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  1. It was a rubbish play the ball. The ref reacted as he's been trained to do. Move on.
  2. Found this , brilliant. Two legends have a great time.
  3. Salford by 8 to 10. Especially if they are losing at half time, comeback, and then losing with five minutes to go.Not much to ask.
  4. All about money then. Well if he does go to Widnes, he'll probably be on even less. Good luck to him anyway.
  5. My own top five, of players I've seen, would be... Peter Sterling Tony Myler Jonathan Thurston Wally Lewis Jonathan Davies
  6. Sean Long to Widnes from Harlequins? Not exactly a step up. But you never know. Would of thought he'd be in the hat for the Huddersfield job, maybe Hull.
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