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  1. Can't not mention City Of Death, here two brothers watch. They have completed the entire classic series, and now doing Blake's 7, they have one vid for each complete Who story.
  2. Wingy media, from RL country here with his favourites from Classic Who .
  3. Three young ladies all new Who fans, never seen classic Who started watching classic from the very first Hartnell episode and filmed their reactions for YouTube. So there's a vid for every episode. Marie Claire is my favourite of the three, she is up to Seeds Of Doom, but here I've picked a vid at random , and Time Warrior episode 1 below. She gets loads of views of her vids, and anyone with a YouTube account can post comments. Here Marie Claire, totally cracks up with emotion at the end of Troughton. Sesskasays is coming to the end ofTroughton's run. Here is her Enemy of the World first two episodes reaction. Also must mention Medusa Cascade, the third lady going through Who, she is up to City of Death, her vids are for YouTube watching only. All three I recommend for any Whovians.
  4. In deference to our esteemed colleague John Drake, it's about time we had a serious thread about the greatest tv show ever. No not Corrie, or Strictly but Dr Who. Mr Drake is a fan, and so am I There's tons to discuss, controversy abound particularly at present and some great YouTube channels to watch. Questions like is Chris Chibnall destroying the show, who is the best Doctor, New Who or Classic, which is best. Let's start with youtuber Nathaniel on the difference between old and new and then we have his take on the controversial Timeless Children fiasco.
  5. I think it should be played at an iconic venue despite being no fans there, it's half the pleasure for the players to perform at a huge stadium. So we're looking for a Premier League ground without the complications of European football, so Newcastle is the obvious choice. But with no fans, it's a tv event so it doesn't have to be up North at all. Murrayfield, Millennium Stadium, or even White Hart Lane....on the NFL pitch. I've been on the stadium tour and even though they didn't trundle out the NFL pitch for us, we saw where it was housed, and the dimensions look okay. Obviously for NFL the playing surface is narrow, but the pitch as a whole is much wider. First competitive game on the new pitch for the GF ? That'll hit the headlines.
  6. I'm probably going to get slaughtered for this, but I don't care. There's many a RL fan who just can't understand the smallness of the game. Either they can't understand or simply refuse to understand. Fans of Ice Hockey or Basketball have a far greater case in complaining about BBC coverage because these sports are bigger globally than RL , and coverage of British Basketball or British Ice Hockey could be a real winner , particularly with the the young black viewers in the case of basketball. Now , I love our wonderful game, but I honestly believe the existence of the heartlands gives a distorted view of its importance to like minded fans. Some seem to think that the heartlands can be replicated elsewhere and the nation is just waiting to embrace the game. RL 's heartlands is a blessing in that whatever befalls the game, it will never die, but a curse in the sense that we are forever having angst attacks because it isn't spreading like we would like. Hopefully it will grow, but it will be long after we are all gone, if ever, that it'll be numero uno anywhere other than Oz.
  7. You're all just being silly , with a world cup next year , probably the most important in the game's history, all you need is a few friendly games a fortnight before the tournament and the BBC to tell everyone about it the week before, that should guarantee RL grabs the national interest . Look at football, England played three games in a week, and who cared about that, nothing in the papers at all. Oh...hang on....I got that wrong......I need a lie down......excuse me.
  8. This is a genuine question, I'm not trying to be sarcastic, but I am wondering honestly, if you never see EPL.or Championship football, never see professional top tier stuff, does that mean you just don't know who the players are, or ever seen them play? Do you know who Harry Kane is, or Rashford, does the name Mo Salah leave you blank. Have you never seen Messi or Ronaldo. If I asked you which of the following teams are in the Premier League, Bournemouth, Brighton, Swansea, and Fulham, would you have any idea? I'm just curious, no offense meant.
  9. Black kids like any kids usually are attracted to a sport because they want to emulate their heroes. RL has few black players and of course is less fashionable than say soccer. In fact I could name an England soccer XI that had ten black outfield players and would be pretty good IMO but more interestingly, one with household names, though obviously most on this forum won't know them. But trust me they're well known. I couldn't come up with a black goalkeeper, so apart from Nick Pope, the rest are black and good and Premier League players. We need more black players in TGG. 1 .NICK POPE 2. TRENT ALEXANDER-ARNOLD 3.KYLE WALKER 4.JOE GOMEZ 5. TYRONE MINGS 6. ASHLEY MAITLAND NILES 7. KALVIN PHILLIPS 8. JADON SANCHO 9. DOMINIC CALVIN LEWIN 10. MARCUS RASHFORD 11. RAHEEM STERLING Subs. Mason Greenwood, Tammy Abraham, Reece James, Callum Hudson Odoi, Bukayo Saka. BTW, when typing this the predictive text beat me almost every time.
  10. Hell of a lot of goals again in the Premier League. I wonder if there's a correlation between goals and no fans. Can't think of one though. Just some rank bad defending. Thiago Silva had a game to forget, the pace just possibly too much for him.
  11. NO THEY HAVEN'T!! NO ONE HAS. That's my point, football isn't fairly characterised by saying it's cheating constantly.
  12. I am aren't I maybe you're embarrassed at posting that. I always stand by my posts. The serious point is how many results would be altered if there was no cheating. Free kick goals resulting from phantom fouls.etc However apart from wanting Spurs to win , I'd be happy Everton winning the league.
  13. So by your logic, Everton now top of the EPL are just king of cheaters. How many of their goals have come from cheating. Who knows, who cares ? No point caring if Everton or anyone else is top.
  14. Between 1455 and 1485, the civil war known as the War Of The Roses , fought between two branches of the Plantagenet house for control of the English throne. Lancaster house represented by a red rose, York by white.......er hang on. Is this the wrong thread .
  15. Ship Of Theseus. Ancient Greek mariner Theseus has a ship made entirely of wooden planks, except sails etc. As each plank gets old he replaces it with a new plank. The old planks are stored in a warehouse. One by one he replaces the planks, all the time he has a sea worthy vessel. Eventually all the planks are replaced . Call this the Renovated Ship. Question is is this still the Ship Of Theseus, with no original plank. Now suppose he goes to the warehouse and rebuilds the ship using the original planks, call this the Reconstructed Ship. Which is the Ship of Theseus, the Reconstructed or Renovated? The Reconstructed has the original planks, the Renovated has a continuous timeline of existence back to the original. This is the puzzle of the Metaphysics of Identity. See vid for more.
  16. Without rereading Cantor's arguments, which I did years ago, I'd say members of an infinite set are uncountable, hence Infinite, so one infinite set having more members is contradictory. It isn't as if one set reaches infinite first, there is no X marks the spot, reach this and it's infinite . Anyway let's not start on sets or we'll end up asking stuff like is the set of non self membered sets itself a member of it's own set. If it is a member of it's own set it's self membered so it isn't , and if it isn't a member of it's own set it's non self membered therefore it is. No let's not go there.
  17. Both the hare and balls puzzle play on people's misconceptions about infinity. Infinity isn't just trillions and trillions and trillions, infinity is an abstract concept like zero. You can't have half of zero, or different size infinities. So, the balls; there are three possible answers, all plausible. 1. All the balls are thrown in and out before noon, so noon is actually outside the scope of he puzzle, so how many at noon is indeterminate. However if you really could throw an INFINITE number of balls in, then either they'll be an infinite number in the room at noon or NONE AT ALL, because an infinite number would have been thrown out. Half the number are thrown out, but half of infinity is a meaningless concept. The set up of the puzzle itself is impossible. As for the hare, this deals with infinity too. It wasn't until the 18th century that mathematicians realised that the sum of an infinite series could be finite. Draw a line on a piece of paper, that is a finite length, say 12 inches, and it can be divided infinitely many times. A half plus a quarter, plus an eighth plus a sixteenth etc to infinity still equals one. So the hare completes the task of reaching an infinite number of points between him and the tortoise in a finite time and overtake him. This is the book I got some of these from recommended .
  18. 43. 36 sheets make 36 products. 36 bits left over make another 6 sheets and 6more products , and 6 left over bits make another sheet to make 36 +6+1=43.
  19. Correct. The trick of the puzzle is confusing first flag with start
  20. Is it 12.5 seconds? 1st to 8th is 7 flags in 8 seconds is I.142 per flag times 11 .However the speed he ran from start to first isn't stated.
  21. You place the object in the box and lock it with a lock that your friend can't open. Send it to your friend, who can't open it, but puts another lock on it, and sends it back. When getting it back you remove your lock and send it back again. It will then have only your friend's lock on it.
  22. Very impressive! Correct . If the statement is false then it's false he'll be thrown in . The Tortoise and the Hare. This puzzle is attributed to Zeno of ancient Athens. A tortoise and a hare are in a race. The hare gives the tortoise a head start. The race starts, first the hare has to reach where the tortoise started, call that point T1, the tortoise has now moved to T2, the hare reaches T2, but the tortoise is now at T3, and so on, each time the gap is smaller but the tortoise continues to T4,5,6 etc. The hare has to cover each of these points, and the tortoise has always moved on, so cannot be caught. So a faster runner cannot overtake a slower one. Something is very wrong with this reasoning, but what.? Work this out and the numbered balls puzzle is worked out too.
  23. " true" isn't saying anything, or could be construed as " I am saying true" which is self referential. Socrates can say something that even if its false will not put him in the river.
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