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  1. PH, I think that is a really good assessment of where clubs are at the moment. Just to reinforce this I have pinched the following details posted on the London Broncos forum on Tuesday ------------------------------------ Batley Bulldogs Ins: Kieran Buchanan (Hull FC), Keegan Hirst (Halifax), Jodie Broughton (Halifax), Ben Kaye (Free agent), Josh Tonks (Hunslet) Outs: Tyler Dickinson (Released), Shaun Lunt (Barrow Raiders), Jo Taira (Rochdale Hornets) Bradford Bulls Ins: Danny Brough (Wakefield Trinity), Brad English (Doncaster), Aaron Murphy (Huddersfield Giants) Outs: Connor Farrell (Retiring), Cobi Green (Swinton Lions), Luke Littlewood (Rochdale Hornets) Dewsbury Rams Ins: Bayley Liu (West Wales Raiders) Outs: Tommy Brierley (Released), Luke Nelmes (Oldham), Martyn Reilly (Oldham) Featherstone Rovers Ins: Fa’amanu Brown (Free agent), Jacob Doyle (Castleford Tigers), Callum Field (Leigh Centurions), Frankie Halton (Swinton Lions), Harvey Spence (Leeds Rhinos), Joe Summers (Castleford Tigers) Outs: Conor Carey (Released), Brandan French (Released), Louis Jouffret (Ottawa Aces), Jack Richardson (Released), Alec Susino (Released), Bradley Wright (Released), Nathan Wright (Released). Halifax Ins: Connor Robinson (York City Knights), Greg Worthington (Toronto Wolfpack) Outs: Paul Brearley (Released), Jodie Broughton (Batley Bulldogs), Reece Chapman-Smith (Released), Dan Fleming (Castleford Tigers), Tom Gilmore (Ottawa Aces), Keegan Hirst (Batley Bulldogs), Tommy Lee (Released), Scott Murrell (Keighley Cougars), Steve Tyrer (Widnes Vikings) Leigh Centurions Ins: Jamie Ellis (Hull Kingston Rovers), Adam Walker (Free agent), Blake Wallace (Toronto Wolfpack) Outs: Sam Brooks (Swinton Lions), Callum Field (Featherstone Rovers) Liam Forsyth (Swinton Lions) Nick Glohe (Released) Ben Reynolds (Toulouse Olympique), Martin Ridyard (Swinton Lions) London Broncos Ins: Outs: Olly Ashall-Bott (Ottawa Aces), Matty Fozard (Ottawa Aces), Morgan Smith (York City Knights) Oldham Ins: Tyler Dupree (Leeds Rhinos), Luke Nelmes (Dewsbury Rams), Martyn Reilly (Dewsbury Rams) Outs: Harry Aaronson (Retiring) Sheffield Eagles Ins: Outs: Corey Makelim (Released), Zack McComb (Released), Lewis Taylor (Released) Swinton Lions Ins: Sam Brooks (Leigh Centurions), Cobi Green (Bradford Bulls), Liam Forsyth (Leigh Centurions) Nick Gregson (Rugby union), Martyn Ridyard (Leigh Centurions), Luis Roberts (Salford Red Devils), Jacob Smillie (Free agent) Outs: Gavin Bennion (Rochdale Hornets), Rob Fairclough (Rochdale Hornets), Frankie Halton (Featherstone Rovers) Toulouse Olympique Ins: Mitch Garbutt (Hull Kingston Rovers), Ben Reynolds (Leigh Centurions), Latrell Schaumkel (Villeneuve) Outs: William Barthau (Retiring), Clement Boyer (Released), Tony Maurel (Released), Con Mika (Released), Stan Robin (Released) Whitehaven Ins: Liam Cooper (Widnes Vikings) Ryan King (Free agent) Outs: Widnes Vikings Ins: Paul Clough (Huddersfield Giants), Matt Cook (Castleford Tigers), Lee Jewitt (Barrow Raiders), Steve Tyer (Halifax) Outs: Jay Chapelhow (Ottawa Aces), Ted Chapelhow (Ottawa Aces), Liam Cooper (Whitehaven), Jack Johnson (Ottawa Aces), MacGraff Leuluai (Released), Pat Moran (Ottawa Aces), Sam Wilde (Ottawa Aces) York City Knights Ins: Ryan Atkins, (Wakefield Trinity), Daniel Barcoe (Wakefield Trinity), Harry Dodd (Wakefield Trinity), Danny Kirmond (Wakefield Trinity), Tyme Nikau (North Wales Crusaders), Morgan Smith (London Broncos) Outs: Josh Jordan-Roberts (Rochdale Hornets), Connor Robinson (Halifax)
  2. Funny how you can read things some times - I read the title to this tread as "Bull Dogin Bound" and thought to myself that I never took Batley Bob as that way inclided.
  3. AT, As we have discussed on so many times over a beer, the two of us would prefer there to be no DR available, just loan deals. However until we can get the whole of the championship (and league 1) to drop DR unilaterally then unfortunately it will carry on. Therefore we have two choices we either carry on and support our respective clubs while using DR or we walk away from the game. I have chosen the former and and I know you have voted with your feet by staying away from games. Personally I think this topic has been done to death now, though if someone was to set up a lobby to get the RFL to drop DR I'd be more than happy to put my name to that. While we are on with a wish list, can we have: - Fair share of TV monies across all leagues - P&R consisting of 1 up 1 down and a playoff for a second promotion place to SL (this could include 11th place from SL) - Ground improvements (from "Framing the Future") enforced - etc.
  4. I'm sure Coolie is very interested in this exchange of opinions, as I said I think he must be pee-ing himself. Not true - the reason clubs have withdrawn from the autumn competition is that they would have lost more money by taking part than they would by not. my original notes state this quite clearly. So why is it that football managed it in the premier league and championship seasons, and now SL are also now managing the situation as on ongoing basis? Then please consider why does positive Covid-19 tests make a curtailed championship competition (that was suggested by Derick - which we are debating) untenable, but the same positive tests in a RFL autumn competition would not be a problem? The suggestion is that one proposal works and the other not is totally nonsense. Just as in the same way as saying 4012 tests is okay but a 6.7796% increase to 4284 is not tenable. Are you falling out with me, because I'm not falling out with you? This is a forum we have debate you think one thing and I think another, it is the way of the world. I'd love to debate it with you down the pub, but for the moment I guess that will have to wait, social distancing and all that. The facts as I see them are: You believe that an proposed RFL autumn competition was tenable and that Derick's proposal of a curtailed championship season was not. I believe neither option was ever tenable, the reasons for this a numerous (but most importantly I still don't see spectators in the grounds during October and there is not enough TV money for championship RL). Also see my original post about costs for the autumn comp. However if one proposal can be proved to be tenable, then because in essence the costs are very similar then both proposals would have been tenable (that is the debate we are having). Then on the back of that if we were going to have a competition of any description, personally I would have preferred it to be a championship competition and not an RFL autumn comp. Coolie - I recon it is your round the next time we meet up, for just keeping you entertained for a couple of days.
  5. Coolie - I bet you're just pee-ing your sen and I can't blame you, so I'll bite again BSJ, As POR points out the Autumn comp was open to 25 teams taking part and the initial proposal assumed 16 teams as Phil points out. So for the Autumn comp let's assume based on that original proposal 16 teams had entered, it was going to be 2 divisions of 8 with 7 rounds played over each division (8 games in each round), so 56 games then 2 semis and a final, giving a total of 59 games. There is 17 players in each team for each game so that is 34 players to test for each game (I know in reality you have to test the whole squad of players in training plus coaches, etc., but I'm just trying to keep the mathematics simple). So 59 games and 34 players gives us 2006 individual tests, but we'll need to do more than one test, so let's assume that it is 2 tests per player per game (once before once after) so that gives us 4012 tests in total. Now for the Derick's proposal of a curtailed Championship season, there would have been 8 more rounds to play (5 already gone) with 14 teams giving 7 games a round, therefore a 56 games, I believe there were 4 games IIRC to catch up that had been postponed (I am going to assume 4 here for now) makes 60 games, plus semis and final, making a grand total of 63 games. With 34 players a game that gives us 2142 test which we have to double so as cover two test a game, which gives us 4284 test in total. Meaning that there would have been a difference of 6.7797% with the total number of tests required between the two proposals. Now I am no expert, but I am sure that this means the two proposals would have therefore been every similar from a "...testing and tracing with semi-professional sportsmen..." perspective. Don't you agree BSJ? It's a good job I did a maths degree or all these numbers would just be a total problem to me.
  6. BSJ, Please enlighten all of us again. How does running the Autumn Competition become less of a problem for "...testing and tracing with semi-professional sportsmen..." than running a curtailed Championship season?
  7. Alternatively we all could have done what Derek had wanted, and had a curtailed championship season running from the end of September to the end of November (8 games to add to the first 5 rounds already played) where every team would have played each other once and then a top 4 play-off to see who is champions (semis and final). We could then have even kept promotion and relegation, but hay hum most clubs (including Dewsbury) vetoed this as an option. FWIW Wakefield AFC (football) play at Fev this coming weekend in front of spectators (max 300), but professional football / semi professional (i.e. top 6 tiers) can't have spectators yet, as is the same in RL, Cricket, etc. What makes people think this will be different in 4 weeks time for this Autumn RL comp? So what is different from running this Autumn comp to having a curtailed Championship season? So maybe Derek was right in wanting the Championship continued? We could have the RFL funding next year then based on this year's championship positions in the league.
  8. BSJ, Thanks for the information, sad to see that the RFL not passing on all the money given that it is not money that they would have expected to receive.
  9. I don’t disagree with you, but what makes you think that there will be any money if there is no competition? Personally I can see SL wanting you keep the money for themselves, given that the money was earmarked for the team to be relegated. They then put this money up as sweetener for the clubs that wanted to keep the championship and P&R, which has now gone. So if there is no autumn competition I can see SL turning round and saying we’ll just keep the money for ourselves then.
  10. BSJ, SL would lose more money by not continuing the 2020 season since Sky would be within their rights not to pay since the product they have paid for would not have been delivered. As Phil says either lose money or lose loads of money. The same is true for the championship clubs lose money by not competing in the autumn competition or lose more by actually taking part. Rock and hard place as it is with SL having to play behind closed doors. PS when are you going to answer my question to you on the Fev forum?
  11. Cheers Bentleyman, hope you've managed a beer or two during lockdown, I hope we get to have a couple together next year.
  12. DD, quite agree, why should every club lose money so that London, Fev, Leigh, Toulouse or whoever could get promotion. Without spectators this is always going to be the case. Don’t get me wrong, personally I’d like to see Fev given a shot at SL (well I am biased), but I don’t believe that SL is the be all and end all. And most importantly would and should not be done on the backs of the other Championship & League 1 teams. We need to remember where we are coming from and where We’ll end up back, whether that is after 1 season or 10 in SL, assuming we ever get there. There is a lot to be said with meeting up with the friends that I have made from various Championship teams over the years, as well as the Fev crowd too, and chewing the fat.
  13. And that’s the point without P&R what is the reason for competing in a comp where even if you win it you are likely to lose money?
  14. Neither has said that they are in at this point in time as far as I know, just my sense of humour, which I guess you don’t get so never mind.
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