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  1. Bennison is a safe as houses and has got a great future, and he is also still only a young lad. When Welsby sails off to Australia hopefully Bennison will be Saints No1.
  2. Hopefully Saints have learned from the Grace situation and won’t hang around waiting for a player to make his mind up.
  3. I know a few people who didn’t go because they just didn’t have the cash, others said with it being live on Ch4 they decided to stay at home because of the weather and they’d save money. I had a couple of workmates who usually go but they were playing football, one of them did say “they heard a huge roar as they were playing their club football match but it wasn’t at their game”. I didn’t think it was a bad attendance, it was a good atmosphere and both sets Saints & Wire fans made a fair bit of noise.
  4. Saints haven’t got a chance johnny, all Catalans have to do is throw the ball out wide. I don’t know if Hurrell will get a game as he is still celebrating his own crossbar challenge and another week of all you can eat Chinese Buffet for six.
  5. His usual reply is “i can’t fault the player’s effort”. He also likes to say “we made some errors but we can improve on that next week”. He’ll be saying “we can improve next week” after we have lost at Catalans.
  6. Yes i know the players who came in Magic but what about the players who left. I like Bennison but he is not a winger, i think Saints took the cheap option by moving Bennison to the wing.
  7. I think over the last three years G Ref we have hardly brought anyone into the club and instead we have upped the contracts of players already at the club. I would be happy if we signed a quality centre, winger & prop.
  8. It’s going to be a close game. The pressure is on Saints, i can see Wire throwing the ball out wide, Saints will do what they do best, plod down the middle little kick into the corner on the last.
  9. Wigan have got a fantastic squad for 2024, i might be tempted to put a fiver on them to do the double next season. As for Saints, well it’s all quite on the transfer front…..still.
  10. Saints have handed an indefinite ban to the idiot that got onto the pitch last Friday. They should’ve fined him as well and the steward should’ve pressed charges against him for assault. I don’t know what has happened to the first fool that ran onto the pitch, it looks as if he has got away with it.
  11. I think your figures are spot on RayCee. I have sacked off my mate at work. I do enjoy looking at your blog it is really interesting. I just wish id have kept hold of all my old Rothmans, and then id have known myself what the average top tier attendances were in the good old days of the 80’s-1995.
  12. A mate at work who loves numbers & stats has worked out the average club attendance this season after the 13 home games. He worked out the attendances that have been printed in the press including the 14,000 at Saints on Friday. Leeds are the best supported club once again. But ten club have seen a rise in attendances 1. Leeds 13,804 + 864 2. Wigan 13,497 +1,219 3. Saints 12.782 + 931 4. Hull 12,345 + 1,582 5. Wire 10,889 + 2,170 6. Catalans 9,062 + 994 7. HKR 8,710 + 922 8. Leigh 7,253 - 9. Cas 7,170 - 372 10. Salford 5,293 + 764 11. Huddersfield 5,257 + 113 12 Wakefield 4,299 - 314. If these are correct (they may not be!!!!) it’s good to see attendances improving. It would be great if the clubs could build on them for 2024. If Fev come up would they average more than Trin, i haven’t a clue ?.
  13. The lack of signings from Saints is quite worrying, we have hardly brought anyone in over the last 2 or 3 years. We desperately need a centre & winger, someone with pace.
  14. What is Trin’s current capacity, i know they have sold out a couple of games near the end of the season. Is it 5/6,000 ?.
  15. What was each club’s average attendance after the regular season. That’s if all clubs announced and gave the correct attendances!!!!.
  16. Saints were hit & miss again. Great in defence average in attack. Welsby has some howlers in him but he does score some great tries, he is quite a fast lad but we lack pace out wide. Hull scored two great tries, one a lovely pass from Welsby. I was disappointed Swifty didn’t play, he is great to watch.
  17. I don’t understand how the club and the press get figures so wrong. There did look more than 10,300 in attendance but i wouldn’t have thought 14,000 was there. But i am not in charge of the turnstiles.
  18. Great crowd with Fartown having nothing to play for. I don’t know if t’weather was as bad over there as it was in Lancashire.
  19. P.S two Saints fans got on the pitch during the game i hope Saints ban them. I don’t know if a spectator can be fined for going onto the pitch but Saints should if they can. The second maggot that got on the pitch threw a punch at one of the stewards who was escorting him from the pitch, the steward wasn’t a young lad in his prime either. But the Yoof who got on the pitch was embarrassing.
  20. 10,350 at Saints which is up 2,128 on last years loop fixture against Wakey. I think the weather put quite a few of the floaters off, even the ones that stand with me who pay at the gate could not be enticed to come out tonight in the heavy rain. It was either stay at home or go the pub and watch the Leigh/Wigan match in comfort. Even a season ticket holder couldn’t be arsed coming. If i hadn’t have had a season ticket i wouldn’t have bothered myself. Fair play to the FC fans who made the journey for a nothing game, hopefully there was no diversions on’t way home.
  21. #GamesGone #RIPRugbyLeague #NoWonderTheSportIsOnItsArse Some of the top comments people use.
  22. An Adidas Retro shirt, id imagine one of them would be worth a few Bob now.
  23. Didn’t Mata’utia get banned last season for doing the same thing!!!. I don’t know how many fans were saying #ImDoneWithTheGame
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