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  1. Tomas Bosc. When he kicked ahead twice to score. Great skill. Schofields interception try versus Cas in the 1988 Yorkshire Cup Final. Offiah beating Wigan to score in the corner, Championship decider 1989. Jonathan Davies v Nottingham. End to end! Andy Curried beating seven men to score . Was in an A Team game, but I've never forgotten it.
  2. Thalers first game back! That's the third Leeds player he's sent off!
  3. 'Expect to submit an application'? Sounds like they've got nice drawings though.
  4. Tony Myler Peter Sterling Emosi Koloto Jonathan Davies
  5. Anthrax.....Spreading the Disease (album).
  6. How about a Terry and Barrie Shutupathon?
  7. More likely a 10 minute plan.
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