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  1. They did but the main reason was Brexit not the stadium
  2. Great news. Just hope Barnes returns too !
  3. Agree about the pack; who was the prop we had a few years ago finished his career with us and captained the side very successfully. My memory for names terrible! Though do remember Holt's kick from under the posts
  4. Is that not Archer then?
  5. I think they fail to realise that this has a knock on effect; the less I'm able to watch my team play the less I'm interested in RL full stop. I used to go to occcasional SL and CC games. I don't go any now and only sometimes watch if on C4 or Beeb
  6. Absolutely, no coincidence there. Just shows how pivotal Walker is now (and Henson) and he will only get better.
  7. On a separate note saw Caine Barnes the other day with arm in the type of sling which I'm guessing suggests a shoulder recovery. Hopefully be back next season! Also saw Kyle Amor at the match. Now what an addition that would be to next years squad! I wish!
  8. Yes really enjoyed the match. Absorbed all that pressure first half, snatched a try then handled everything ( apart from that brilliant individual try) they threw at us as they got increasingly frustrated. Hell of a penalty count against us as well!
  9. This is also basically my view as its difficult to rely on the stability of a squad and retaining top players, but I guess the younger ones will have another years experience and this board do seem to be on the right track regards recruitment (and everything else) so as Dttr says I think we're in a good place at the moment and the play-offs will still be interesting.
  10. Wasn't actually your post i had in my mind and usually I agree with most of what you say anyhow. But I would take issue with "inept" which pretty much equates with "cra*", which imo is unfair on the lads.
  11. Here we go again the same old we were c*** and the other team weren’t much better. I haven’t seen town for a couple of months now and I noticed definite improvement on earlier in the season. Doncaster certainly were not poor with some very experienced and talented players either ex-superleague or clearly not far off that standard; something we are short on and it showed. The pressure on our team was immense from the off and we held out first half but just couldn’t maintain it second half. Walkers frustration was understandable but I don’t think we ever gave up and fought to the end but we’re just not at that standard yet. Believe me I don’t want to be in this league but accept we’re rebuilding and that match showed where we’re at so I’m not going down that lazy route of slagging the team off just because we lost to a better side. UTT
  12. Especially if/when we move up a division with lessons learnt maybe
  13. Bugga! I was struggling to make 3pm!
  14. Has Aaron Burns played for us yet? Anyone seen him play?
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