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  1. pure guesses: Youngest: Alan Banks Oldest: Jeff Grayson
  2. I see that the Batley club have started a half time draw (see here: https://bulldogs.mysportstickets.co.uk/events/home/Bulldogs_Raffle_569) fro their none game this coming week. I wonder if we could set up something similar? Do other people have fund raising ideas that we could adopt in these unique times?
  3. I guess that it also works for the substitutes as well.
  4. This was the one that surprised me as well, though just because he is in the squad doesn't mean he'll play on Friday. Is Render injured as well at the moment, I have not seen mention of him for a while. Also though Bussey is in the squad I'd have no objection to him getting a rest this week, so I'd be tempted to go something like: Hall Blackmore Worthington Hardcastle Carey Jouffret Chisholm Susino Parata Cooper Davies Ferres Lockwood bench of Albert Beckett Sweeting, Harrison
  5. Lots of if and but about our hooking position next year, I'd like us to still sign a second hooker for the year. Obviously there are not going to be many quality players available in the UK to fit the bill, so maybe has to be someone from Oz.
  6. I'd like to see SL12 relegated, CH1 promoted (SL12 = team at the bottom of SL and CH1 = Team top of the championship) then play-offs with SL11, CH2, CH2, CH2 and CH2 Then similar for Championship relegation with league 1 promotion.
  7. This looks about right to me with the obligatory Dewsbury v Batley which has occurred at every summer bash
  8. Jake, If you want it for what I think it is for, if I had one you could have it for nothing. I do have other replica shirts from other years if you get know joy from this request and are interested please PM me.
  9. Neil, Thanks for the best wishes, its been a hell of a ride. Hope to see Dewsbury improving next year.
  10. It was absolutely bouncing at the game yesterday, what a brilliant performance by the lads and from all the supporters who made the trip over. I’m still on a on huge high, last couple of beers before heading back to the airport.
  11. Congratulations to York, both well deserved awards
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    Pete, I’m with you ?
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