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  1. This is far too hard, my head hurts. Although Tony Myler would be the first name in my 13. Utter class!
  2. When's the next tournament? Should it be Eurocentric, so England would have a chance? Mind, would southern hemisphere teams travel?
  3. Yeah, let's not have the sports biggest game at one of the world's most famous stadiums. Why would neutral fans want to go every single year to see two teams give their all to be champions?
  4. You've got way too much time on your hands!
  5. Errrrr, not sure. Maybe the previous three coaches have made me more cynical than usual. Couldn't be any worse than Cummins though.
  6. Widnes fans helping to save the club. Not getting relegated, despite the twelve point deduction.
  7. I'm hoping, that when the Widnes 2020 strip comes out, the old badge will have gone, as it was from the previous useless regime. The town crest and a new Vikings logo would be ok with me!
  8. Yeah, but he's gonna move them to Bradford.
  9. Well it's FORTY years today that I saw my first RL game, Widnes v Castleford 30-15. But not even a text from the RFL!! Celebrated with maltesers.
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