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  1. Totally on the ball as usual Wigan are very lucky to have the backing of such a dedicated fan. P
  2. Just arrived back home fantastic day and Luc Lacoste jokingly thanked Ralph Rimmer for agreeing to play a test match in France every year from now on:) Fantastic stuff and top marks to Ralph as well for making his speech in French it was noticed. Sponsors happy everyone happy let's move forwards. Ian Lenegan also made the effort to go as well top marks. Paul
  3. Really happy everyone happy and better crowd than expected young French team all great stuff. At the VIP now:) with Jacques Jorda and his wife a fantastic day all round. Paul
  4. Very sunny today around 21 over the border but expect wind. England by 30 Crowd no more than 3/4000 tops although I hope I am wrong. French federation badly needs to be a professional set up and not volunteers Luc Locoste seems to be on his own and I sense the usual village club led infighting. P
  5. Some as follows Avaya DHL Rightmove Echelon Fitness Superdrug Global x Giant Software Cyber Point Hunters Estate Agents Contract Square Ziglo Atlantis Radio (US:) Internationals are a whole new ball game tech is the future for most sport sponsorships P
  6. I think maybe 5/6000 but let's see Luc and the FFR13 are determined to build things and i am certain they will and everyone is 100% behind them. Let's do it. BTW sponsorship now sold out with several left disappointed internationals are the way to go: Paul
  7. Well sponsors like it LED advertising sold out in 3 days More of the same upwards and onwards Paul
  8. Fantastic he is back refereing again,it's a shame France will be missing several key players. Hopefully this will be the start of regular tests again i know that the French federation are keen. Paul
  9. Spent 10 years living near to Perpignan and must have eaten in Bar Wembley in Canet (Jacques Jordas place) maybe over 2000 times I got so fed up with the state of his memorabilia that I had my cleaner come in and rearrange it all along with donating a GB Australian and New Zealand framed shirt I remember we held a surprise evening for Jacques when he arrived after it had been done on a Friday he was in shock but very happy. Will be at the match on Saturday and looking forward to seeing him again as he will be with his wife Syvia on our table for the pre match luncheon. Paul
  10. I agree with that I thought Toulouse were poor and lacked fitness. P
  11. I agree Fages I think has no interest in playing for France. P
  12. I would guess the CEO reporting to the owner. I still have a sneaky feeling that the club have decided to ride out a season prior to SL 2 ? Who knows nobody knows but at present it seems that they are like the famous Monty Python P
  13. Monday nights could work however not until May IMHO. When we used to have Monday night French rugby league it worked a real treat with vastly increased attendances however everything was planned in advance with the home club and Marie. The Marie would purchase a couple of thousand tickets for local families and the take up was always fab around 80/90% if 2000 were given away 1500 + would turn up AND THE CLUBS MADE MONEY In return the local tourism logo in some cases would be painted in the centre of the pitch for TV. From memory this worked at Carpentras/St Gaudens/Pia/St Esteve and 1/2 more clubs all had excellent working relationships with the town hall. So for it to have any chance of working I would have matches in May/June/July/August in places like Whithaven/Workington/Barrow/Newcastle/York etc with massive involvement with the local town hall and schools. Just my opinion Paul
  14. No chance he is very happy living down south in Surrey with his wife. Won't be happening.
  15. Not yet but looks like there will be later on in the season. Problem is that 3 of the teams do not have floodlights. So looking at late March onwards when the clocks go forward. Paul
  16. I still think that the Championship clubs would have been better of sticking with Our League and SKY for end of season games + the Big Bash which needs to be moved to York. My wife,s company used to provide the pitchside advertising for the Pro 14 on SKY as soon as it moved to Premier Sport the interest from clients dropped to almost zero which was a shame as the 2 Italian matches were a weekend of foodie bliss:) which we all miss especially the logistics boys. Premier Sport is a tough old sale however I wish the clubs and them well and hope it works out. Paul
  17. Leigh 100% has a train station I travelled through it from Tonbridge to Penshurst this week:)
  18. To be serious there needs to be a time limit put on clubs to get their stadiums up to scratch or its goodbye to SL. Wakefield and Castleford stadiums (If you can call them that) are an embarrassment to SL I would set a 2 year limit. Better still bite the bullet and share a new stadium with Castleford. In reality though down the line I predict there will be no more than 6 of the current M62 SL clubs in SL some clubs are simply not sustainable and would be far better off in a vibrant Championship. SL needs to make some tough decisions in the next few months. Paul
  19. I am certain it will be that high in France that's fairly low for a club in a full time rugby comp. I expect it will double in 3 years easily as there are plenty of people business wise in the wings waiting to throw some money in. Paul
  20. It was a major problem sometimes at Harlequins RL (Behaviour of away fans) it just puts some people of going, the SL final kick off time needs also to be moved to 3PM to avoid the problems with drunks simple as that. Paul
  21. That's why I think he will stay in England there is no way either the Dragons or Toulouse will pay him that,it would also create major problems with other French players Paul
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