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  1. Never before have I cheered so loudly at a Burnley win, if only so impressionist Darren Farley can produce another Agent Rafa video. There's a whole YouTube following urging Everton down. 48,000 views for above vid in just 13hrs Now we know why Everton lost, Sean Dyche masterplan works again.
  2. Very underrated band, 10th album out in June, can't wait. One of those Brit bands that achieve success in US, OZ, Europe etc but not in the UK.
  3. I'm very interested in philosophy, by that I mean proper philosophy, not pseudo philosophy or cod philosophy but technical philosophy, Metaphysics particularly. The study of time is a fascinating subject. Or Modal Realism. And philosophy of identity as exemplified by the famous Ship of Theseus puzzle.
  4. 91,000 bl00dy hell impressive. How long before Women's soccer is the 2nd biggest team sport on the planet? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60934500
  5. Really? For a competition that no one cares about it gets good crowds. Yes, National leagues are the bread and butter, but seeing the top talents go head to head, like PSG vs Real last week, Messi, Neymar Benzama et al was a joy. Fans of the big clubs tend not to care if their team cannot win it, but go potty with delight if they think they can. Do West Ham fans care at all for the Europa League? Judging by the 55,000 attendance on Thursday or whatever the capacity is, yes they care.
  6. Up to this season the Europa League group stage has been a massive 12 groups with the top two of each group going into the last 32 along with the 8 third place teams from the Champions League groups. UEFA felt this was too much and decided to basically split the Europa League in two at the qualifying stages. The idea also is to give teams who finish further down their domestic leagues a place in Europe to widen the size of clubs who can enter, not just the big teams. This is to be applauded. So teams failing to qualify for the slimmed down Europa League were given another bite of the cherry as it were , and went into this new competition. And it's worked, teams left behind by the big bucks teams like Feyenoord for example have managed to get a bit of glory again. watching the Leicester/Rennes match yesterday, the stadium was full, not a seat anywhere, so it's all good, actually watching the highlights show on BT I saw packed stadiums at all Conference League games. Maybe important as well it is UEFA's intention to have possibly unfashionable venues for the final. Tirana will host the first one in their new National Stadium.
  7. LMTB League Match Ticket Book Not sure myself, but looking at FC Barcelona website they're offering a season ticket for all home matches in all competitions, and a League Season ticket for league games only. This may be what a LMTB is, league games only.
  8. Champions League quarter-final draw Chelsea v Real Madrid Manchester City v Atletico Madrid Villarreal v Bayern Munich Benfica v Liverpool Champions League semi-final draw Manchester City or Atletico Madrid v Chelsea or Real Madrid Benfica or Liverpool v Villarreal or Bayern Munich Europa League quarter-final draw RB Leipzig v Atalanta Eintracht Frankfurt v Barcelona West Ham v Lyon Braga v Rangers Europa League semi-final draw RB Leipzig or Atalanta v Braga or Rangers West Ham or Lyon v Eintracht Frankfurt or Barcelona Europa Conference League quarter-final draw Bodo Glimt v Roma Feyenoord v Slavia Prague Marseille v PAOK Salonika Leicester v PSV Eindhoven Europa Conference League semi-final draw Leicester or PSV Eindhoven v Bodo Glimt or Roma Feyenoord or Slavia Prague v Marseille or PAOK Salonika
  9. Unbelievable! PSG have blown it again, they just can't crack the Champions League. Pochettino devalues himself in the race for Man Utd job, the guy is just not a winner. Looks like Erik Ten Haag for O.T.
  10. Don't expect a downturn in football tv deals any time soon. Below , copied and pasted from Daily Mail online. Whether individual clubs have a proper business plan to avoid bankruptcy is of course another question entirely. The Premier League's 20 clubs have approved the £4.5billion three-year contract extension with Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime that will run through to 2025. And as reported by Sportsmail, the Premier League have agreed to pay an extra £100million to lower division and grassroots clubs in order to secure Government backing for a new three-year domestic television deal. That decision came after being told that the price of avoiding a competitive tender would be increased funding for the rest of the sport.
  11. Listened to the new Tears For Fears album 5 times already, bl00dy brilliant!
  12. Well that's the Championship title for next season decided , Everton no problem.
  13. You're right about the marketing, but are you saying that people go because they're being fed a false narrative by marketing and have had their expectations of what is " entertainment " warped. Watching the Manchester derby I saw fans going berserk, singing cheering, living the moment, it's amazing what a bit of marketing does?!
  14. Really? Clubs outside Premier League that get at least 80% capacity each home game; Fulham, Nottingham Forest, WBA, Cardiff, QPR, Sunderland, Derby, Sheffield United, even Luton and Blackpool. We can't keep blaming bad weather, cr#p food or poor alcoholic beverages for disappointing attendances. Do you think Premier league grounds sell out because Heston Blumenthal is doing the catering or everyone gets a free miniature bottle of Dom Perignon
  15. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT Keane and Neville go ballistic. Keane said: "United gave up and in a derby, in any game, it's unforgivable. "I can forgive mistakes, but not running back, not trying to tackle - there are players out there who shouldn't play for Manchester United again. "We've all lost football matches but it's the way they lost. You expect them to play with a bit of pride but that's a reflection of where the team is at the moment. "If you can't run back and put your body on the line when you're playing for Manchester United, it's shameful." He also accused midfielder Fred of "looking like he was waiting for a bus instead of going for the ball" before De Bruyne's second. Keane continued: "Who's running that dressing room? These guys seem more bothered about, 'how am I looking? How's my hair looking? Are my boots nice?'. You leave your ego at the door when you play for United." And Neville reserved his most forceful criticism for how United finished the game, labelling the final 25 minutes a "disgrace". "After the third goal went in, City had 92% possession," he said. "That's unprecedented, that's unheard of and it's unforgiveable. "The dressing room isn't broken, but it isn't far off. You find out what it's like when the going gets tough and a lot of them went missing."
  16. Lexicographer Susie Dent has said language meaning ( semantics) is dependent on the meaning people give it, not the other way round, language isn't set in stone. Soccer is universally known as football, except where it needs to be distinguished from other " football " codes, ie US Australia NZ. If you are in say Berlin and a native says , " let's go to the football " you wouldn't expect RL. Those non soccer fans insisting on calling it that are usually doing so because they regard RL ,or RU or NFL as proper football, or to wind people up as Bedfordshire Bronco admitted, or to latch on to the popularity of " football " as in "yeah football is no. 1 sport, RL is football so yeah we're no.1"
  17. Stand by for an influx of fans singing MOT at Headingley from end of May after LUFC are relegated, now a definite possibility, and Rhinos become Loiners numero uno again.
  18. According to the article Woodford Green and Essex Ladies Athletics team are 15th popular sports team in the U.K. Manchester United aren't in the top 15. You learn something every day.
  19. THU 24 FEB 2022BETFRED SUPER LEAGUE Wigan22Hudd'sfield12 FT HT 16-6 Farrell (2), Bibby, BatemanTriesTRIESMcQueen, Lolohea Hardaker (3)ConversionsCONSPryce (2)
  20. THU 24 FEB 2022BETFRED SUPER LEAGUE Wigan16Hudd'sfield6 HT Farrell (2), BibbyTriesTRIESMcQueen Hardaker (2)ConversionsCONSPryce
  21. Should be an interesting game,good start for Giants , pity this isn't on Sky. Must be a reason this is on tonight, maybe Wigan Athletic have something to do with it.
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