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  1. Just watched a piece on the Fox NRL channel with Vossy interviewing Michael Cleary, who in the 60's played for the Rabbitohs, he also played for Australia at both League and union, and also represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games winning bronze in the 100 yards. He has a recorded time of 9.3 seconds for 100 yards. That's pretty swift.
  2. So basically Sky tell the RFL how much they're getting for Super League, and the BBC do the same for the Challenge Cup. Plus ca change and all that.
  3. Sky happy with what they've got. Reinforces the northern stereotype.
  4. NRL are considering bringing in a 'Refs Challenge' for games involving the Storm. It's so the refcan challenge if he doesn't agree with one of Cameron's decisions.
  5. Hopefully he won't be lost to the game and will take up playing when he finishes as a referee.
  6. When Hall plays it seems to me that the ball never goes beyond Crichton or Manu.
  7. Props not wearing black boots should be dropped, its not right.
  8. Hopefully they'll appreciate that this is Rugby League and not Rugby Union..
  9. His cigs and matches ?
  10. I remember a quote I once saw about Danny Wilson. The quote was alluding to the fact that his form was a bit erratic. It went some thing like, " even if Danny was on the pitch there was no guarantee he was playing"
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