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  1. I'm a fev fan and I can see it Your blinkered. How many repeat sets for nothing? It's garbage.
  2. Kendal spoiling another game. Blnd to St Helens indiscretions again.
  3. Sounds like your Internet connection. Mine has always been fine, even stream it when I'm on holiday via mobile WiFi without issue. Great advertisement for the game today Channel 4 must be thinking its Christmas
  4. Did this Last week charged me 3 times apparently does it when tickets has run out.
  5. Better than view we have from Pontefract, big purple cheese wedge and Castleford.
  6. Like watching paint dry, Championship offers far more attractive rugby. It was like watching two pub teams.
  7. Can someone help please? My Grandad played for Dewsbury probably in the late 40s and was wondering if anyone had any information about him. He was called Jack Hughes (nagger) and I think he was a loose forward. He did play a couple of times later in his career for Featherstone. Any info would be appreciated.
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