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  1. To be fair the Saints dog is pretty excited.
  2. Good of them to finish before the Warrington game.
  3. Five year plan! 1. Form a committee to discuss the idea of a possible plan. 2. Work out the plan and send to clubs for feedback. 3. Agree with clubs that we don't need to rush into these things. 4. Form a committee to further discuss the merits of a new idea that somebody's milkman had last Thursday. 5. Send it to the clubs for feedback. And repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Not cynical me though.
  4. Never will be. They are all football mad. There was an idea of using Northwood stadium as a base for a club. But that's as far as it got. More chance of a club in Liverpool....
  5. Maybe Toronto knew this beforehand? Or forced the RFLs hand? What a mess. Ah well, more Sundays down the allotment then.
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