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  1. Not sure about Brett, think Steve was on about the wrong Carter in his last comment on the other thread! What was up with Hopkins/ Crellin/ Langtree/ wheeler/ Hulme? Move Shane to the wing and send Brett Carter back to amateur rugby.
  2. Think you mean Brett Carter not Jake? Bret missed a few tackles, didn’t rate him when he was with us a few year back, can’t see why Barrow have brought him back!
  3. Tough ask! God help us against them in the cup and in the league as well as Leigh, can’t see us beating dewsbury away or Workington at home we can’t cross the line or have no forwards!
  4. Was a tough game for Barrow, plenty of chances to win the game, haven’t got the size to power over the line tried enough times, that’s what we are lacking size! What’s happened to Carl Forster?
  5. Good signing, let’s hope we keep him for a bit longer and get a couple of more forwards in team it’s size we are lacking.
  6. After today’s performance god help us against Bradford/featherstone etc, not good enough, amateur side today, need some forwards that is what we are lacking, miloudis show was embarrassing what has he done this year? I’d seriously have a look at the team and get rid of a few of them and send them back to Sunday league
  7. Can we swap him for the drama queen miloudi? Rolling about like a football player! Shocking today poor performance. It’s bigger forwards we need, and players need to earn their place in the team.
  8. Should be hooter like they do in super league when it’s 6 again. So all players are aware, great game tho
  9. Great game in tough conditions, why don’t they announce the interchanges?
  10. Sammut didn’t play, he came out in the kit warmed up then went back in, hopefully he’s ok for next week, hard game in tough conditions today at least it’s a win, roll on next week
  11. Looking forward to watching the game, think we will win they were awful last week, hopefully sammut will be back and then rest Johnson/ Carter, good strong running from our fwds last week
  12. Sammut injured him self at home I heard, hopefully be ok for next week, all played well today and great defence, pitty there is no clock on the scoreboard! Why don’t they announce the subs? People don’t no who’s coming off or on! great game tho
  13. Game called off due to covid/ injury’s in wales camp! Was looking forward to that, pitty we couldn’t get a game against a local club or ring about n try n find another team
  14. Great performance, miloudi langtree Gillam toal and sammut, forwards look good in iara, terrill could do with a bit more aggression in attack, a fair few others mentioned that to. Be better if they announced the subs and the got the scoreboard working too!
  15. Big miss them 2, also Callum bustin will be a big miss, how come he hasn’t stayed with Barrow?
  16. Brett Carter back on trial?
  17. Poor performance from us today, not good enough, we put a better team out last week against Hunslet! Should of stuck with it!!
  18. We could do with a few big named players back, where’s the Harrison brothers? Any news on Miloudi?
  19. Not demanding anything, just saying spend some money to cover the players we are missing
  20. Not good enough! Shocking performance, time to spend some of £1000s their making on new players due to the beer garden!
  21. Tom hopkins my mom,great tackler and runner.
  22. Not good enough, missing a few players most of them had a quiet game, missed our chances! Try again next week against Doncaster.
  23. Great game, Tee was my man of match, what’s happened to Jordan walne?
  24. Anyone know where Jordan walne is?
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