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  1. Widnes versus Leigh away, Bradford home, Halifax away in 9 days. Many thanks to the fixture planning department for this.
  2. Well we're going Bolton and Leeds. Not bothered who's in charge, cos there's a year to go and owt could happen.
  3. Today's selection on my mp3 includes: Megadeth, Santana, Tedeschi Trucks Band, System of a Down, Govt Mule, Metallica. Mostly it's loud!
  4. Is it the beginning of the end for the Bash? Replaced by a series of double headers across the country? Widnes to play whoever in Wrexham, with North Wales versus somebody. Nah.
  5. England, Ireland, Norway, Lancashire. Canada, Australia, France - I know people who live there. Wales, Scotland, I've worked there. Italy, I like pasta. Wow, so many. Who knew? Hope I've got the criteria right.
  6. Have a countdown clock at the top of the page. With each post edging toward the million, you can reflect on how your life has come to this.
  7. £23.50 a week on the old Youth Opportunity Programme, replaced by YTS. Had to give me Mum £10. This to camera drains for North West Water, as was. Eventually got a pay rise to £25.00, I think. Certainly makes you value your money!
  8. All four games got coverage on tele?
  9. Stevie Ray Vaughan, 'Rude Mood'. Live recording, poss boot leg. Very good, from an artist who died to soon!
  10. Well I still think a 12 point deduction for going bust is harsh. If Widnes had got docked that many!!!!? Do remember a Welsh football side being docked 68 points!
  11. It looks like a 5. Should have the word rugby on the ball shape. There are loads of super leagues around. We need to stand out. Otherwise, it'll have to do.
  12. Oh god, how long is Waynexit going to last!
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