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  1. can't believe it, Ryan Shaw missed a conversation,what a great kicker the lad is thought sammut and miloudi were great to watch
  2. what a great goal kicker Shaw is, great in attack also, would be very dangerous at full back I think
  3. with covid on the up,both teams will do well to field 17 players
  4. would have thought the coach being an ex half, would have got more out of marwood and used him in the Half's were Blains backing up would have got the team trys,but only used him at 9 in the middle?
  5. good luck to Blain, great support player who scores trys, hope barrow and haven leave him alone ,so he comes back to town
  6. Doran is towns best player, thought him an marwood would have worked well together at half back,one playmaker the other supporting play.
  7. town can keep building the squad and stay in the championship, hopefully town will keep marwood and give him some game time at half back,were is backing up would be useful
  8. can't believe blain has gone back to the amateur game,best backing up player I've seen in a long time, towns own doing tho by not giving him more game time, remember his game at barrow this season got town back in the game, good luck to the lad.
  9. such sad news RIP Holly,what a great player
  10. town need some forwards, with more size and power,build on the team from last season.
  11. just hope town can get together a big squad and have a good shot at the championship
  12. welcome to Workington toon
  13. agree the volunteers work hard,but it's a professional business ,time now for town to push on
  14. think the only players we will get in will be from Newcastle,cost a lot of money to bring them up from the M6,or will be players no other club have gone for or retained, hopefully I'm wrong and town have signed some top players
  15. town2018 you have every right to ask the question, hopefully the club is pushing for new signings and doing there best for next season,the club should be naming the players who are staying and keep fans up to date,so we keep the momentum up from the final
  16. good luck Dec,he wanted to go last season but stayed when the Canadian club folded,I still think in Henson and Marwood we have two good 9s, Marwood was unlucky not to play more games , O'Brien not a prop in the league above also a good 9 or 13.
  17. I hope the club go for some big forwards,the team can't play without going forward,be long season if we don't get a bigger pack,the squad have done brilliant but need help to step up a level.
  18. good luck to the lad,we already have Henson O'Brien and Marwood,we need some power in the forwards
  19. said it for years ,let super League go alone,rest make 2 league's promotion and relegation with more cup games like years ago, get are own TV deal and look after each club and grass roots rugby.
  20. well done town brilliant achievement this year,town need some big players next season in the championship or the player's need to bulk up in the off season which I'm sure they will, hope town can build now and stay in championship
  21. town have to play the game quicker then Doncaster,got to get on a roll and play faster around the ruck, game made for young marwood but doesn't get a look in,hope doran plays his A game,he's the key to towns victory
  22. good luck town be great to have 3 Cumbria clubs in the same league
  23. well done town big effort,but please go for the drop goal under the sticks next time you're 6 points up with 10 mins to go
  24. supporters should not have to email a director for news on the club,team news and updates on things connected with the club should be put on clubs website,more information on club matters gets more people interested
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