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  1. What do you think , Barrie/Terry/Bill/John....
  2. Sounds like Gilmore is bossing the game. Have Batley got him for next year? Asking for a Widnes fan.
  3. There should be announcements ever year. It just feels so haphazard.
  4. According to the BBC Sport website, the play off Final is Swinton v North Wales on Oct 2nd. On the ball as always !?
  5. Again, yes. It's the Grand Final. I'm not bothered who is in it, just as long as it's great. Also that it has enough incidents for you lot to moan, I mean discuss politely, about.
  6. C4. Adam Hills is a likeable fella and obviously loves his RL. Plus there's no Chuckle brothers, Wilkin, etc. What's not to like?
  7. So how long will the match last if the video ref is constantly reviewing tackles? No to the penalty try. Great coverage by C4. Hope they'll have more games next season.
  8. Reviewing the contract? Just another excuse to get rid. Have they found a coach who will do the job for less?
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