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  1. YES its not good that this has happened, however these are unusual times and the last thing we should be doing is knocking someone who has put in over £18Million. If you had invested over £18 Million in a club would you have wanted it to end like this I THINK NOT. I agree things could have been handled better however we should not be making comments that might put off anyone out there investing in RL down the line. Constructive comments and ideas to take this great game forward are needed. Lets see how it pans out interesting times. Paul
  2. All very sad, and that although understandable laundry is now being washed in public. One thing that will remain a mystery is that TR did run for 3 years and there is no way that any business would have survived that period without income in their case mainly from DA pockets. There are no winners in this let us all remember that. Paul
  3. Total madness I am sorry to say, cannot knock the enthusiasm though says he:) Paul
  4. Any news on SPEEDWAY YES sad old #### but I do like it:) Paul
  5. Quick one guys where is the ref to KOUCASH as I cannot find it. What is he trying to do buy the Wolfpack? Paul
  6. My forecast is that TR will remain in SL next year and an announcement will come PDQ (Todays SL meeting is going to be an interesting one to say the least) Fly on the wall anyone No need its a leaky bucket we will know everything by this time tomorrow folks:) Paul
  7. The TV ratings over the next couple of months could be our saviour:) Paul
  8. Pretty much spot on there rugger. We still though have to give the chance to ambitious clubs which is why the SL/1/2 proposal that I made would work.I follow a championship club albeit with only around 1000 followers now however RL cannot afford to alienate anyone.P
  9. And who can blame him my wife owns 3 radio stations and they carry ads for Rugby Strength GOOD LUCK to him the returns will be minimal compared to the millions he has spent on the TW. Paul
  10. Toronto has been hit by COVID 19 and Leighton Samuels was hit by his major client (Woolworths) going bust owing him a lot of money they were 80% of his turnover for a framing business. As for ego well I think maybe in some cases but the majority its just for the love of the game and getting the bug once infected its difficult to cure (And don't I know it LOL:) Paul
  11. Catalan flags everywhere at Dragons home matches as for integration with CATALONIA (Spain) in a new state they would run a mile the whole region is reliant on hand outs from Paris. * Average wage (If you can get a job) in Perpignan is double that of across the border I have lived/live 40/50% of the year on both sides of the border until 2008 St Cyprien now Peralada also the price differences * Cafe Latte Perpignan 3 euros Spanish Catalonia 1.50 euros * Beer Perpignan 3 euros Spanish Catalonia 1.50 euros * Diesel driving here from England last week France 1.50./1.60 litre Spanish Catalonia 85 cents in the local supermarket Also most French dislike the Catalan French (Including most in FRL) even though they will come to matches. The list goes on:) Paul
  12. Toronto (As the Dragons) were funding the TV costs (This year SKY agreed to cover 50%) P
  13. DA (Only met him once at Toulouse) damm nice guy stood watching the game with a beer could have been any old RL fan gave me his business card I still have it at home on the mantle piece. Hopefully when this all calms down we can welcome them back next season at some level:) Keep the faith canadians Lovely people Wonderful country Paul
  14. I would totally disagree I have followed CFL for around 20 years and much prefer it to the NFL its far more exciting. As for minor league I get it that they are struggling in Toronto and BC however even in those 2 markets the average crowds was around 12000 and 18000 last season other teams like Calgary/Edmonton/Rough Riders average 23/25000 and Ottawa have over 20000 season ticket holders. If thats minor league then we will certainly have some of it LOL:) Paul
  15. The night before we left for summer school holidays to Spain on Thursday we found 5 lovely duckings out in the grounds checked on them before we left and down to 4 (Damm foxes) locals say that since fox hunting was banned its just got worse as before the sick ones were the only ones caught (Foxes that is) P
  16. BISH what a guy i remember him at Hull KR with great fondness wonderful stories top man:) P
  17. 100% 23000 + Thats a lot of brass old Ernie creamed off for his football club/pockets LOL:) Paul
  18. Was also there Ernie Clay creamed over 8000 off the gate (Announced as over 15000) was actually an incredible 23000 + the terracing was heaving:) Paul
  19. FANTASTIC STUFF Kevin Tamati what a player and what a guy We cannot let this die NO WAY Paul
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