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  1. Ah...when i say "going over" I mean "going over to Perpignan from Tarbes" You can use viaMichelin tools for the costs in France...pretty neat tool, click on the link. Costs from Calais to Perpignan Can't help with Chunnel costs as "it depends"
  2. I will check with the Mrs but we might be going over to watch this too with no1 son, so if you can get as far as Tarbes we can give you a lift there and back.
  3. listening to Oldham Community Radio here in the South of France, they have the Oldham v TO match on soon. Suzi Quatro on at the moment...lovely.
  4. Quite, but lets hope it's just the supporters and not the higher-ups. Bloke at the Fev v Toulouse match the other week made his way down the stands to where the TO team were just about to disappear off the pitch at the end of the match. He stood there shouting and pointing his finger "nobody wants you, nobody wants you, nobody wants you".
  5. Pretty sure York won't be going to Toulouse so that game won't make a dint in their loss column
  6. Yes, we watch it from France. Newcastle v Bradford up next, both teams TO have to play yet.
  7. Unfortunately, this doesn't work in their favour. It's far better to be playing week in week out. It's not a benefit to miss this many weeks and then have to pick up the pace irregularly. You get far more injuries this way. Talk to a few trainers or conditioning coaches and ask how they see it, I think you would be surprised. I'm guessing now that the York match will also be cancelled. If they do make SL then they will have done it the hard way.
  8. Yes, just picked that up as well. Batley will be happy, getting spanked by 30+ would have put a dent in their win %. Week off for them then to recuperate for a final push to the end of the season. Hopefully, the two away games at Oldham and Newcastle will go ahead so that TO can complete 13 matches. It would be a crying shame if they only ended up playing 12 with a 100% record.
  9. Yes, more political I guess, but just to let you know in the UK it *is* better to wait longer but the official statement from the vaccine manufacturers is anytime after 4 weeks. Ho hum. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope to see York playing in Toulouse this season, but, in reality it looks like next season before we will see any RL in Toulouse.
  10. No2 son arrived home today for some summer leave. He's a medic with the Marines. Catching up with his brother this topic came up. The gap can be 3-4 weeks (that's all we waited for in France) there is no need for such a long wait. If the need arises you can ask for a shorter turnaround. Only for AZ and Pfizer vaccines though. No need for a time machine then, just some common sense and planning. Still... we are where we are... they just have to get on with it. I hope the later games are not cancelled when we get to the business end of the season for this same reason.
  11. Yes, I realise now that the UK is significantly behind France with vaccinating the younger population and also having to prolong the gap between jabs. Let's hope the teams get themselves sorted for the play offs, assuming that TO will be an opponent they need to visit. However, I'm pretty sure the rules will be amended to accommodate a TO home game in the UK if needs be.
  12. Well, let's see if the same rules that were set out at the start of the season are still in place at the end
  13. Quite. But as Blues Ox says, even if there is availability you won't be able to force people to have it.
  14. What is going to happen if Halifax have to play Toulouse in the play offs in Toulouse? Will TO get a 24-0 walkover if Halifax can't travel because of lack of vaccinated players?
  15. How convenient. The club should have made it a priority to vaccinate everyone. Those that don't want it are then letting the side down as the club would be fielding a depleted squad. There should be no excuses now.
  16. Why has the game against TO been called off? There should be no travel restrictions now.
  17. Absolutely. Great to be back watching something live. Not the prettiest match to watch, too many mistakes from both sides, but enjoyable. I'm back to France tomorrow so I hope to get to see a match at Toulouse this season. Some friendly Fev fans too. Thanks guys.
  18. At least 7, a couple of mum and dad's of the players and us. Lots of neutrals though, met a few before the game who turned up looking for a match to watch.
  19. Thanks, that is excellent. I'm glad that they are still taking things very seriously. I would hope the Fev players can get through the rest of the season without problems w.r.t. Covid issues
  20. A serious question to the Featherstone guys, anyone know the protocol about watching the game, if any? Do you need a Covid passport to get in? I've got an EU passport not an NHS thingy, do you think I will have a problem getting in? I've not really given it much thought until now to be honest
  21. Well, I'll be there for this one, circumstances have allowed me to be UK based for a month so it works well for me mid-pandemic. TO need to try and build a fan base in the UK to be honest. Expecting TO fans in France to go to every away match is asking a bit much. For those UK based club fans coming to Toulouse for a single game is OK... a bit of a laugh and affordable, but... could you imagine doing that every 2 weeks ? I once calculated that it would cost around 8K a year to go to every TO away match, and that doesn't include the days missed from work. God knows what it would cost now. The other thing to bear in mind is that you now need a passport to go the the UK post Brexit, something a lot of French do not have.
  22. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/27/uk-poised-end-amber-list-quarantine-people-vaccinated-in-us-and-eu https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/uk-covid-latest-updates-food-daily-tests-pingdemic-sydney-lockdown-b947296.html https://www.mylondon.news/lifestyle/travel/heathrow-gatwick-france-to-move-21142325 Nothing official yet but fingers crossed
  23. From what I read, the French Amber+ status will be back to Amber next week, which means no quarantine on arrival in the UK. Considering TO are paying for all the travel and testing anyway, no club should have an excuse to not travel from next week. So just two "real" home games for TO this season, Halifax and York.
  24. I will be there I'm really looking forward to it, my first match this season. A proper test for both teams.
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