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  1. Some thoughts. 3 on the road games makes sense. Each team travels to Canada once. Is sensible and obvious and fair. Probably a non starter then. Wouldnt a smaller team be better first up? It will probably sell out any ways. Hudd, Salford or Wakey.
  2. Played in a schools Union tournament at Preston 35ish years ago. Ourselves and the Dutch National team lost in the Plate semis (losers consolation prize). They looked a decent side then. Not sure why it ( rugby in general that is ), never progressed there?
  3. Burnley is the very essence of the M62 attitude. Except that he don't never want to go to Keighley. What would he make of Toronto?
  4. Yep. Although I would argue that is not in the Nobel Laureate s top 100 works.
  5. Would add to the above. Impressive seasons at Fev and Leigh. Both clubs can be rightly proud of their efforts on and off the field, from a precarious beginning, to be more than competitive. Swinton finishing mid-table. Quality social media. Newcastle development work. Quietly building attendances and the Community game. Magic back at St James'. A sensible decision shock. Toronto accepted into SL. Would have been crazy not to, but this is RL after all! Edit. Futtocks got a couple of them in first. Oh. And 4000 at a Turkish domestic game. Flew a bit under the radar as we saw nearly 10k in Canada. But, if one takes a step back, and thinks back only 5 years, both of them are bloody remarkable. Whitehaven too. A surprise winner of L1. Suddenly Cumbria's elite side...
  6. Nah. It is hugely confusing. There is a salary cap on how much you can pay in salaries. With a Byzantine series of exemptions and reductions and clauses. Then there is a quota of number of "overseas" players you can have. With a huge number of exemptions. Only those in the business, and the uber geeky fully understand it.
  7. Frankly, it has re kindled my interest in the game somewhat. Of course, having lived in Canada makes me biased, but I was losing patience with the same old, same old SL fare. Being able to watch L1 and Championship regularly helped me re-connect with the game at a lower level, which would never have happened otherwise. Clubs were on live TV, sometimes for the first time in decades. Their rise has encouraged me to get up and support Newcastle Thunder, which I had never done in 12 years of living up here.
  8. However. Having seen how much better they were with 14 men, with 13 they could be world beaters!
  9. No surprise Toronto haven't converted any Canadian RU players. Watching them play SA, they need converting to Union players first!
  10. If Canada RU are actively working against it, then that is the best possible news for TWP. They'll have 60 000 at,every game given their track record. They really make the RFL look competent. If we are to have an open and honest discussion, it doesn't start with "we don't need Ottawa"....that is neither open nor honest. Nor a discussion. Just your opinion.
  11. In addition to the battle at the top, it should be fiercely competitive at the other end too. Not that it is fun to talk about relegation this far out, but, if Swinton can sort out their off field issues, there doesn't look an obvious team out of their depth right now...
  12. Got 20 in the first 3 minutes. Started with the most obscure first. Figured out Leeds were a SL club in the very dying seconds. Just like the team itself, eh? ?
  13. Poor start to the season cost them. As does an inability to win close games. A failing all year...from first to last match.
  14. It's gonna be a thrill ride next season. Toronto have done everything which was asked of them. Can they kick on? Who knows? A dull halfway finish and well decent crowds would be a major success for me.
  15. At the risk of being overly positive. Thoroughly enjoyed the 60 mins I saw. Toronto in SL will be nowt if not interesting. Well done Fev, an amazing run to be proud of. Quarter of a game too much sadly. Set up for a fantastically close Championship next year. Probably 7 teams in contention to go up? All in all, a good weekend for the sport so far. Come on Thunder...
  16. Bloody hell. My YouTube stream switched to College Football just before 2 TWP tries. Keep us informed folks!
  17. I believe John Tory, mayor of Toronto is at the game, so we will see. Fittingly enough, he used to be a Conservative MP.
  18. Good first half. Precious few errors, penalties, time wasting or play acting. Neither team fit for SL then ?
  19. Really do wonder why he took up the sport? He obviously doesn't like physical contact. With his handling skills, basketball would have suited him better.
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