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  1. Correct crossley and walker. Crossley is meant to be captain set example he’s cost us couple times in defence. been better since they’ve been split before used start with walker and crossley where yes we’d make good metres but come end of there stint be blowing. we’d then put are two smaller props on which defensively we’d be better but less impact going forward.
  2. We should do but only lost too leigh away proving the pitch ain’t built for the team we have which is expansive rugby why we’ve done well away and not at home teams going and been that bit bigger than us tiring us down the middle and gaps are coming. win couple more home games top 6 more 6th don’t sort home form out and anywhere low as 10th.
  3. Bradford are part time themselves though?
  4. Every team coach is going complain but you’ve come got the two points and don’t have to come again this season where 1 win 6 losses at home counting cup. Where 5 wins and 1 losses away counting cup proves where we want to play expansive rugby and getting to do that away from home. where far from relegation no disrespect to Workington there a shoe in sadly. I still think where good enough make 6th in play offs and having a crack but that’s from picking up some home wins too if not mid table.
  5. We will do hopefully we’ve a good guy in charge by then said to a York fan in the ground the ground is making it hard for us. we’ve only lost to leigh away this season so far and only beat batley at Odsal so what people say about the ground and Odsal it’s costing us more than any other team. Let’s be honest leigh away ain’t a bad one too lose its expected. Won a couple more home games where easily that 5th or 6th spot so nothing to worry about at Bradford overall.
  6. First try massive forward pass any York fan there knows it. second try hand gifted by the bulls with dropped ball. we had a lot time on York line never looked like scoring until 7 seconds from end we had a try rightful ruled out for been in touch other lines man that been given haha. York the better team but miles off leigh and featherstone going off that evidence but I think even the hardcore York fans know that. we defended much better than we have been but with are half backs we need someone in that’s going let both have the cuffs off.
  7. Rooley cres when you come off the 606 to go down rooley lane towards Odsal first left then 2 minute walk to ground. To leave drive through the little estate back on motorway.
  8. It’s tickets only if you didn’t get them early at 20 quid it goes up by 2 quid. should be a easy win for York we blew haven away other week then second half tired and only just held on. like yourselves we’ve had a week off but only thing that maybe helped is some players back hopefully behind the sticks is open again as been for fax and Fev. hope we give you a decent enough game and least make you work for your tries.
  9. Ah fair play good luck
  10. We’ve had lilley for about 4 seasons now patten was a very good scalp for us though. has for the 3 leeds players all young lads that need game time as can’t play under 18s.
  11. Always going be potential banana skin for us this after taking full time leigh all the way on Monday putting so much into that game. glad of the two points never easy up there your win is coming got a week off now get some lads back and maybe get a deal for another lad. keep supporting your team and see you at odsal later on in the year.
  12. Expected a loss today and when we kicked it through and on too completely miss the ball I thought was the moment we bombed the game. the stop goal lilley had all day to take a pop good game management by bulls. tough game 2 points see you for another tough game at the mount later on in the season and maybe the play offs if we make it I fancy you lot too.
  13. First good opening win for us didn’t expect that score thought we could win not like that. i was shocked how far of the pace dewsbury looked I know it’s opening game but we looked so much stronger faster and wanted it more. Good luck for the rest of the season nothing is won or lost after round one. nice 2241 there aswell not bad for end of January
  14. I see bulls left some old home shirts about and dewsbury now using them as a new away shirt loving the dewsbury away shirt this year.
  15. Good luck Fev all that went have a safe journey and I hope for a cracking game.
  16. Hoping for a good Yorkshire derby here speaking Yorkshire least no matter what happens we have one Yorkshire team flying the flag in this years finals. Good luck to both teams today for this one
  17. Good luck today batley up the bulldogs as been said you’ve already won regardless of the score but give them a game
  18. Naughty by James brown standing on George’s leg. I know George don’t have the biggest of fans but definitely don’t need that also.
  19. Best team won but had a right laugh with batley fans and good luck support you next week boys well done
  20. The only attendance Bradford gave this year was the Whitehaven game. game day eve big game tomorrow for both teams when you get to the play offs like brown said in the video you don’t want to fall at the first hurdle. always been tough close games at the mount normally late winners either way think was last time we played there ended 16-0 I believe only game of recent times where it had been comfy.
  21. Upward move guess it depends who plays which end which half to if it’s a upward move
  22. Any news on ticket sales? Is it looking like can pay in on day?
  23. No matter what you keep your place so 4th for you guys. If we beat you we will be ranked 5th still regardless. If fax win winner of are game plays Toulouse if haven win winner of are game plays Fev. Only way you can play at the mount again this season is haven make the final with you guys you’ll be the highest ranked team.
  24. If haven do win it’s Toulouse you play as they play the lowest ranked winner.
  25. Congratulations Whitehaven run up to season end I hoped haven would make the top 6 I knew if that be case would have to beat my team. going into the play offs as the most inform team outside of Toulouse and Fev. i fancy you against fax also which is the case would give batley or Bradford a trip to Fev.
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