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  1. The way he glided through defences reminded me of Sione. Would have loved to have seen a full season from him.
  2. DocH

    2020 Squad

    "What it comes down to is ..........who can ride their luck a little bit and stay injury free" Please.....Just for once!
  3. DocH

    2020 Squad

    I agree he put in some big shifts last year, showed he still has some pace and he's popular.
  4. No indeed. Completely mis-read as i'm actually in full agreement with you.
  5. Sorry I clearly mis-understood you ,thought you were suggesting 3 centres on the books would be problematic. Please explain what you did mean.
  6. You've a short memory re injuries; last year we rarely played with 2 recognised centres and not forgetting Gordon on the wing. As CT said he wants to assemble a squad. Alleluia!
  7. Remember seeing him at DP certainly stood out. Excellent signing.
  8. It is half-term remember
  9. No sorry it was Walsh I was referring to. Really hoped he might improve as the season went on but some of his attempts to tackle are just laughable and it seems hopeless.
  10. Agreed but I only saw 13 players giving their all. There was one who all season has shown little desire to get involved in a tackle of any kind.
  11. ..... he was but would also make a great quarterback !
  12. ......and how might we recognise them?
  13. Only from Cumbria to South Scotland East or South Scotland West which have also lost Freesports
  14. Just lost Freesports from Freeview TV and apparently its now no longer available in Cumbria and South Scotland so have lost RugbyAM which I enjoy. Don't have and don't want SKY nor own a Smart TV. Does anyone know how to get it by another method ?
  15. Warming up last week so hopefully Caine Barnes might play
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