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  1. There is to be a limit on the number of home games shown, but from what I can see no limit on away games. Therefore even if the number of home games was limited to 2 (out of 13) I'd still not be surprised for the likes of Fev & Leigh to be picked for 6 or 7 Monday night games.
  2. Bentleyman, I’ll see you next year even after Fev win for a Fax game or 2. Assuming we end up with a free Sunday we you play Leigh I’ll aim to be there.
  3. H, You can’t truely believe this can you? If TO had played all their regular season games they still would have had to come to the UK for these games, so where is the hardship for them? They have chosen to play in a UK league with the hope of getting to the holy grail of SL, and having to come to the UK for those away fixtures comes with that. In truth TO have had it relatively easy from a playing perspective, a game every two weeks as full time players has meant the have turned out fresh every game, meaning a lack of injuries for them that have occurred to all the other championship sides. Now none of this is there fault, it is just the way of the world at the moment, but to say they have had it “stacked against them” is just laughable. Now if you want to talk about how the pandemic has affected their finances, etc. then that becomes a different conversation.
  4. A wide pitch will suit Fev just fine will make the feel like their at home on their own wide pitch.
  5. Hi Maureen, it’s good to see the club putting some information out, but having read the details it doesn’t give anymore details than those post on FB or here. it would be good for all the Fev fans to buy tickets for the same section if we could organise it that way.
  6. I thought I'd start this as a separate thread to the game thread it's self that MLP has started. Firstly you can buy tickets for the game here: https://billetterie.to13.com/fr/meeting/311/finale/stade-ernest-wallon-toulouse/10-10-2021/19h00?fbclid=IwAR2W5LWEPjREIBwYZe9ZPcL7bHtWwXiPldUpUXO0_Cd3s97Dl2L80kfRvvg You click on the area of the ground you want to buy tickets for. Currently there are only two stands open, East and West. Tickets for the East stand are 9 euro and tickets for the West stand 18 euro. We have bought tickets for the East stand near gate 11 (Porte 11). Hope some of you can join us in this area so we can make some noise together. Some things to look out for when buying tickets: The options for reduced ticket prices (4 euro and 1 Euro in the east stand) are based on the following criteria: (1): rate reserved for students, high school students, disabled people and job seekers - on presentation of proof on the day of the match at the entrance to the stadium (2): proof will be requested from the ticket holder at each access control in the stadium (Children 6-16). The children under 6 years old do not have an appointed place in the stadium. If necessary, the parents should keep the child on their knees. Under 6 can get in for free but you have to contact the club. When you register the French for UK is "Royaume-Uni" - hopefully will reduce your search time for the country, it took me a while. I had an issue when trying to get to the payment page. To achieve this I had to change the language setting back to French (I was using google translate to English). After switching back to French then on the basket page the button bottom right changed to "Checkout" which when clicked on allowed me to go pay. Hope to see as many of you in Toulouse as can make the trip.
  7. Good luck in France tomorrow. Hope you show up well.
  8. Because it’s a semi. Fev by 20 for me as I’ve told Ovenden Grumt. He knows it makes sense
  9. Personally I'd leave Holmes out (though he is a game changer in his own right) because personally I believe that we can gain in and around the ruck with Parata's ability to see a gap in tiring defences. We can move Jones, Davis or Halton into the 3/4s if injuries dictate, which IMO is a better option that putting Holmes there if needed. Therefore 3 middles/2nd rowers on the bench for me and given the weather forecast the bigger the better. Therefore my side would be: Walker Hall Welham Hardcastle Gale Chizzy Brown Koppy Jones Lockwood Ferres Halton Bussey Subs Parata Davies Ferggy Cooper Though I can see Ferguson missing out to Field. Field has played well for me this year, but just feel that Ferggy would give us a bit more grunt (dare I say mongrel) if the going gets tough. Just like everyone on here my opinion does matter one jot, but keeps us entertained guessing while @4:30 tomorrow.
  10. James, Can I suggest that trying to do a presentation to a player at half time in a semi final would not be the best time to do this, given that the coach maybe wishes to impart some words of wisdom to the same player before the second half?
  11. £5m to the RFL, from which they have to run the admin of the sport, fund Refs, Marketing, etc. as well as some big wages at the RFL. even if there was then £2m to share across 24 clubs that would be the £83k per club, but it will not be shared that way, it will almost certainly be based on the league that you are in and the position you finish in that league. so maybe £150k down to £85k (dropping £5k per place) in the championship and £50k down to £32k (dropping £2k per place) in league 1. The figures I suggest here are total guess work and not based on any facts but if used would equate to just over £2m.
  12. if Batley lose then it will be W12 L9 (24pts / 21 games x 50) = 57.14% If London lose then it will be W12 l7 D1 plus 2 points deduction (23pts / 20 games x 50) = 57.50% So London could still finish above Batley. the good news is that Whitehaven can't catch you so you are guaranteed a play off game. It makes for 3 very interest games at the weekend: Bradford Bulls RLFC v Whitehaven RLFC Halifax Panthers v Batley Bulldogs York City Knights v London Broncos PS to get third Batley need to win by a minimum of 22pts depending on how many points Fax score (don't forget equal win percentages are decided by pts percentages, not pts difference), but obviously would also require a Whitehaven win at Bradford as stated above.
  13. Personally I thought that the tackle before was more interesting with Akins as fourth man in drives into Springer's kidneys, which I thought had been outlawed, but obviously not.
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