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  1. Yep very sad, I used to go there a fair bit when I was a kid. They reformed and are thriving again, down on Jericho Lane, would have applied for NW Counties at the end of last season if it wasn’t for Covid stopping promotion and relegation in non-league.
  2. Ordered. Probably a sad read though, much like the (superb) history of South Liverpool FC which is a great read for former fans but they were pretty much fighting for survival the whole time too.
  3. Nice list @Hopping Mad As you went to the Stanley Athletics Grounds do you remember where they were? The Wikipedia page says “there are no indications on modern maps as to the exact location of this”. Cheers https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liverpool_City_(1906)
  4. It’s especially good to see Middlesbrough mentioned, as there are WC games at their ground (can’t remember what the new ground is called, I was at the last ever game at Ayresome Park, 3-3 v Norwich, meant we finished in 3rd, sorry for mentioning football Harry).
  5. Not really, if he’d stayed where he was he wouldn’t be an MP now.
  6. It’s always so good to read about what Thunder are doing in the NE. I hope to see them in SL soon, preferably at the expense of a team who do little for anyone but themselves.
  7. Being MP of a suburb of Wigan can’t be that glamorous.
  8. Presumably SL will admit Toulouse, in hope that they’ll be able to kick them out when Covid means they can’t fulfil a fixture and they can share their (meagre) tv money out between themselves.
  9. How did he end up supporting Leigh? I thought he was born in Aintree and brought up in Warrington? (though for some reason calls himself a Scouser).
  10. Italy will need a game too. That said 95% of their players have probably never been to Europe so they can play their game in Australia.
  11. I wouldn’t take my enemies to a game of cricket so have no idea, though if they did it certainly ruins my point!
  12. Imagine someone saying that in another sport, it would be unheard of (though so would the exiles concept).
  13. ###### poor. I’d rather play France or Wales, or even Jamaica. At least they’d be well up for it.
  14. It was a fluke for him to spot the opportunity, get past French and touch the ball down without his body going out of play? I’d like to see you fluke that.
  15. Definitely, but the point was that you can’t compare Tonga playing in Aus/NZ to Wales v France being played in England.
  16. @gnidir do you know who Adelaide Tiger can speak to about his jersey? Also is there any update on when the season might start? Thanks
  17. It’s the fault of the other teams that they’re so far behind, even with the pitifully low salary cap trying to drag Wigan and Saints down to their level.
  18. I think naming the metropolitan counties Merseyside and GM was a mistake, as a generation later anyone under the age of 50 barely knows they were ever in Lancs. If (like Yorkshire) they’d been named West Lancashire and South Lancashire (for example) it would have kept the historic identity going.
  19. Plastic Scousers, say they’re from Liverpool but aren’t. It’s like saying Gateshead is in Newcastle, it isn’t, it’s a different place.
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