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  1. Sorry, it all looks good. But I don't want to turn up at the last home game looking like an extra in a Lowry painting. Great ideas though.
  2. What big bucks are these? Anyway, he wanted to come back.
  3. Another year gone and no knighthood for (insert name)! Can they win the championship (insert usual suspects).
  4. Thanks, same to you. Yes we do. Let's hope so. Nooooooooooooooo!
  5. Of course there will be other honours list this coming year. We can only hope Kevin will be on one.
  6. The Bateman Returns , err to Aus. I'll fetch me coat...
  7. Spose I'd better not say , Do you mean Adam Wests ?
  8. Widnes v Leeds in the John Player Final 1992. Stuck in Sunderland, working on sewer. Asked my Dad to video the game, but he got the times wrong and only recorded the first 20 minutes!
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