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  1. My first thought too. If anyone deserves a rest its Fitsy!
  2. I do wonder how he would go at centre
  3. I'd love to have a chat with him! Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't we short on directors and chairman round about the time we should have been recruiting which would make things even more difficult. Poor recruitment campaign for sure and I think we are looking for miracles to avoid the drop BUT I'll still go watch/support this team who continue to give everything they've got and also hope that Thorman will around for many years yet.
  4. agreed.... and annoyingly in anticipation of recruitment i was, with hindsight, clearly overly generous in supporting the club at the beginning of the year
  5. Agree with you but on the other hand you could have also compared with JT and Limmer which would be a tad closer?
  6. I'd also add Malik Steele to that group. Like to be proven wrong but like with Eli Miller and long term injury not confident of a successful return for Stevie
  7. France is over seas isn't it. Suspect thats it
  8. Agree with DavidM about Young. He was good yesterday defensively under the high ball (maybe only once under real pressure) but offensively? I get the impression he lacks a bit of aggression - he should be a nightmare for opposing teams.
  9. Can't he be released for Sunday then?
  10. Just hoping the players feel the same anger and frustration I felt last weekend and are hell bent on turning it round this Sunday. They’re close for sure. UTT
  11. Ok but as they say its an 80 min game. if we had got a point everyone on here would have been buzzing with that comeback.and the team too
  12. Dumbest penalty of the year award
  13. Yes Hutchins is an odd one. His first game for us was on the wing which suggests he has some pace. I just wonder how he would go at centre? I recall that big destructive centre who played for Haven some years ago; can’t remember his name. These short spells though are a bit of a mystery.
  14. Don't recall Sykes playing in the cup match? Hopefully he's not the difference. Just watched video of Chris Thorman on Ourleague prior to Haven match and seemed confident more players on the way this week. Clearly he is trying hard to "freshen up" the team as he put it but nothing yet. This match is huge for sure -feel a whole string of cliches coming on! UTT
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