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  1. As a Wakefield Trinity supporter for fifty years (hence the grey hair and almost permanent look of disappointment) it will be fantastic if we can attract someone as committed to the club, and with the financial clout, as Derek Beaumont at Leigh.Sure he has his 'moments' but he bleeds red and white (or leopard skin print.) We've had a false dawn or two down at Belle Vue over the years , eg Pearman and Glover so whilst I hope it happens I'll wait until the cheques are cashed and the money is in the bank before I get too excited.
  2. I wouldn't call the Newcastle competition 'Bush Footy' He played and had an impact at Wakey when he wasn't 100% fit. Whilst he won't win games on his own, such is his 'presence' at Wakey that it will give the whole place a lift and hopefully inspire others in the side to lift their performance. It might work, it might not but desperate times ( and boy are we desperate) call for desperate measures.
  3. We've been hearing this for years. There was always somebody "waiting in the wings" for when Ted Richardson left, We're still waiting for him/her to step into the spotlight. Why wait till Carter has gone? All it takes is "thank you Michael off you trot now, I'll take over from here. Why wait until the end of the season?
  4. The problem with the new stand is that it faces the pitch.
  5. I seem to remember standing in a little shed atop a grass hill at Alfreton Town watching Trinity against Mansfield Marksmen in the 80's. Not an RL ground as such but I'm sure we stood on a grass bank.
  6. The new pitch was down a week after last season finished. When do you suggest it should have been done?
  7. Four days to go and still no sign of the usual rugby union 'spoiler' story.
  8. And don't get me started on James Childs, James Child's .
  9. Ordered and received in five days. Looks like I've been lucky.
  10. "Give us $300K and we'll consider putting out a largely reserve grade side out against Saints". I'm with Damien, tell 'em to do one.
  11. The ref will be whoever Australia say it has to be.
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