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  1. That's what I miss about SL. All the thousands of away fans who turned at Widnes. Literally dozens of Wakey, Cas, Huddersfield, KR supporters. Reciprocated of course.
  2. I'll be surprised if it ever happened again.
  3. It was a good game. You get controversial stuff in every match. Maybe next year we'll have a fifth name on the cup.
  4. Time for a fifth name to win the title? Been waiting long enough. c'mon you Dragons!
  5. Enjoyed the jeopardy at the end. Sure Keighley will fancy their chances against leaky Donny.
  6. Great fun that. So, so, so much better than the tripe Wigan served up.
  7. Widnes have stayed ' in their dump ', thank you very much!
  8. Mick Adams kick direct onto the cross bar, for Keiron O'Loughlin to score!
  9. I must admit I thought Bradford would win. Until the dumb penalty at the end. Does Brough do the no look pass all the time?
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