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  1. Todays live chat. Excellent show. #ourtown
  2. Looks like another cracking show on the way! #ourtown
  3. Good entertainment and chat as always. #ourtown
  4. It's back folks! Chris Thorman, Barry McDermott and Kyle Amor + 2 Town representatives will be on at 3pm on our facebook page. #ourtown
  5. Another fantastic contribution to an important local cause. #ourtown
  6. Thanks DavidM, the true work is the compiling the information which is down to the excellent Hall of Fame book written by Joe Holliday, and also some help from Tony Boyd from his scripts on the nights of the inductions. With their approval I condensed where possible and added to the website. Cumbria has produced some fantastic players. Graeme
  7. http://www.townrlfc.com/hall-of-fame The legendary Billy Ivison and Gus Risman have been added to the website. Enjoy these stories Townies. #ourtown
  8. Let's get Spike through! #ourspike
  9. Hi Townies. The weekly webcast will be taking a break this Sunday for Father's Day but will return the following week. #ourtown
  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=742803513158646&id=369647290042136 This weeks live chat. Entertaining as always.... #ourtown
  11. Here's Sunday's chat. Enjoy UTT #ourtown
  12. Here's todays chat. Brilliant show again? Up the Town #ourtown
  13. Fantastic show coming up. Ralph Rimmer. Chris Thorman. York City Knights coach James Ford. Flying wingers Elliot Hall and Alex Young. Hosted by Gary McKeating. Sunday 3pm.
  14. Donate a vitual shake! Or stick with a virtual pint? https://www.townshop.co.uk/product-page/wagga-s-worky-health-shake-range-donate-a-shake #ourtown
  15. Full line up is..... Chris Thorman Wayne Godwin Gareth Hewer Gabe Fell. Sunday 3pm.
  16. Rugby AM star Wayne 'Waggataurus' Godwin will be on Sunday's Live chat! Should be fun! Join us on our facebook page https://m.facebook.com/TownRLFC Like and invite! #ourtown
  17. The name on the shirt alongside number was read out at the shirt presentation & team photo launch event. At that time we hadn't signed Jonathan Walsh, Clayton Sutton or agreed terms with Fuifui Moimoi (subject to visa) so these numbers will be allocated accordingly. Hope that helps David.
  18. Well done to Scott and the other valued members of the Derwent Park SC, Season 2019 is just around the corner, 20 numbers to go to hit 250 members and in the region of £5000 raised. Doesn't that have a nice ring to it! Well done all and thank you to those who have purchased and supported the club through this method ? Let's do this?? #ourtown
  19. http://www.townrlfc.com/town_flyer The Super Fan Lotto was replaced by the Squadbuilder initiative. Unfortunately there was too much confusion and the board made the decision to integrate the members of Squadbuilder into The Town Flyer. All December's weekly results are on the link above and they get updated weekly and have been for a considerable time. If you would like to join the details are in the link of the prizes and it's only £1 a week! The Lucky winner of the £10,000 December prize is also listed in the week commencing 17th December. #ourtown
  20. Good luck. There is no reason we can't achieve that. Well done.? Thank you #ourtown
  21. ?? Wow closing in on the magic 200 now! Only 22 left as off last night what a superb effort ! If you were planning on waiting until the Fans Forum I wouldn't, you may miss out! Great prizes, at a relatively low cost but collectively a fantastic boost to finances over the off season. Whether it be a 200 club number, a new home shirt, season ticket or the incredibly popular drinks promotion. Thank you for your support ?? Nearly there, let's get the 200 club over the line! Up the Town #ourtown
  22. Wow what a fantastic effort so far, 119 numbers gone so far in just over 2 weeks! A massive thank you to Derwent Park SC for their fund raising efforts! Let's keep pushing, keep asking and keep selling! The income is vital funds to help plan over the off season so if you haven't got one yet please contact Scott asap! ? Thank you to all those who have purchased a number already! #ourtown
  23. ? up! Great work! Countdown to 200 starts now ! All fantastic and important funds over the off season. Thank you Derwent SC #ourtown
  24. Just 2 numbers short of hitting £2k! Come on Townies, keep sharing and supporting the Derwent SC and let's smash £2k and start the countdown to £3k ! Well done all. #ourtown
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