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  1. Looking forward to it England by 20 ,just a shame its PNG would have loved to have seen them beat the Aussies:) Paul
  2. Don't worry i am sure everyone will end up with a nice cosy job at the RFL:( to continue the good work.
  3. Bull no-one wants attention just stating the obvious the entire tournament attendance wise has been a bloody disaster, get real stop being in denial. P
  4. Another very disappointing attendance RLWC had an extra year to get this right, the promotion of these matches has been very poor. P
  5. Totally agree have seen him various times last season and was average TAKE THE CASH:) p
  6. Looks like most areas i have been told already have juniors in place apart from 1/2 Most remember would be an extension of existing clubs. Paul
  7. I think you are right Harry although in England i would 100% include London now in the mix as the junior set up nowadays is first class (Also Wales has great potential) in France though even confined to the South its a massive area in fact the region that has produced the most SL players for the Dragons has been Provence (Avignon area) there is a fantastic jnr club called St Martin Le Crau (Maybe wrong spelling) last successful local player for the Dragons was Morgan Escare. Paul
  8. Harry the reality is there is no interest from Paris TV stations in French RL (Under the current set up) the only chance for French RL to be on national TV (Without paying the production costs) is a fully professional league with a good geographical spread throughout France Well that ever happen god only knows although the president is convinced it can work and has investors lined up. He is really between the devil and the deep blue sea and will have to keep all the traditional clubs/areas on side where there is lots of self interest (I think in England we can all relate to that) I have followed and been involved in FRL for years and enjoy going to the Dragons and Toulouse however to be honest at my age i prefer the real local stuff nice day out food wine rugby but that's me i have more enjoyment now at Pia or Lezignan and find the SL matches basically boring same old same old for me nowadays its a social thing. P
  9. I would be disappointed if its not full for gods sake its England playing at the most famous club in England . P
  10. Pheasant and Truffle of course i am sure its on sale in Fortnum and Masons:) P
  11. Painful watch for me better to watch the Brazil beach volleyball team:)
  12. The lack of corporates is not surprising, prob the only 2 locals that could afford it are Chris Rea and David Coverdale:)
  13. Wales played their hearts out, and having seen the effort they put in back in June in Albi v France in scorching temperatures i am not surprised. Paul
  14. Spot on:) however difficult to eclipse the Bolton crowd maybe 15K in France and 8/10 for Greece and Tonga so it would have ended up pretty much the same. Paul
  15. Which all boils down to the fact that the president realises that he cannot rely on the Catalan Dragons and to a lesser extent Toulouse to be the sole sources of international standard players under the current system. Paul
  16. If you do the maths for the entire tournament its not looking good:(
  17. Crowd looks massive not its embarrassing as its on BBC 2 LIVE The players have delivered in this tournament thank god and will no doubt do again tonight
  18. Just wish David Ferriol and Oliver Elima were still playing as they would have mixed it for certain:) P
  19. The standard of rugby played by the smaller nations compared to the RU World Cup is way way higher. We have 8 competitive teams + possibly the Cook Islands and Lebanon on the fringes so pushing 10 Rah Rah have i would say 13 so we are getting there. Paul
  20. Streatham Croydon used to play some matches on Clapham Common, i remember around 1981 diving into the corner to score a try on a rainy cold Sunday morning and sliding face down into a huge pile of fresh doggie poo:( No choice than to pour a bucket of cold water over myself and to make matters worse the showers were broken after the game we all went off to the pub with myself still stinking of s--t:)))) P
  21. The hospitality is also the RU model which for matches in Warrington/Leigh/St helens etc is ridiculous, if you are charging high prices corporate clients will expect a packed stadium and atmosphere to match.
  22. My forecast now is a total is around 440000/450000 overall if England win their Qtr Final. Final should sell out regardless of an England semi-final win. P
  23. Just arrived back in Kent from Spain and looking forward to driving up to Warrington tomorrow for the France v Samoa match to enjoy the VIP hospitality having forked out over £ 460.00 for 2 places and have just read an e-mail from RLWC Hospitality (Independent organisation from RLWC) Quote unless you pay another £ 360.00 pounds for PNG v Wales (Which we cancelled due to work) you cannot release your France v VIP Samoa tickets:( Wonderful they can stick them where the sun don't shine and look forward to a small claims summons on Monday. Furious arrogant idiots P
  24. Back from Spain for this one driving up to sunny Warrington on Sunday morning:) Samoa win but hopefully by no more than 20 i go for 24-12 Paul
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