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  1. ..... he was but would also make a great quarterback !
  2. ......and how might we recognise them?
  3. Only from Cumbria to South Scotland East or South Scotland West which have also lost Freesports
  4. Just lost Freesports from Freeview TV and apparently its now no longer available in Cumbria and South Scotland so have lost RugbyAM which I enjoy. Don't have and don't want SKY nor own a Smart TV. Does anyone know how to get it by another method ?
  5. Warming up last week so hopefully Caine Barnes might play
  6. What was the width before as actually looks narrower now - must be an optical illusion?
  7. ......and some question the commitment of the Town players! Its squad size/make-up and injuries that has cost us. Thoroughly enjoyable game which I thought London had pinched at the end but hats off to Town who never let up. Curwen kept smashing into them despite huge bandage on his ankle. He is only going to get better and better. Mellor superbly skillful and gutsy performance. Good to hear the crowd really getting behind the team except for the couple who were having a dig at JD who scores 2 lovely individual tries with pace and footwork and makes at least one other.
  8. Have you got tickets or are you watching it on telly?
  9. Surely its always been the case with locals and shift patterns? I look at the team in its present make up think maybe we lack the attacking players that could make use of space - Doran can but then who, Fieldhouse, Miller, Barnes, Rooke ? Mellor and Bolton I see more as capable finishers?
  10. Absolutely. We’ve lacked pace in the outside backs all season largely through injury which has bedevilled the team all season. We had a new half back pairing again. Start of the game we lose our full back and most naturally gifted attacking player. Who went on the wing to replace Mellor? The other wing is clearly out of his depth and as a result we gift some very soft tries. You’d have to be superhuman for heads not to drop a bit? How were we seriously ever going to win that game?
  11. I thought he caught him with his foot when tackled onto his back. At the time it looked accidental to me but the ref thought otherwise and cameras must have shown different too
  12. The only saving grace if so. A very depressing article. Is this really what people are supposed to get excited about nowadays? Don't we have enough KFC's, Lidls, Costa's etc but still more pub restaurants even though pubs are closing everywhere. I wonder what the council will do with the extra revenue from the sell-off or is it just going to balance the austerity books?
  13. It might make sense to play the steady Declan from the off, Penky to come on last 20 of both halves when opposition are tiring a bit? With Marwood it will depend on Forbers availability otherwise be interesting to see how he fares in that role.
  14. I actually think he is having a great season but still doubt he would have made enough difference to influence the result and by all means lets see how Marwood fares (assuming you mean at at 7 with penky back at 9 where he belongs) as not much to lose now.
  15. I was surprised by how good Oldham were; big side yet very mobile with a superior off loading game. I’m not sure how much of a difference Forber would have made. Penky did his best to open them up but got pretty well smashed and I doubt very much Marwood would have prospered under that pressure. It would have taken a very disciplined and composed performance to beat them which we’re not yet capable of.
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