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  1. Don't know whether we can 'rest a few', without dropping the average age of the team to 15!
  2. So Harry this year Lord Cribbons for 2020 Gemma Collins 2021?
  3. Anybody who spends the whole game slagging off his own team players. Does my head in !
  4. Not bothered that Child's has been dropped. But why does he have to get the Widnes game. RFL just rubbing it in now!!
  5. Staying up. coming out of special measures. being able to sign players . winning in Yorkshire. getting Academy funding back Hopefully keeping key players? Oh, and winning at Wembley.
  6. Maybe, 'since 1982,when the Aussies ripped GB a new one' should be added to the thread title?
  7. Always a first time. Btw, haven't the Eagles won most of their finals?
  8. Widnes just can't win in Yorkshire this season. Where is Wembley again?
  9. Ahh, the good old days. 1981 saw Douglas Bader present the trophy to Widnes, Cannon and Ball did the Community Singing, and Bernie Clifton ran around the pitch in his bird suit(google it). How could you possibly equal that today?
  10. Couldn't Red Star fill there team with British and Australasian players. You know, like Toronto?
  11. 1. Wales v Western Samoa at the Vetch, Swansea 1995. Only decided to go at 9am that morning. There was a small pile of maybe 80 to 100 tickets left when I got there. Brilliant game! 2. Widnes v Canberra 1989 WCC, at Old Trafford. 3. Dewsbury v Widnes 2001 league game, 16-17. Because it's the first game my missus went to. She was shouting with the best by half time,lol. 4. Great Britain v Australia at Wembley 1990. Great start to the series. 5. I'm sure I've been to great games after 2001 as well.
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