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  1. Snippets from a fly: 1. Any club losing money will be downgraded 2. Any club not spending full cap will be downgraded 3. Any club not taking up an offer of a cat A academy will be downgraded 4. Clubs operating at less than 75% capacity, 60% in 20k+ stadia will be downgraded 5. Clubs without min 500 lux floodlights for HDTV will be downgraded 6. Clubs not running a womens SL team will be downgraded
  2. Yes they do Other teams are not fighting for those players within an hour of TO or Cats, and driving the price up. You are stating that only UK players are worth contracts despite 25 years of pro RL in France and a decent Elite comp that surely produces the odd player. All clubs have a unique set of circumstance to both help and hinder, don't pretend they don't. PS I am also no fan of the salary cap.
  3. Think you answered your own question there.
  4. That's cured by never having them on TV, and as the away team at Cats gets nothing then your argument says dont play them. Which means you are proposing a UK only comp. Strange? I will assume you know that the GF winning side gets 100k, second 50k. The league leaders used to get 100k also, and bonus's paid to players for success were excluded from salary cap - dont know if this is still the case btw
  5. British income - the money sky provide in the hope of making a return by selling advertising and subs or the money Bet Fred provide despite no presence in France, surely anyone can work that one out. Cats reported 12m Euros turnover in one of those 2 years btw, so should be self sufficient without central funding plus clubs should pay to travel & stay if no central funding given.
  6. You seem to be confusing “helping” with “financing”. Todays reality is that cash is short and what we have left needs to generate income in the UK for RL to improve its income I would have 4 French clubs in an expanded SL tomorrow but they must be self sufficient and not drawing from the British income. Can you do that?
  7. Offer NZ £2m to tour and they will come, offer Australia £4m and they will come.
  8. Good to see you have mastered the selective quote technique used by most juveniles to support their point. When’s shrove Tuesday ?
  9. Do Catalans get a good sum from the local council/mayor? I have been told RU clubs get looked after that way? what sort of T/O do Catalans have and why can’t it be reciprocated at another 2/3 clubs?
  10. Atlantisman you started all this by stating the truth about French RL not having a cat in hells chance of a tv deal to cover just 2 clubs. If that’s the case then the money is better spent generating income in the homeland, was my reply. I would welcome 4 French clubs in an expanded SL structure but they must not call upon the UK deal, so without that can 2 or 4 clubs compete in SL? 30 Womens RL development officers taken as the GB squad plus another 10 from the wheelchair squad can go a long way in making the sport stronger financially here imo
  11. At least that means we should be looking to retain UK cash inside a UK game Sad really but no point throwing money at a business that will never give a return when the domestic market is desperate for that cash ie £3m not sent to France could allow central contracts for the T60 players across all ages, or allow the T30 women players to go FT in development roles
  12. Facts are we don’t generate the income to compete or offer central contracts. So it’s in our hands to grow the income or deal with the reality of not doing so An international calendar is vital, and that does not include France for the foreseeable. A 3 test series v Australia, then v NZ and then either Samoa/Tonga would fill the gaps between WC’s nicely
  13. Have you found a way of converting dripping to crude
  14. I am hearing Tuku Hau Tapuha as incoming from Roosters for a season
  15. Translated as we refused your visa application
  16. Our stock is in this week, pop round to see what your next kit will look like
  17. Think you’ve missed the point and Wakey an opportunity. A share option is a great way to raise funds should the existing shareholders not be able/decline to put more money in. This seems a way for existing shareholders to use other peoples money to improve an asset they own without diluting their stake. Same as a bucket collection
  18. True, I understand certain towns have establishment you can pay for the privilege
  19. You thought loans were gifts, can you loan me your house please Any club who took one should be deducted central funds to pay it back
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