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  1. HomeBargins is a good sponsor, they have a big turnover every year and last season they gave out match tickets to their staff for some of the Saints matches.
  2. Sorry Harry for not saying who the FPP are. They think they’re GANGSTAS from the hood. They have stuck their symbol (or whatever it’s called) around certain areas of St Helens. I think they think they live in Baltimore on North Monroe Street guarding their turf. I did see a woman in St Helens town centre last year with FPP tattoo on her neck : - ( There has been a few names written on walls in that area being called grasses, one lad was a super grass. Fingerpost is a run down area but the majority of people are decent people it’s just that minority. I believe they put something on YouTube a good while back, but i have never watched it.
  3. If Saints had shown him the delights of Fingerpost and a meet-up with the “FPP - Fingerpost Posse” he could’ve been ours. I hope he is a revelation in the NRL despite our game losing him.
  4. Why shouldn’t the average RL fan know what the RFL are doing with the cash they get from sponsors. I do wonder that if they don’t announce the prize fund then it must be a naff sponsorship deal. It may not interest you Griff but it interests me.
  5. Other sports are quite happy to tell people what the winners & losers get. When it comes to RL it’s like an iron curtain, id love to know what prize money we are playing for.
  6. They’re probably afraid of losing their press passes and free entry into grounds, so they just toe the line.
  7. I haven’t bought the RLE for a good while but i will buy the newspaper if they put out the list of SL fixtures. Or have i missed that chance ?.
  8. I had recorded “Death and the Civil War” & “The Civil War : Remember The Sultana” both of them on PBS. Both of them are amazing documentaries but very sad. The photos from “Death and the Civil War” are remarkable, i often wonder what those soldiers were thinking seconds before their lives ended and what sort of life they had before the war. I also wonder about their families and how long it took them to find out they had lost a loved one. It is an incredible sad documentary. But when i told my family & friends that i had recorded two documentaries about people lost in the Civil War, i was told by some “i was obsessed with death and watching documentaries on dead people”. My daughter told me “not to put anything on TV about death or the dying or your other weird stuff if the grandkids call”. I never do that, but it did make me think “perhaps i am a bit of an oddball watching documentaries like that”.
  9. I gave up friendlies about 10yrs ago, I don’t think id go to one nowadays even if i was given a free ticket.
  10. I remember the RFL used to give the amounts of cash teams would get for being knocked out of the first round of the challenge cup, all the way up to the winners & losers. Now there is nothing, it’s the same with the GF i haven’t got a clue what the winners get. It’s as if it has nothing to do with the fans and they shouldn’t be asking such questions. Everything in RL seems so secretive when it comes to cash.
  11. I haven’t looked at top try scorer or MoS but i did see that Saints are 10/1 to do the double (CC & GF). I usually never put a bet on Saints because i don’t trust them but i might be tempted to put £5 E/W, which will probably cast a spell hoodoo on them. When the pandemic took hold i had Newman as top SL try scorer £5 E/W at either 14/1 or 16/1. He did finish top try scorer but Betfred said it was null & void as the whole season hadn’t been completed. They then at one stage they refused to give me my £10 refund, cheeky buggers.
  12. I didn’t mind Ganson as a Ref but he would’ve been my last choice for head of official’s. Losing James Child is a big blow.
  13. I loved VLS and i thought TV Offal was hilarious. When he phoned up Derek Nimmo to tell him the queen mother has died. My god has she died !!!.
  14. Full credit to Wakey for making a healthy profit. Well done the Trin.
  15. I watched Saving Private Ryan (Again) last night and i was wondering how realistic it was to what went on in WWII.
  16. I bought two cheap books today from a chariteee shop “The Stories Of Slang : Language At its Most Human by Johnathan Green”. Deserters Of The First World War : The Home Front by Andrea Hetherington”. What i like about this book is it isn’t about those who were shot at dawn, but those hiding in the U.K. who turned to crime.
  17. I apologise if this has already been done. Just ignore if so. what are your favourite christmas songs mine are 1. Two Fingers of Firewater : Douglas Fir. 2. Darren Hayman : Christmas Wars. 3. HMHB : Cliched To Be Cynical. 4. St Etienne : I Was Born On Christmas Day If i knew how to use YouTube id put the Darren Hayman tune on here but i don’t. I don’t think Two Fingers Of Firewater released Douglas Fir, but it is a beautiful song even though it’s quite depressing. So i have been told by friends & Da Family.
  18. I am going to watch on BBC Iplayer tomorrow “The People’s Piazza : A History Of Covent Garden”. I really enjoy watching David Olusoga when he goes back in time and it’s the same with London, especially anything from the 17th century to 1900.
  19. I asked one of my granddaughters to pick two of the teams from the World Cup who she thought would make the final. I told her if either won she could have a massive £10. She said “Oooooo £10” and chose Senegal 80/1 and Denmark 28/1 because she liked the kits. The Senegal one is the best kit (in mine & my granddaughters eyes), i haven’t a clue why she chose the Danish kit though. I’ve put £5 each way on both, i don’t know what happened to Denmark but i’ll be shouting for Senegal whenever they play next.
  20. Curtis cocky Warren out of jail. He has a load of rules that he has too follow, but when has that ever bothered him.
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