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  1. Adelaide doesn`t have any where near the number of things Perth/Western Australia has going for it in regards to fielding their own NRL team but if reports coming out of W.A today are true I`m not sure they are going to want to be left alone on the shelf if Perth get their team. McGowan Government ups ante in new push for WA-based NRL team Joe Spagnolo The West Australian Sun, 30 October 2022 2:00AM The State Government has upped the ante in its efforts to get a WA-based National Rugby League team, forming a high-powered working group to make a Perth franchise a reality. The Sunday Times can reveal the Government has appointed Labor politician Peter Tinley as chair of a working group which will “help facilitate the development of a third-party bid” to be the competition’s 18th team. VenuesWest has also appointed consultants Freshwater Strategy to gauge “interest from potential third parties and determine the most appropriate bid structure”. “There is huge interest on the east coast in having a WA team in the NRL competition,” Tourism Minister Roger Cook told The Sunday Times. “It makes sense on so many levels. “We have the best stadium in Australia, a fan base that is growing quickly and the time difference works well for TV schedules.” Cook said if the NRL “wants to have a truly national competition,” then a Perth team was a must. “This is a great step to thoroughly investigate how a bid for the 18th team could work,” Cook said. The rugby league spotlight again fell on Perth earlier this year with a successful State or Origin game at Optus Stadium, more than 59,000 fans attending. In that game, the Blues squared the series with a 44-12 win over the Maroons. Nearly 7000 visitors from outside WA were at the game — spending an estimated $13.3 million while in Perth. “Two recent sell out State of Origin fixtures demonstrates that there is a strong and growing appetite for rugby league in Western Australia,” Sport and Recreation Minister David Templeman said. “A WA-based NRL team would bring long term community, tourism and economic benefits to the state and grow and grow local participation in grass root sport, particularly female participation.” Sport and Recreation Minister David Templeman has already spoken with NRL powerbrokers about WA joining the national league. Sport and Recreation Minister David Templeman has already spoken with NRL powerbrokers about WA joining the national league. Bears officials were in Perth for the State of Origin game. “Although the State Government won’t be leading the bid or responsible for a potential franchise, we are confident that there will be a strong and compelling case for a WA-based team,” Mr Templeman. “WA’s nation leading economy provides an enormous opportunity for the NRL to maximise corporate support and fan spending.” The government’s working group, aside from Mr Tinley as chair, will comprise VenuesWest, and Treasury representatives as well as representatives from Mr Templeman’s and Mr McGowan’s office. “There are so many West Australian rugby league fans who are looking forward to the day when they can support a WA based team,” Mr Tinley said. “WA has strong foundations to support an NRL franchise with participation in the sport behind only NSW and Queensland, and encouragingly, nearly a quarter of all registered players are female. “I look forward to seeing the development of a strong third-party bid and working with them in securing an NLR franchise for Western Australians.”
  2. FLANAGAN OPENS DOOR FOR PNG TALENT Shane Flanagan has become heavily invested in the growth of PNG for future rugby league World Cup campaigns. The former Sharks premiership winning coach, an adviser for the Kumuls, is working behind the scenes with major sponsors on future development plans. Flanagan wants to set up a pathway for PNG players to get NRL experience by spending off-seasons in NRL programs over the summer months. “I’ve spoken to Cronulla and St George-Illawarra and they are keen,” Flanagan (pictured) said. “The aim is to get two players at each club for a few months to get them accustomed to the professionalism required to compete at the top level. “Who knows … the clubs might even pick up a player or two they want to keep. “There is so much talent but they just need experience in areas of high performance and skills.” PNG has shown at this World Cup they are not that far off the pace. Gee I hope they are serious about this stuff. The NRL and Super League should be awash with P.N.G. players, at least in similar proportions to P.I. representation.
  3. I included the 8 million people that live in Victoria in the 20 million figure as Victoria is considered an eastern state. It`s on the east coast after all. However you may well point out that I conveniently didn`t include N.Z. But to your other point, I understand about including and excluding areas, my point was that EPL is unequivocally a nationwide competition, the NRL not. Another point worth mentioning is the huge geographical distances between many NRL teams, which means the benefits of travelling away fans is an alien concept in this part of the world, except perhaps in Sydney. I`m sure in your part of the world, EPL games are boosted by a large contingent of away fans. BTW, back on topic, great news about the viewing figures, the crowd stuff not such an issue now.
  4. I don`t like all this knocking P.N.G. stuff. P.N.G. are one of the best things going for our World Cup, you don`t think that Papua New Guineans don`t go on social media. There`s a whiff of Ralph Rimmer about the whole thing. Fools.
  5. Absolute nonsense. Compared on a total population pro-rata basis NRL does as well any major code. In fact if you consider that our code is basically concentrated in the three eastern states, it does even better. EPL average crowd 39 000, England pop. 55m. Eastern States of Oz pop. 20m. average NRL crowd 16 000. Very comparable. I think some of the other national football competitions fare even worse on a comparative basis. Get your facts straight.
  6. I`m not 100 % convinced with that. The mid-year Tests and W.C. results so far show there is still a sizeable gap between the Tier One and Tier Two nations, although admittedly the jury is still out on Tonga. The quickest way for an end-of season SH tournament to come to an abrupt end would be for predictable results. If England can show themselves to be competitive and be able to beat Oz and N.Z. then they could be a handy addition. I still think a three-Test series against N.Z. is the most likely though, with the other P.I. countries playing each other in either their home nation or maybe N.Z.
  7. I still think there`ll be a good chance that England will be invited down to attend. Especially if they show that they are competitive with Oz and N.Z. at the current W.C.
  8. Bloody hell, this has got fiasco written all over it.
  9. The comparisons between the two games on display will be even more interesting. I suspect a lot of union fans will be flicking over during the multiple breaks in play in their game to have a look at the League action and be thinking `if only`. An observation that is commonplace amongst union fans over here.
  10. I think because a lot of Panther`s players are already over there with the current WC and Panther`s club wasn`t keen for them to travel back again in February. Suits me, I won`t have to get out of bed at sparrow`s #*%! to watch it. It will also be great to have an English side in the city for the week as well, will generate some great headlines and photo-ops that our main rival has no hope of competing with.
  11. Penrith to receive World Club Challenge gift (msn.com) Penrith is on the verge of playing host to the World Club Challenge against Super League champions St Helens in 2023. Officials from both the NRL and England are keen to get the annual clash back on track after COVID-19 forced the concept to be abandoned for the past two years According to The Sydney Morning Herald Penrith has lobbied St Helens, who have won the Super League four years in a row, to travel to Penrith in February to take on the NRL premiers, in what would be the Panthers' second trial leading into the 2023 season. "It would have been impossible for us to go over there, but talk of them coming out here is excellent," the club's CEO Brian Fletcher said. The game will also be televised on F.T.A. I think the recent broadcast fiasco has really put a rocket up our administrators who are now looking at every way they can use to increase the value of our deal next time. There`s been more talk of a 5 week International window at the end of every non-WC year as well.
  12. Don`t trust the #### as far as I could throw him, he`ll be in any decent League player`s ear who`ll listen about making the switch if it suits him.
  13. There`s something about the letter `N` though isn`t there, far more punchy, more forceful than W, which is not only too much of a mouthful but is going to be more associated with women`s sport now any way. But yes agree, great if all heads were put together on this one, but as we know with most endeavours, the leaders in most fields will largely determine the terminology.
  14. As the NRL gets more and more serious about their push into the U.S. to capitalise on the legalisation of sports betting in that country and the potential goldmine that might be they don`t want there to be any confusion about which `rugby` code people are going to place a bet on. Rugby League can seize the initiative here and capitalise on a veritable goldmine that will benefit the code across the world or we can stay stuck in the past griping about what name we call ourselves while the future slips away. If `The Rock` Johnson wants to refer to this exciting new game as NRL, no confusion with `rugby`, then great grab it, and when his 100m twitter or facebook followers ( or whatever) google NRL they aren`t going to get stories or pictures of you know what. They might even see a clip of Josh Addo-Carr scoring a length of the field try.
  15. I think any spike in people watching League next year will be far more likely reflected in television viewing numbers rather than crowds, hence the importance of more games on Channel 4 preferably in a regular timeslot.
  16. And hence perhaps the 4m pound profit, obviously something they thought they could improve on this time. It`s interesting to think that perhaps with League WC`s only ever being hosted in two countries for all intents and purposes, (and Oz`s half-hearted effort in 2017) the IRL don`t have the benefit of other countries experiences with hosting one to benefit from. Hence using adjustments - rightly or wrongly - on the 2013 model in hosting this one.
  17. He was one of my favourite Pom`s as well. I can remember it like yesterday him putting Carney away with a magic little inside pass from inside your own ten in a Test match in England all those years ago.
  18. The frustrating thing is we are probably only 4 000 - 5 000 spectators per game short to be considering the whole thing a success, and then dreaming of what we`d have to improve to get it up another 4 000 - 5 000 after that. We should also wait until a clearer picture comes in from the Tv viewing audience numbers, those numbers will play a big part for sponsors deciding whether they want to get back on board. One thing for certain for me, I certainly know who Cazoo is now.
  19. Not to mention the other day we were told that revenue from tickets sold had already passed 2013 by 1m pound " with 55 matches to go ". Hogan also shared positive news on the financial front - with this World Cup already the highest-grossing competition of all-time for ticket sales, with 55 matches still to go. “This year’s tournament has now generated over £1m more than the 2013 total in ticket sales," he said. "There are still 56 matches to sell so we’re only just getting started.” Struggling to break-even ????
  20. I`m really hopeful for New Guinea. As we`ve seen at this World Cup PNG are probably only half a dozen or so more top-line Super League or NRL players off being a genuine Tier One nation. With the added bonus of course of not relying so much on heritage eligibility and from what I`ve read having many, many thousands playing the game already back home.
  21. I think we have to cut the IRL a bit of slack though. You announce an ambitious ticket pricing policy, Covid hits followed by the russian invasion of Ukraine culminating in a cost-of-living crisis and talk of a world-wide recession and any backdown on pricing would be a betrayal of those who forked out early. Kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place you might say.
  22. Especially when the whole thing can be watched on your large screen Tv at home. I bet a lot of people are just saying ###### it I`ll watch it at home.
  23. I think the fact that in the Tonga/P.N.G.game both end stands and either end of the main stand facing the camera are basically full says it all about the effect ticket prices are having on the crowd numbers in this tournament. Probably about at least 2/3rd`s of what they might have been.
  24. Wrong call or blatantly wrong call ? And what if a blatantly wrong call meant someone other than Oz lift the trophy, I don`t think too many people would lose sleep over that or even care a jot. Funny how when I`m watching games it`s so easy to ignore questionable decisions when they go for the team you`re supporting ( like Lam`s try ) or against the opposition.
  25. Well let`s hope not too well briefed, we don`t want all our ref`s coming back with Pommy accents and expressions that none of us can understand. Be a right muddle lad.
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