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  1. I only spent three days there but thought it was really dull compared to Toronto or Montreal.
  2. It’s definitely too big for Wigan Athletic and Wigan Rugby. 18,000 capacity would have been better.
  3. Yes why are we pandering to the fans, they should be completely disregarded when any decisions are made.
  4. It’s not a few old men. You obviously have no understanding of British sporting culture if you think your plan would work.
  5. What works in other countries won’t necessarily work here, the sporting culture is completely different.
  6. I thought you were joking! Great news for SL!!
  7. I wonder if Justin Holbrook wishes he’d stayed at Saints, even though SL is obv nowhere near as good as NRL if he’d stayed here and won another GF or two he might have got a better NRL job than the Titans.
  8. I’m not on Twitter either, and as BJW says you can’t see that group. Can we buy them through you ERL?
  9. I’ll get some mate, but that link doesn’t do anything?
  10. Great news, one team left to be announced.
  11. Depends on your viewpoint, but plenty of people saying he should be banished from the game because he expressed an (albeit unusual) opinion, and of course anyone who disagreed with them was a bigot. Catalans games should be boycotted etc.
  12. You should have seen the hysteria on this forum when they signed him.
  13. Agreed, if people want to pay the extortionate prices to watch football or tennis then good on them, I don’t though.
  14. How can poor (in your view) crowds at RL games in Australia impact the average Englishman’s view of the game there? At least NRL is on Sky every week, unlike Aussie Rules.
  15. While I love your enthusiasm, you must be the first person in history to be excited about going to any of those three places!
  16. Great news, really looking forward to seeing him have a full season in SL.
  17. They have established teams though, even if you put a new league football team in St. Helens, Wakefield or Warrington you wouldn’t get NRL sized attendances.
  18. Football has always been my #1 sport, ahead of RL and NFL. However maybe you’re too young to remember, or maybe I’m turning into a grumpy old git, but it used to be loads better.
  19. It’s just my choice, I don’t care whether you think it’s ethical or not and I don’t know why you and Oliver are trying to argue about it (even though you’re the most argumentative people on the internet).
  20. I haven’t got an issue with people leveraging their skill for money, but I do have an issue with clubs fleecing gullible fans and paying people £350k a week to not even play. That’s why I don’t subscribe to Sky even though I can afford it, my choice.
  21. It’s not football the game that I dislike, because it’s great, but it’s the opulence in the top flight, and much of the championship that turns me off.
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