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  1. Farke celebrates first win. Then Delia falls out of love with big German sausage. Ps. Gary Lineker ended MOTD with " Norwich win a game and Daniel Farke's off. Seriously he said that!
  2. Another whizzo idea from someone who probably rarely if ever watches football. I've been on and off involved in stewarding at football for years and seen the joy of promotion from fans. Ever wandered why Championship football gets crowds of 20,000 plus at places like Stoke, Fulham, WBA, Nottingham Forest etc. P+R is the driving force for lower league football. RL could do worse than have a free and easy 2 up 2 down from SL to get crowds up. Only a poor ground could halt advancement to PL, but Bournemouth were OK with an 11,000 seater stadium ,so the criteria is quite modest. Very interesting promotion race this season, my money is on Fulham and Bournemouth for certs, and I'd love Blackpool to make it.
  3. The OP said ," starting line up" so I take that to mean just that. Maybe not the very best but the '92 Melbourne Ashes test , a 33-10 GB win I remember fondly. Steadman Eastwood Powell Newlove Offiah Schofield Edwards Skerrett Dermott Platt Betts McGinty Clarke
  4. He was fifth choice! Nagelsmann went to Munich, Conte wanted too much either money or say so in transfers etc, Fonseca looked promising then they ditched that idea for Gattuso but the fans didn't want him due to unfortunate comments he made in the past, so then it was Nuno.
  5. Nuno sacked! After 10 games, shocking, knee jerk etc Oh hang on, I'm a Spurs fan, so hypocrisy double standards, YEAH HE'S GONE LET'S GET CONTE.
  6. I don't usually watch Serie A but housebound due to ill health, a bad reaction to Covid booster, meant I gave Roma vs Milan a watch. Nice game, Zlatan still a great player, scored direct from free kick. Mourinho suffers first ever home loss in Italian league. Must say the lack of respect to the ref from players is on another level, even after the ref checks VAR screen they're still arguing. However it was enjoyable game, I might watch a few more. Used to watch serie A when Gascoigne was there.
  7. 10,000 crowd for a National League match, Wrexham vs Torquay, incredible. Is this a record for the fifth tier.
  8. Personally I'm 50/50 about the idea, but if it ever happened it could generate income. I'm thinking about other events it could stage, pop concerts for example, with RFL getting income from that. It could even stage big football matches for smaller local based teams if for example Harrogate get Man Utd in the cup. Yes if they wanted a bigger gate they could hold it at Hillsborough or some other, but the RFL could offer their national stadium.....for a cut of gate receipts.
  9. A number of questions, 1. Does RL need a national stadium? Would it improve the image of the sport? How would it be utilised , would being in total control of a RL only stadium of say 40,000 capacity allow wondrous projects to come to fruition? 2. Where should it be? A stadium only for RL capable of hosting England games, big play off matches, MPG, ( GF would still be at OT) should it be new or could an existing stadium be expanded? Headingley is the obvious choice . Is there room for expansion there, up to 40,000 or is that too big? What size should it be ? 3. The cost ?! Enormous or possibly not, private capital required no doubt, would it all be worth it , or does the game need a national stadium like a fish needs a bicycle?
  10. I know it's schadenfreude but I found this hilarious. What a pity Roy Keane wasn't there in the studio.
  11. Just found out Larry Is Back Terrific stuff, set the series link on my skybox, starts tomorrow at 9 on Sky Comedy.
  12. Not sure what has the pandemic got to do with it, but that was the reason given for allowing Prem to roll over current 4.7 billion tv deal without putting it out to tender. So streaming only won't be anytime soon. But RL can steal a march here, streaming is the future, and the game has always been innovative, getting in early with content for those who get most of their entertainment from streaming could be a game changer. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/57098432
  13. There's 7 rail stations on the London network called Acton something or other, all of course in Acton West London, this guy on YouTube tries to get to all 7 in the quickest time, but gets a surprise as he reaches the end of his journey. Must try this myself sometime as I live in London.
  14. Gary Neville has engineered nowt , the leaders in this are Sale. The Nevilles have said it's too soon for them but if they don't move now the chance may be gone if Sale are sole owners. I'm guessing but I'm sure they would also prefer sharing with Salford RL rather than Sale, less wear and tear on pitch, especially as Sale play European matches too.
  15. I remember my dad, may he RIP, telling me endless stories of him going to places like Charlton and Fulham in the 50's with crowds of 50,000, Blackpool, Stoke, Preston , all had massive crowds, in the days when not many had TV's. So tv coverage helps but football was global in the 1930's with the first World Cup. Football is an instinctive sport, go into a park and you see kids with jumpers for goalposts having a kick about with little chance of injury. Also of note is football started with 12 teams based in the North West and Midlands,similar to RL , one grew the other didn't, I don't know why exactly, perhaps someone else could answer that. The original football league teams were: Accrington, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Everton, Preston North End, Aston Villa, Derby Country, Notts County, Stoke City, West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers.
  16. Correct, as Tom Baker put it, " if you're the truth one that's the death switch, or if you're the automatic liar you're trying to deceive me so that's still the death switch, so the other one is the one we want"
  17. Note: Dr Who fans will recognise where I got this puzzle from! You are an explorer and have discovered a hitherto unknown pyramid in Egypt. Unfortunately you are locked in the chamber, air is running out and you are going to die. You have made an Earth shattering discovery, the myths about the ancient gods possibly being alien space travellers is true. Aliens were responsible for this pyramid, two robots of theirs are in the chamber with you. Being an expert on hieroglyphics you discover a message written on the wall, a way to escape the tomb. Two levers are on the wall, and the message says one lever pressed will bring release, the other instant death. The robots know which lever is which. Before deciding which lever to press you are allowed to ask one robot, one question, and only ONE. However one robot is programmed always to lie, the other always tells the truth. What is the one question you must ask to determine which is the death lever and which is the lever of life?
  18. Sky have had MNF for years so presumably it gets viewers or they'd ditch it, which highlights the competition championship RL will face. I think pubs in RL heartlands could gain from getting Premier to draw championship RL fans in, outside heartlands it will have no impact. Genuine question; how many pubs have Premier channel, tbh I've never seen it on in any pub I've been in though tbf that's not that many.
  19. This being a metaphysics puzzle about identity there is no particular right answer and genuine disagreement by Philosophers about this. Do objects survive change is the question. We survive change although every molecule of us continually changes, atoms destroyed and replaced, but our identity integrity is intact. Someone can also dismantle a car, into bits then rebuild it and it would remain the same car. As for Theseus and his ships. The Reconstructed ship has all the original components even though its existence has been discontinuous, ie while it was in the warehouse, but it would be harsh not to award that the " honour " of being the original. The renovated ship has a continuous line of existing going back to the original so that too has a case. Some metaphysicians accept both are claimants to be the original. The vids will explain better than I can. I got into Metaphysics about 10 years ago, a fascinating subject and has intruiging if kooky puzzles. Such as this: if you dip your toe in a river one day, then go back the next day and do it again at the same place, are you dipping your toe in the same river? Well yes and no, same river but different water. Water from yesterday has flowed away so it can't be the same waters, but what is a river? What makes The Thames a coherent object, is it the water or the channel of mud that the water flows along. Identity again, it changes constituents ie the water but remains the Thames. I can recommend Metaphysics if you like metaphorically bashing your head against a brick wall of puzzlement.
  20. I've really enjoyed this International week/weekend of football. The Nations League finals were really good games, the highlight being France vs Belgium. Both teams totally committed, as were Italy and Spain. Credit where it's due, the Nations League has been a success and given meaning to hitherto meaningless games played in between qualifiers. The Qatar qualifiers have been okay too, at least the games I've seen. Scotland vs Israel and Germany vs Romania I saw and enjoyed them both. Credit to UEFA for keeping the International game going during the pandemic.
  21. You're pretty much on the right track. In scenario 1 the father tells them that at least one is muddy. If there is just one muddy child, he will see no muddy faces and assume he is muddy and step forward, the others stay still. If there are two muddy faces, then everyone stays still at the first request because they can all see at least one muddy face, and don't know if they are muddy. But as no one stepped forward they conclude there must be more than one muddy face. Those two that can only see one muddy face conclude that they must be muddy, so two step forward. If three faces are muddy, three can see two, the others see three. When no one steps forward after the second request because they can all see two at least, the conclusion is there must be more than two, so the three that see two muddy faces step forward, three at the third request, and so on ad infinitum. In the second scenario the father doesn't tell them that there is at least one muddy face, so there is no common knowledge. If there is one muddy face, the kid that can't see a muddy face has no reason to think he must be muddy. If there are two, the same, they cannot reason as in scenario 1. For example if two are muddy, Angela and Mary, at the second request Angela cannot reason that Mary didn't step forward at the first because she saw Angela 's face was muddy, so she cannot reason that there are just two muddy faces when she sees only one other which is muddy. This is the difference between Universal and Common knowledge. For example, traffic lights, I know that red means stop, but I need to know that everyone else knows and they know that everyone else knows or the system breaks down. If everyone knows how traffic lights work that is Universal knowledge but that isn't enough, if no-one knew that everyone else knows how they work it would be chaos. The children have common knowledge in scenario 1 because the father's statement was public. Taken from this book if you're interested in more brainteasers like this.
  22. A father tells a group of children that at least one of them has a muddy face. " Step forward if you have a muddy face" he tells them, and repeats this request until those with muddy faces steps forward. If there are 'x' muddy children then 'x' will step forward at the ' xth' request, ie if 2 then 2 will step forward at 2nd request, or 4 at 4th request. Why? We are assuming the children have logical thought processes, are honest and believe all the other children are likewise. But if the father doesn't tell them at the outset that at least one has a muddy face, this will not happen, even if there is more than one muddy face, so that everyone can see there is at least one ,and knows what the father doesn't tell them. Why?
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