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  1. All the top teams seem to be building up well for next season. Should be a keen competition. Let's hope we are able to watch some of them.
  2. A big thank you to all the fans of the club for getting behind the club in this uncertain time.
  3. Not a boxer, used have the oven door at Ropergate End
  4. The Rovers are not entering the competition. As a season ticket holder I received communication from from club asking me if I wanted a refund, discount on tickets next season or just donate the ticket back to the club. A sorry and sad state of affairs but perfectly understandable in the present situation. The club has a responsibility to its staff, supporters and visiting supporters and it is the only decision the club can reasonably make. Good luck to all at Rovers and all other clubs in the future. Will be there next season routing for the club. Up the Rovers.
  5. I wonder if there is a Furlough scheme, or equivalent, in Canada. I feel sorry for Greg and his family as I do for all affected by this horid virus. It is a big problem to resolve. Are they protected by the Candanian Employment Regulations? As the club has effectively ceased trading a hard problem to resolve. Are Super league or the RFL able to help?
  6. Good news The club are obviously looking to the future. Good on them.
  7. The positives out weigh the disadvantages. Good luck to both sides
  8. Has anybody else heard that New York could be interested in taking over the Toronto team.
  9. If the Super Leagues clubs are all awarded byes in the next round, how can the competition be completed with integrity. Whilst it is reasonable to accept that the Final would be contested by two Super League sides the competition it would not be fair on the teams from the lower leagues and the competition should be cancelled. Lower division clubs can and do beat those in the higher leagues.
  10. Rumour has it that Bronco's have also offered. We will have to wait and see what happens. The RFL and Super League are not going to rush a decision. Anybody know when a decision is to be made?
  11. No matter what happens Invitation competition and such like. Will it be behind closed doors?
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