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  1. 1. Chrissy 2. Gale. 3. Holmes. An improved performance with a good team attitude.
  2. Remember the Yorkshire Cup Final in 1963 at Belle Vue against Halifax. We played in an all white kit. Lost 10 nil. Can't remember them playing in that Kit again.
  3. Good points raised. There has to be P & R for the game to move forward and give hope for the Clubs outside Super League. The good think about it all is that we all have different views as to how it should be achieved. Good luck to Rovers with their application
  4. If the RFL wish to expand the game why not have a team like Newcastle, London or Touluse promoted and protected for two seasons and at the end of the 2021 season expand SL to 14 clubs. The top side In the Championship to be promoted automatically and a play off for the second spot to be like the current playoffs. Then operate a two-up two down system. Problem being that Super League will not want 14 clubs.
  5. It will be more than interesting to see how it all works out. I am certain that the Club will put forward a very strong case. Up the Rovers.
  6. Thanks for the link Gazza77. Makes a good and interesting read. A positive contribution to the club.
  7. Similar problems. Have you any information LTS, nothing on Website.
  8. It must be bonfire night. The touch paper has been lit. Stand back and enjoy the spectacle. It will not be pretty and a few clubs will feel hard done by. Must admit to not thinking about Newcastle in race for Super League.
  9. An excellent article. It goes to strength of our heritage and our future.
  10. I understand issue here. There is always a time delay with Companies Year End and finalising of the accounts for that trading period. I think Colin is seeking some assurances that the Club is still in good financial health, despite the season being cancelled due to the current health issue. Yes the Accounts for the year ending NOV 2020 will not be available until some time in 2021
  11. I have not been a fan of Dual Reg players, although to be fair they have been an asset to us, and have given their best for us. I wonder if we will now see an upturn in loan signings to overcome the problem with fringe players?
  12. On the 2nd October 1963 Rovers beat the Australian Touring side. This was my first game I ever came to on the supporters bus from the Hope and Anchor, Pontefract. Don't remember much of the match but was sufficiently interested to give it another go. Here we are some 50 odd years later still watching. Thanks to the Late Sam Hey of the supporters in the Hope and Anchor for the introduction.
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