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  1. 100%. Perhaps I used the wrong term by referring to RL as a “British Empire” game in a manner that both RU are cricket are, a distinction which Dunbar made. RL is a by product of Empire. Take out the Empire, that British activity where one bloke throws the ball backwards to another bloke doesn’t get the enormous leg up in being spread to British expats in far flung places around the globe. Ultimately this refutes The Future is League bragging about Aussie Rules not being international. The Aussies just never had an Empire to spread it.
  2. RL didn’t “arrive” in Aus, it is a by product of RU being played in Aus. Without the Empire, there is no “rugby” in Aus. https://www.nma.gov.au/defining-moments/resources/rugby-league-splits-from-rugby-union “Rugby football quickly spread to other such schools across the country. Ex-public schoolboys continued to play in adulthood, travelling to matches on the rapidly expanding train network. As they took up roles as administrators in the British Empire, rugby spread around the world. A meeting in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire on 29 August that year between 21 clubs formed the N
  3. The point is you are comparing Aussie Rules failure to be played outside Aus with RL. Both rugby codes are almost exclusively British Empire games, cricket too, hence the reliance on the Empire for the spread of these activities. Aussies never had an Empire to spread Aussie Rules to other parts of their Empire. Some sports don’t need an Empire to spread (football and basketball being the major two team sports, tennis and golf the major two individual sports). This doesn’t apply to the rugby codes, cricket likewise Aussie Rules, so there is zip to brag about. Regards baseball (aka rou
  4. The Aussies didn’t have an Empire, that’s why Aussie Rules ain’t played outside Aus. Both rugby codes (to all intents and purposes) are British commonwealth games And in regards to the cricket comment, doesn’t Aussie Rules have the highest crowds in Aus? If so, they more than anyone merit the use of municipal stadiums.
  5. The great Alan McLoughlin, the man whose goal in a sinister, toxic, hate riddled stadium in Belfast against Norn Iron sent the Republic of Ireland through to the 1994 World Cup, has died. Billy Bingham (Norn Iron manager who egged on the Norn Iron fans) was devastated. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56985844 RIP. Thank you for this epic moment Alan.
  6. It’s from a little Englander/Britisher so par for the course.
  7. Internationals are undoubtedly the highest profile games in RL (and RU). The sport cannot increase its footprint through club games, it relies on the international game to do that. And right here we have the difference between here and North America. In North America the owner is king, it’s HIS team, he can move it to a different location at the whim of further lining his pockets from his customers. He even picks up the trophy before any players/manager who won the bleedin thing. It’s soulless. These “franchises” (horrible term) are businesses first, second and third, vehicles to make
  8. The yank franchise system would have been an abomination for football, however in RL it may be ideal for the reason you state. Having a closed shop in football would have made winning meaningless, as success is nothing when there is no risk of failure. With no money flowing down the pyramid it also would have killed off all those small town football clubs, clubs that are at the heart of their community. Rugby league doesn’t have this set up as there are so few clubs that have the capacity to play at the highest level, and the small clubs don’t get much money from the top league anyway so they’
  9. In regards to talent the Aussies will always dwarf England due to the difference in player pool, unless RL in England one day becomes comparable in size to Aus. It’s an unfair match up really. You’d like to think playing at home would give England some sort of advantage, but in RL I don’t think it really applies, certainly not to anywhere near the degree it does in football. With empty stadiums in the Premier League this is the first season in English top flight history there have been more away wins than home, emphasising (not that it was needed) the pivotal role an atmosphere can bring
  10. One of the greatest scores in sport. 100% agree with the proposal and it’s something that should be done. I dare say Harry Sunderland is not someone many RL devotees would know (never mind non devotees), in contrast to Burrow. Take away the horrible disease (for which he’s shown tremendous dignity) and ask does he merit it purely in a sporting context. For a man of his size to do what he did in such a physically demanding sport the answer is yes.
  11. It was talking points galore which is fantastic. Loved the Jim Bowen “have a look at what you would have won” comment from Carney in response to Jenna Brooks telling Gaskell he woulda won MOTM had they won.
  12. Class act Tony Smith. Rather than talk about any referee decisions he focuses on what his own team didn’t do.
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