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  1. Along with representing the country of their mother’s birth or any of their grandparents birth, virtually all sports have similar international eligibility rules
  2. Every country in every sport picks players who qualify using their heritage. If he qualifies and he’s the best available option get him in the squad, place of birth should not be a deciding factor, it’s simply do they qualify and are they good enough. Every country in the World Cup will have players who qualify on heritage. If Wane does go for this little Britain attitude and we have a poor World Cup I’ll be furious.
  3. That explains why sky don’t have a game on Thursday. But Sky have shown plenty of Saturday games in the past, I can’t recall Sky having games on a Sunday before other than for magic weekend. Your point doesn’t explain why channel 4 have moved from Saturday to Sunday, I think Sunday 1pm would be a better regular time slot for channel 4, hopefully it’s a success.
  4. This Sunday Channel 4 will broadcast Wigan v Salford and Sky Sports will broadcast Hull FC v Catalans. Is this a one off or will Sunday games be on tv regularly? Other than for magic weekend when was the last time we had 2 games on tv on a Sunday?
  5. Sky only had games on good Friday and Easter Monday didn’t they. I’m sure sky would be happy to have one round of fixtures over the Easter weekend, I don’t think the reason we have 2 rounds is their demands. We really do need to fix this and cut out the 2nd fixture, playing twice in a weekend is ridiculous.
  6. Imagine how bad he’d of been without performance enhancing drugs, league one at best. Some athletes clearly get away with it long term (Lance Armstrong for example) but they’re playing Russian roulette on getting caught. I’d be interested to know how many times a player is typically tested throughout their career.
  7. That’s simply not true, Wakefield v Cas only got 5000 at the weekend
  8. It’s a real shame for him, but there’s no way he’d of played for England this year. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.
  9. It’s well known this is their cup final and Leeds always travel in big numbers to Cas
  10. Jamie Acton spent the majority of his career at Leigh (2014-2018) you’ve got to think this is the club he’s referring to, he can’t comment on what goes on at clubs he’s never played at, how would he know? I have to say I value and believe Kevin Brown far more than Jamie Acton “I’m absolutely sure there is the odd person risking their career and doing it because they feel a lack of confidence or they’re not where they want to be physically,” the former England international Kevin Brown says. “But as far as it being widespread, having played in Super League for so long, I’d say that’s not true. We get tested so much, you’d have to spend so much on drugs that escape the system. I’ve played at a lot of clubs. I’ve not seen it. I would have heard a lot more about it.”
  11. That’s not what he said here https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/derek-beaumont-doesnt-see-any-value-in-having-catalans-dragons-and-toulouse-olympique-in-super-league-51185/amp/
  12. Salford could always try acting like a Super League club and get some home supporters to games instead of relying on away supporters. You’ll play all teams at home at some point, I don’t see how it matters when in the season each game falls. Imagine if a French club complained about the number of away supporters, they’d be slaughtered on here.
  13. Why would any security guard attempt to tackle or take down a pitch invader now? This guy has being vilified for doing his job and it’s a possibility he could be disciplined or lose his job. Security/stewards are best just to stand back and watch, leave the pitch invaders to do as they please, and keep themselves and their jobs safe.
  14. Most of those are reasonable points to make
  15. Have the mid season International fixtures been confirmed? Hopefully sky sports pick them up in the UK.
  16. National Express coaches are a cheap alternative, they don’t serve every town and city but are reasonable if you can travel without having to make a change.
  17. Salford could always try attracting like a Super League club and get some home supporters to games instead of relying on away supporters. You’ll play all teams at home at some point, I don’t see how it matters when in the season each game falls.
  18. Neither Featherstone or Leigh will be over £2.1m on players wages alone, but there are other costs to running a club, both clubs seem to be spending far beyond their means in a desperate bid to get into Super League. One of them will achieve that, one of them won’t. I fear for the financial state of the club that doesn’t, hopefully it’s not a case of Super League or bust.
  19. Passports are irrelevant now aren’t they? It’s the number of overseas trained players that’s limited in Super League. 10 is ridiculous, why don’t Championship clubs face the same restrictions as Super League clubs?
  20. How many overseas players are at both Featherstone and Leigh now? A colossal amount
  21. You think it’s ok to run onto the pitch during a game?
  22. Nobody hit her. How would you like female pitch invaders to be dealt with? The first steward grabbed her without much force and she simply broke free and carried on running across the pitch.
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