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  1. Good game and nice change having Kamara party of the team!
  2. Sts have had enough opportunities to win this. Been on top most of 2nd half.
  3. Saints won’t get many better chances then that. I thought Makinson might have scored tbh.
  4. Roosters bit smarter round the ruck, but Saints playing pretty well. Look more dangerous when chucking it around. Still in this!
  5. Roosters play the ball does seem a lot quicker. Sts on back foot.
  6. Really enjoyed it, well done Adam Hills and Warrington Wolves
  7. I was going to treat myself to a GB top as I quite like it. Not sure I’d wear it though after that tour!
  8. Oh dear. That was the worst performance I think I’ve seen from England/GB. Look like they just couldn’t be bothered. Bennett has to go.
  9. That was terrible. Widdop, Hastings, entire backline (apart from Lomax), Burgess, Hodgson, even Clarke and Graham... all rubbish. And Austin on the wing... WTF?
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