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  1. I sort of don't include him as he never started the season. We've not seen him play yet so I don't know if missing him is good or bad. I am looking forward to when he's fit though
  2. It is the only team TO have...only missing Sita and Dom. Still relying on Elite players otherwise they would be really struggling. Thanks for the description, I lost the commentary 3 minutes from the end which didn't help my blood pressure. I will give an update on OAB when I have something but it will probably be mid week after a scan. I guess Robin Brochon will be playing full back for a few weeks now.
  3. 4-10 mi-temps at Widnes, Olly AB off with a bad ankle injury. For once, the radio commentary isn't too partisan
  4. I agree. I think Widnes are on a roll and full of optimism. TO have a habit of switching off mid-game and are going to have to be 100% focused to get something out of this match. I don't see them putting 70 past Widnes like last year.
  5. Not at all related to the rugby but where have all the eggs gone? Easter bunny been hiding them already? It's not something I had realised was missing in the UK.
  6. Guillon played last Saturday, he came on for Péllisier. You are right, he's a big lad isn't he ! He won't get pushed over easily
  7. Don't forget Hankinson also, the club couldn't agree to his terms. I wonder where Bernard got his 4 million from as it's not all spent on the staff that's to be sure. Some of that budget is for debt repayment (maybe the next president can bring something to the table). As a club they do run more teams than most Championship teams, they have rugby schools from U5 upwards, but I would agree with you in the main that they will have more than most, but that's what you have to cough up if you want to be a fully professional team.
  8. You would be shocked if you knew how little Toulouse have spent. If they had money, then they wouldn't have started the season with 19 players and expecting the Elites to step up.
  9. We parked next to an Aston Martin DBX In the carpark yesterday. I'm hoping that is either the new president's car, or the main shirt sponsor turning up to watch. That is equivalent in value to paying for TO's travel this year.
  10. Good to see some Whitehaven fans made the journey, and to the team, who can take solace in the fact that they are the 1st team to score at Ernest Wallon this season
  11. For Joe being binned, he ran over, grabbed the ref and suggested that it deserved a binning. TO raised it in their after match report to the league. Belmas got a fine as it was a 1st offence, so he has to be on his best behaviour for a while. The shirt sponsorship will be announced in due course.
  12. He means, if Bradford don't play 13, and wave imaginary cards at the referee then they will win! Fév are more savvy than that, and if Ford plays, he knows how to handle intimidation on the pitch and will help out. I expect Fév to win.
  13. Other than Calum Gahan and Ben Laguerre, Toulouse should have a full squad to chose from so I am not expecting an upset. Widnes and Sheffield away in the next 2 weeks matches will be much tougher matches. Better? I had forgotten there is a rest week for Toulouse.
  14. Other than Calum Gahan and Ben Laguerre, Toulouse should have a full squad to chose from so I am not expecting an upset. Widnes and Sheffield away in the next 2 weeks will be much tougher matches.
  15. I just watched the video of the game against Toulouse. Such a lovey sight to see so many Bradford players helping the newby referee with his decisions from time to time. Flanagan Snr especially notable with his friendly chit-chat.
  16. It was a good win for Bradford, 2pts is 2pts for any team, especially in those conditions. You make a good point about experience at this level, I think it was Stefani that got binned for his reaction to the Bradford players getting in his face. I'm sure someone else got binned later on, Pezet? Joe should know better and Belmas...well, doesn't take much to get him angry. I listened on the radio and it sounded a nasty game to be honest and the referee seemed like he lost the game for a period in the 2nd half, (the commentators weren't particularly complimentary either) and I guess the more experienced players can use that to their advantage. Still, you use all facets of the game to your advantage; pitch, conditions, players, crowd, inexperienced opposition it all helps. All in all, the 2pts win will be in the records for Bradford and that is that. I hope he doesn't get too long a ban and learns from this experience, maybe having H on the pitch would have helped. They need to be better discipline wise as they will need 13 on the pitch to have any chance of winning these sort of games. Still, 2nd place after 4 matches is what was expected so I will take that.
  17. Same as last season, up at half time and lose it in a mad 20 2nd half minutes. Plus ça change
  18. 4. The worry is that if the review panel has a field day TO won't have a team next weekend.
  19. Any small niggle was an excuse not to train. I think Leeds will be good for him to toughen up, mentally as well as physically. He needs a good mentor to get the best out of him
  20. Big unit but was too fragile to be honest. Getting out of his comfort zone playing with Leeds will only make him better I hope.
  21. Doing a masters in Sports Management. I don't know much about him playing still, i'm not close enough to Toulouse to go and see the Elites play. If I was in the city I would go more often.
  22. This guy ? Moot point as he wasn't on the plane. Brochon should be on the bench though.
  23. I wil ask if he was on the plane this morning
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