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  1. No money left! This is RL after all. So, six seasons say £5M a season. Loads left! Put another £20M in a trust, to keep the club going. It's all about creating memories for this generation of fans. I'm a caring legend.
  2. When I win the lottery, £100 million, I will buy Widnes. Then get them back to Superleague, bring in great players, win the Grand Final five years on the trot, then retire as an absolute legend, whilst securing the club's future. Just a matter of time.
  3. Widnes surviving to play in 2020. Saints having a run away Superleague season. Bradford beating Leeds in the cup. Further progress for Women's RL. West Wales winning a game! Games being streamed online. Featherstone's run to the grand final. No team starting 2020 with a points deduction, hopefully!
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