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  1. Not every Aussie goes to NRL games. There’s over 2 million Aussies living in Perth, doesn’t mean they could sell 2 million tickets.
  2. They wouldn’t, there isn’t much interest in the NRL in the UK, most have never heard of it, it’s not like the NFL
  3. It’s easy to say that after watching the replay several times and not in the heat of the moment. She’d already escaped the softly softly approach attempts of one steward to stop her, no doubt if the guy hadn’t tackled her and she’d done a few more laps of the pitch stoping the game for even longer people would be critical of the security for not being able to remove her. If you don’t want to be tackled to the ground and dragged off the pitch it’s quite simple, don’t run on the pitch.
  4. I don’t watch enough NRL to be able to name their strongest squad, but looking at the players that could be available to them in the Wikipedia player pool section, they are going to be a very strong side that will challenge England/Tonga/Australia/New Zealand. It does seem strange Parish has been able to hold the position for so long with such a poor set of results. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samoa_national_rugby_league_team
  5. Wakefield probably have the best attendance of the round using your bizarre logic Harry. Population size is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is the number of paying customers through the turnstiles and how much revenue they bring in to the club.
  6. I didn’t realise Scottish Rugby Union legend Sir Ian McGeechan was actually Leeds born and bred, it doesn’t seem to bother the other code when heritage players represent counties other than their place of birth and where they were brought up.
  7. You can see the Leeds average for the year so far here, as I already stated with 50% of our home games so far on a Thursday, this will increase as the season goes on. Leeds have just short of 8000 seats and just over 10,000 standing capacity, neither our seating or standing normally sells out, as is the case with every other Rugby League club.
  8. A Super League club should be able to fill 1 seated stand, the rest of the ground is standing
  9. 50% of Leeds home games so far have been Thursday night games. Our next 3 home games are all on our preferred Friday night, our average will start to improve with this. Saints have only had a single Thursday home game and had local derby’s at home against Wigan and Warrington already. Saints average will start to fall as the season goes on.. Leeds are still the best supported club in Super League and will end the season with the best average across Super League.
  10. What other sports are yet to have anyone knighted alongside Rugby League? I’m sure there are some but I’m struggling to come up with anything. This is a list of sporting knights. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sporting_knights_and_dames
  11. We can only really take big games to London, the stadiums are bigger and far more costly. So you are looking at England’s opening game (Newcastle) the semi final (Emirates), or the final (Old Trafford). I’m happy with those selections. We could have taken England v France to London, but it’d be a risk, I don’t think many would travel from the North to London for that game so it’d need to be purely on local sales, I think they didn’t want to risk that game making a loss if it didn’t pay off.
  12. It was only true in 2013 with dirt cheap tickets. We secured government funding for a Northern tournament, it makes sense to hold most games in Rugby League stadiums if the World Cup is to have a positive longer term legacy. Some of the worst attendances from the 2000 tournament were outside the heartlands. New Zealand v Lebanon Gloucester 2500 New Zealand v Cook Islands Reading 4000 QF Australia v Samoa Watford 5400
  13. Our quarter final venues are Hull, Huddersfield, Wigan and Warrington, which hold 25400, 24500, 25000 and 15200 giving 90,000 quarter final tickets in total. The combined quarter final attendances at the last World Cup was 45,000, so we can double the figure from the last World Cup. I actually think it’s a good thing all quarter final venues are at Super League grounds rather than a random northern football stadium.
  14. Some people just have to complain about something, even when there is nothing to complain about. Do you have tickets for either venue?
  15. The England quarter final is to be at Wigan regardless of where they finish in the group, I’m sure this was confirmed recently. So Warrington will be hosting Samoa v Tonga/PNG/Wales/Cook Islands. Presuming England and Samoa qualify which is very likely. A venue change isn’t ideal but it’s not the big deal some people are making out. Hull, Huddersfield, Wigan and Warrington Quarter Final venue’s are all decent imo.
  16. Very true, does anyone know what the figure for Rugby League is? How on earth can they even attempt to justify these figures? Between 2013 and 2017 Sport England gave basketball just £9.25 per participant. In contrast, cricket received £70.72 per participant and rugby union almost £60, despite both having fewer participants among young people.
  17. It’s the salary cap at work, after years of real term reductions there are now more clubs than ever spending the full salary cap. Watson is doing a great job btw, he still needs to win the games, the salary cap has just made it possible.
  18. A nice article in the guardian https://www.theguardian.com/sport/no-helmets-required/2022/apr/13/super-league-crowds-wigan-saint-helens-warrington?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
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