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  1. Thanks:) On your question (I am more a sponsorship person with an strong interest in French RL) on the playing front Barnyia and Audios are your best bets as Barnyia is at the coal face and Audois is a wealth of knowledge:) Paul
  2. On another note any idea what the capacity is for next Friday and how many tickets have been sold. P
  3. At least Leigh are having a punt and to be honest Toulouse have as someone else have said dodged a bullet and the Broncos were not simply ready. Anyone tried recruiting SL ready players in a few weeks ? Impossible Paul
  4. 12 directors though is asking for trouble. 1 money man CEO Marketing/Commercial Good PA And away you go P
  5. Only 2 teams TONGA and on a good day NEW ZEALAND No one else sadly will be close:( Paul
  6. Thanks Barnyia JCT from Palau just e-mailed me this info but remember I am over the border I have asked him if they will take a Spanish one:) Paul
  7. How the club spends it is really up to them. The Dragons received around 600K from the region and council in the first season + stadium costs and remember you get to keep ALL the revenue viva la France LOL:) In the UK the ratepayers would be up in arms in France and many European countries its normal. P
  8. Knowing how France works (Financially in sport with the amount of support from the maire/region) with Toulouse in SL I would expect both them and the Catalan Dragons to dominate the league within 5 years. Only clubs that will keep up with them Leeds/Warrington/St Helens/Hull FC On the fringes Huddersfield and Hull KR Sadly not Wigan would be wonderful to see them back up there though. Paul
  9. Hi ST First 3 seasons (No relegation) there were plenty of French players it was actually moving in the right direction as soon as licensing finished ? My own personal opinion (For what its worth) is that Aussies/kiwis + local players in the early days worked really well as soon as English players appeared the rot set in. Paul
  10. YES they did and good to see them gradually getting back up near the top (Some nice football played by them this year) I think at the time they felt that as the NO 1 French team that gave them the right to apply realistically the place is too small. When they were unbeatable I remember they were a lovely team to watch full of great players and fantastic away support to I remember around 200 coming to Pia on a Monday night once around 15 years ago HAPPY DAYS WONDERFUL MEMORIES:) Just been told that to attend the championship final on Sunday I have to produce a certificate that I have
  11. Well I am not saying that I am an expert its just my observations (I am from London not up north) and for what its worth I think that FRL has to without doubt concentrate on its current and original roots thats the beauty of it small towns like Le Reole/Tonniens/Villefranche/Salon/Cavillion/Carpentras/Cahors 2 of those in the Elite if they can put the money together would be fine. Its like the UK they should really concentrate on their roots (And I would now count London/Newcastle as RL areas + Wales ) Oldham Rochdale Cumbria its madness not to support these areas look at the players they
  12. Having been involved in French rugby league a lot (And attended over 500 matches not as many as Gordon:) and about to hopefully get involved in sponsorship again + initially helping the Dragons get off the ground I personally feel that 2 teams in SL is the perfect situation.After that the FRL needs a good strong local comp and it seems that is the direction its going, this season has been fantastic considering the pandemic situation. If the elite can eventually foster 2 more clubs to make it 12 that will be perfect. And forget all this big city talk French rugby league needs to be st
  13. I personally think that even if allowed 45000 the RFL will be lucky to sell all the tickets sadly the CC is on its last legs . P
  14. Where are they playing I would love short holiday up that neck of the woods maybe September. Paul
  15. The big call will be made at the end of this month whats the feeling on here 2021 or 2022 ? P
  16. Feel sad for the real fans,i attended the last match before the first lockdown at the London Broncos v Featherstone Rovers with my wife and children last March and had a lovely chat throughout the match with some Rovers fans sitting behind us. Paul
  17. I would love to see tickets for rugby league in London match that of female beach volleyball which were fetching upto 1K each during the London 2012 Olympics:)
  18. Enjoyed that well done Avignon would be great to see them win the comp:) Paul
  19. To be fair having been to Canberra its like the Milton Keynes of Australia I would go nuts there P
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