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  1. That was terrible. Widdop, Hastings, entire backline (apart from Lomax), Burgess, Hodgson, even Clarke and Graham... all rubbish. And Austin on the wing... WTF?
  2. Bloody hell, massive signing.
  3. It's much more intense than a friendly! Some fantastic defence.
  4. That McGilvary decision was a strange one, thought a few other decisions didn't go our way as well. Can't blame the ref for that defeat though.
  5. I agree with this. Also thought we struggled to match Tonga’s physicality in the first half.
  6. On a positive note, thought Lomax, Walmsley, Bateman all played pretty well.
  7. Agree that it's good for game to have Tonga, England/GB, NZ, Fiji all closely matched, but just a bit concerned we're as far off the Aussies as we've ever been! The amount of talent in the NRL is crazy.
  8. We were dominated pretty much all over the pitch, also too many mistakes and lack of creativity/control. TBH though will be surprised if NZ play as well as Tonga did in that first half.
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