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  1. If there is no safety certificate, then it should have been played somewhere else. A lack of communication
  2. Really should read article before posting. DOH!!
  3. Hmm, I'm still getting my head around this. So what happened to the free pizzas?
  4. Whenever three or more Rugby League fans meet, they have to discuss the game and what changes need to be made. Thems the rules!
  5. I really love the camaraderie of the RL message boards. Especially the wide range of opinions and the worldly knowledge of the members. it's a right laugh...
  6. Is it a contest? I've been spat at at Leigh and Hull. Sworn at at Featherstone, Hull KR, Warrington, Workington. Not as bad as being threatened by Crystal Palace fans though, that was hilarious! Maybe it's just me. Still doesn't stop me turning up. Though, haha, not today!
  7. Always on the cards. No coach, best players injured, total lack of confidence, and then having to play away to the top side. Record score coming I reckon.
  8. It's been coming for a while. Good luck to Simon for the future . Hopefully there is a coach out there who wants the job and is prepared to accept the lousy conditions that come with it.
  9. I thought the best highlight was the Widnes fan who shouted "Keep them out Batley" as we mounted a very rare attack !
  10. Widnes godawful today. Yes we have a lot of injuries. But it just shows how shallow the squad is. Do you blame the coach or injuries?
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