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  1. 1982 first test at Boothferry Park, ever the optimist I said to my mate, "I fancy us today". Come half time I said "bloody hell they're playing a different game to us". And with the odd exception have been doing ever since.
  2. Wikipedia (yes, I know) has him born in New Zealand.
  3. And he was playing with the two bob bits.
  4. The definition of Ambition is: "A strong desire to do or achieve something." I'm sure every player at Wakefield ( and every other club) has that desire to achieve, as has Michael Carter and John Minards and the rest of the staff.. But sometimes we don't always get what we desire, and sadly in Rugby League, as in many sports, finance dictates whether that ambition is realised. As a supporter of Wakefield Trinity for over forty five years I've seen what I believe to be poor management and poor financial management but to include the current regime who've been 'in power' for around seven
  5. I don't believe Wakefield Trinity lack ambition. Their problem, like others, is the finances to realise their ambitions.
  6. Around the same era Dave Chisnall had a few as well.
  7. Perhaps he'll take up playing now he's retired from refereeing.
  8. Go on Wakefield MDC planning website there's seventy odd documents including plans, 20/02587/FUL | Redevelopment of existing stadium comprising: demolition of existing east stand and replacement with 2-storey stand with 2,507 seated capacity and associated facilities, internal refurbishment of the Rollin Shack to provide additional facilities including gym, surfacing of car park, provision of fan zone, resurfacing of the pitch, upgrade to the existing floodlights, permanent electronic display screen and re-surfacing of existing north stand. | Belle Vue Stadium Doncaster Road Wakefield WF1
  9. Didn't say that did I. Just clarifying for those who were unaware of where those facilities were/are.
  10. As far as I'm aware, Belle Vue and Dewsbury.
  11. At the time Wakey were using Fev's facilities,. Their training 'barn' and the pitch at the back of the old Jubilee Hotel.
  12. Certainly a charcter. Reffed the first ever State of Origin.
  13. 76 tries in 94 games for Wakefield would seem to indicate he is getting the service. Not all were brilliant individual efforts.
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