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  1. Catalans averaged 6000 for their first Super League season. With considerably more away fans than Toulouse have had so far. Toulouse’s crowds will grow in time just as they have at Catalan.
  2. A great attendance with very few away fans, I’m sure they’ll all be back for more
  3. Can we change the thread title now Toulouse have beaten Saints
  4. I doubt many had Salford, Wakefield and Toulouse all to win against Leeds, Warrington and Saints.
  5. Fun fact for you, Toulouse already have 50% of the number of wins Leigh managed in a whole Super League season in 2021
  6. A great victory for a great club, Castleford, Wakefield, Hull kr and Salford will all be worried they could be in a relegation battle this year
  7. So you want an un-cut behind the scenes documentary that’s heavily cut
  8. McNamara is one of the best coaches in Super League, but it’s doubtful he’d leave Catalans for Leeds
  9. London Skolars are a semi professional League One club, they should be beating any forces side convincingly
  10. Terrible defence from Currie and Ratchford, neither should be anywhere near the England squad
  11. I quite liked the behind the scenes style of documentary and it’s something you rarely get to see in our sport. Did I think there was a bit too much swearing, yes, but if players and coaches swear a lot that’s what this type of thing will pick up. As for running at an injured player, at that level that’s exactly what I’d expect, it’s not under 11’s rugby, did you think they should only attack the opposite side of the field to Foran?
  12. Great way to alienate everyone under 50, most of the 70’s themed flares bars seem to have shut down for good reason, there was little interest, Cas are 20 years too late with this idea.
  13. Strange he didn’t make the 40 man French squad, I expect he will if he keeps playing in Super League regularly throughout 2022
  14. Dual registration players certainly shouldn’t be allowed in the playoffs or grand final
  15. Not going to happen, hopefully Wakefield can be more competitive and the game isn’t over after 15 mins as it was against Leeds
  16. Unbelievable Leigh have been throwing money around left right and centre making all these expensive signings, then they’re going to play Saints players on dual registration.
  17. 32,000 at Brisbane = poor 5000 at Salford = great attendance Leeds are always the best supported Super League club yet their attendances are often labelled poor on here, just as the best supported NRL club in Brisbane, with an incredible 32,000 attendance is labelled poor. That’s the logic on this forum.
  18. It’s fairly likely a Super League head coach position may soon become available. Who, either currently in Australia or the UK may be ready to step up and take on such a job? This is a thread to list all potential future 2022 Super League head coaches.
  19. It sounded like Agar knew he was done, I don’t think he’ll still be the coach on Monday
  20. Northumberland, Midlands, Wales and London could all field a team
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