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  1. Completely forgot about Gaz new there was someone missing!
  2. Jy Hitchcox one wing, Briscoe other and hall full back.
  3. Haven't 4 played for us? John, Shaun, Richard and Paul??
  4. Heard a rumour that a UK professional team is wanting to join the French Elite 1 league next season which will displace one of the smaller traditional heartland clubs. Seems a crazy idea to me who would want to join a league thousands of miles away and have to travel back and forth to compete. I would imagine the French would have something to say about it.
  5. There's a wrong to put right next week "small northern towns" do have a place in SL I hope Featherstone Rovers can pave a way for others in our division, we all deserve a day in the sun ☀!
  6. Reverse alphabetical order and closest geographical distance to Malta.
  7. They wouldn't be able to mince about on the golf course then.
  8. We're not quite grasping this are we. Having a full squad of fresh players v a busted team where even the loan players brought in to replace other busted players are busted. Only thing Tolouse have to worry about is not cutting their toe nails tooo short!
  9. Can't of gone down too well having a 10 week holiday for a brian fart.
  10. ...... With a full complement of players. I don't buy into this fairness ###### at all. Try explaining our league table to people outside the RL circle. They look at you gone out.
  11. Class player and I felt as upset when he left as I did when Foxy moved on. He's up there with the best.
  12. Really enjoyed watching Bussey play today. I thought Welhams centre play was superb today.
  13. They tried buying Fev lock stock and barrel in the past noethey are doing it piece by piece! They might need some support to go with it.
  14. Buy all the half backs so no one else has one.... Simples.
  15. No idea, twitter post says it's another championship club. I hope no he's a cracking player.
  16. Leaving. On social media.
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