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  1. Forgot about armitstead. What a player!
  2. Massive waste of talent, guy was a wrecking ball
  3. I'd say Mendy deserves a shout pat weisner too
  4. 1.Broadbent 2. Ballard 3. Hankinson 4. Harrison 5. Nixon 6. L.Finch 7. Holt 8. Bullock 9. Ellis 10. Brett 11. Knowles 12 Catic 13. Susino 14. Campbell 15. Chris Young 16. Bracek 17 Josh Johnson
  5. 50-6 FT we played some nice rugby first half then just went through the motions second half in poor conditions. 1253 decent attendance though with no away fans should hopefully get a bumper crowd vs Workie just have to hope that AFC cant win the league that day away vs Halifax or we will suffer
  6. I'd have liked to have seen a reduced admission for 18-21 year olds like the football have done. This is the age group we need to target in my opinion they'll put the most money behind the bar particularly in those warm summer months.
  7. First league home game this season what's everyone's predictions. I'll go with 42-10 to Barrow attendance 1087
  8. I think until AFC season has finished we'll get lower gates. Be more value for money if we carry on playing the 1 up rugby from last season
  9. Aside from London or Toulouse (not sure if they're in this year) this is probably the worst draw we could have had, poor one for skolars too if they beat us
  10. Could they potentially move their training base somewhere more accessible? I know its football but Barrow AFC were struggling to recruit players until they moved training to Manchester and now they're top of the national league
  11. I agree our social media pages have been dreadful recently
  12. I'm glad it's off the weather is horrendous here now so the game probably would have been a poor one with people choosing to stay away. You're right about the workie fans though
  13. Our game with Skolars if off due to them not being able to get here by train. Possible rearrangement for next Sunday and their game vs workie in the league will have to be rearranged as cup takes priority.
  14. Mcbain the latest to sign
  15. Has now signed on for PNG hunters even though Barrow held his registration, have been paying him and had already paid for his flights.
  16. He seemed to have a good relationship with French Paul from last year hopefully we can bring him back would fill a void in the front row too. Tyson would be an excellent replacement for Star
  17. Assuming Mossop still isn't fit I'd go 1. Cresswell 2. Toal 3. Singleton 4. Star 5. Tee 6. Dalli 7. Carter 8. Duffy 9. Johnston 10. Forster 11. Smith 12. Stack 13. Walne 14. Puara 15. Toal/Morrow 16. Jewitt/Mcbain 17. Terrill I still think we're missing another prop from the squad and we will probably heavily rely on young terrill before we get somebody in
  18. It was eight hundred and thirty something
  19. Decent in parts today scrappy in others. Duffy my MOTM
  20. I'm sure I read Jewitt was meant to be playing today but on limited minutes. No sign of him at the ground even showing his face I really hope Steve is right and he's not another Hock
  21. I wonder if our visitors are aware of the possibility of the m6 closure this weekend
  22. Side notes I think jono needs to shed a few pounds he looked to be carrying to much and we definitely made the right decision with regards to letting charnock go he seemed intent on injuring somebody today
  23. Not a bad performance considering the conditions and our first game. Johnston Walne Tyson and Forster stand outs for me. Amateur wise I'd like us to have closer looks at Mcbain and Tyson in particular
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