judge the back end of the year by the first 40minutes of the season.
  11. Talking of commentators I think watching some of these back shows how good Eddie Hemmings was both as a presenter and lead commentator. Yes it was probably time he moved on but hasn’t been adequately replaced IMO. Stevo was always entertaining though but was always going to annoy some
  12. I'm blaming both the club and the Manufacturer. I understand the strategy it's just I'm not a fan of stack em high sell em cheap (or not so cheap) stuff. Commercially it may be the best way forward and if it is then I'm probably in the minority of wanting fewer but better items.
  13. Oxen (or Elite sports) have produced or designed around 8 or 9 shirts in less than a year of working with Leeds, not one of them has had the actual proper Leeds Irregular hoops on them. I hope they stop pedalling all these different shirts and cheap off field gear and concentrate on making a well designed and well made range of products.
  14. I cannot imagine any Leeds fan having any fond memories of 1995/1996, let alone the naff shirts
  15. Oxen releasing more cheap tat from those memorable times in Leeds' history... I believe that's 8 replica shirts available this season 95 shirt 96 shirt 2000 shirt Home Shirt replica Home Shirt Player Issue Home Shirt in Cotton Away Shirt Replica Helping Rhinos Shirt All of them look cheap and nasty, not impressed with Oxen so far. (In not classing the Rob Burrow shirt)
  16. The stuff they are peddling at leeds is a mess IMO, as you say it seems like a new range comes out every week and every week getting worse in design. I actually quite liked the home shirt when it came out (the away shirt is terrible) but the more I see it the more i start to dislike it. I hope they (Oxen) can do a decent job for England and up the quality, and please please don’t just whack a st George’s cross all over it.
  17. I see Oxen are now going to make the England Kit and Merchandise. no offence to Oxen but that’s a bit ‘small time’ isn’t it? Im also not overly impressed with the Rhinos gear they’ve produced, the strategy appears to be constantly release new stuff which is pretty poorly designed hoping for quantity over quality. The Hummel gear looks far better to me.
  18. It's a good job you're not bitter or anything. As a Leeds fan, it's got the warning signs of a total waste of money to me, however I can totally understand why they have done it and I hope he proves me wrong.
  19. Why? We have injuries to our first choice halfbacks
  20. He will more than likely be playing alongside Eastmond with Myler being first choice fullback and Lui and Gale imjured
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