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  1. Hi Tandle, The game will be free to view on Saturday, see details here: https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/pre-season-friendlies-confirmed-nTFY1 Snip "...Supporters will be able to watch both clashes on Rovers TV without having a premium membership, just visit the Rovers TV website and click the ‘LIVE’ tab during the time of the fixtures..." If you want to access the other Rovers TV content then this is chargeable.
  2. Do you take it out of the player's/coach's hands by offering the Oldham board a financial sweetener by saying they can sell tickets for the game and keep say 75% of all their ticket sales (rather than the normal 10%)? All this is on the premise that the timeline outlined by Boris, for coming out of lockdown, holds true going forwards. Which given the turns the Pandemic has taken to date is a big "if". Personally I think that this is still a good asperation to have and should be looked at by our board working with the Oldham board to see if it is achieveable.
  3. Bob, We can all dream I was thinking about this last night and I think this is good for us on a number of levels: - Potentially it gives us 2 tough pre champinship games (not going to call them friendlies) to get up to speed for the championship games to come - It gives us the chance to put down a marker for the year to come and if we go out, the time to re-adjust before the chanmpionship kicks off - The way the draw pans out it does mean that if we get through to what will be the 1895 cup semis, it would give us a good shout at getting to the final at Wembley (th
  4. Coolie, PS Are we going to meet up for a beer, Covid-19 and fixtures permitting?
  5. This will not happen, something like the following will happen: The teams will be ranked based on league positions in 2019 (last meaningful season), something like this 1 London Broncos 2 Toulouse Olympique XIII 3 York City Knights 4 Featherstone Rovers 5 Bradford Bulls 6 Sheffield Eagles 7 Halifax RLFC 8 Swinton Lions 9 Batley Bulldogs 10 Widnes Vikings 11 Dewsbury Rams 12 Whitehaven
  6. Guess you must be right 19-25 = 12 players 26-30 = 12 players 31-35 = 7 Players Looks like a balance squad to me.
  7. Would be nice if it was Fev there - I still have my ticket from the double header.
  8. The powers that be should have moved the world cup out 12 months (in my opinion).
  9. Not necessarily Fev, but it had crossed my mind that if the 4 championship sides meet in the last 16 then the remaining 2 championship teams meet in the last 8, then the remaining championship side would need one ‘lucky’ win in the semis to make the final. Not very likely but significantly more likely than winning the lottery.
  10. Bottom three plus league 1 team (Newcastle)
  11. PH, From what I have been able to ascertain Nu is head and shoulders a step up from the Boas brothers, though as you say injuries and COVID-19 will almost certainly limit us having having all 6 of the spine players (1/6/7/9) available every week. As I said before I just think this is a great signing for us.
  12. PH, I know where you are coming from but to have 5 quality players to cover 6, 7 & 9 (four will play every week). has to be something to think about. Though I can see why due to cost it may be seen as a luxury we can't afford, but at the same time one injury could mean that it is a luxury we can't afford not to have if we are aiming to finish top of the pile in 2021. I'd like to think that Leeds would allow us McLelland on loan if required, but if Leeds have injuries of their own to deal with this is less likely to happen than would have been the case with DR. Personally I wouldn
  13. Tom would be a great re-signing for us
  14. Steve, I don’t think we had a lot to crow about squad wise in that game either, regardless of the win.
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