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  1. Posting without reading, apologies. I dont think all the T8 will want to go FT in SL2 with min spends, I expect a couple of those wishing to wont make the T8.
  2. Nobody said it would be made for them but I dont think we have 8 ambitious clubs in the Championship so I would expete a couple to be chosen
  3. Invites will be in case some clubs dont want to fund FT and are happier PT eg I understand London will be happy to fund FT in a 2 tier SL but it seems unlikely they will make the T8 in 2022. What if York and Newcastle dont make the 8 also, and clubs like Sheffield or Fax etc dont want to move into a FT comp with min squad spends? We are not talking a PT championship set up with SL2 dont forget. All being well 1-8 will all want to go FT and then its all down to what happens on the pitch
  4. Bottom 3 in SL down joined by 2-6 and 2 invites for SL2, Champ winner up to SL1.
  5. Leigh will announce 5 more, and the DR with Saints will be mainly on their better players not in the 17 that week imo
  6. Club paid every penny due though, dont forget a contract can only be terminated mutually or by breach, so players agreed a settlement. The club didnt go into administration and 2 years on was building for SL with a healthy bank balance Some brilliant management wouldnt you agree
  7. That must be the cheapest and worst Wigan 17 put out since 1980. I really hope we get them in the CC at LSV.
  8. I wish we had a middle 8's this coming season as both Leigh and Fev would go up
  9. Heard good things also about this lad, seems similar size to Fui.
  10. another 24/25 year old with something to prove. Lam must be poop anyway he only played 20 games in the NRL in 2021.
  11. I always saw one as an ''opportunity to force your way into the first team'' league
  12. Getting some traction now NRL 2022: Sam Verrills, Parramatta Eels, Brandon Smith, Sydney Roosters, Melbourne Storm, Lachie Lam, signing, deal, contract, 2023, Nick Cotric, Wests Tigers, Canberra Raiders (foxsports.com.au)
  13. As the ''older than 18 but not in first team plans league''
  14. RL in the know has been reporting this tonight and Derek did intimate a huge signing on Wednesday?? seems a bit far fetched imo as he would walk into any SL side
  15. Lam has recruited clubb with the sanction of Chester, that’s how it works these days at LSV
  16. Knowing that the Blvd is no longer - did HFC get the funds from its sale? The Stadium seems to have been built from paper money associated with KCOM shares and grants - so at no debt to the council. HFC behaved stupidly by not paying the nominal £50k - even though council owned stadiums tend to have more costs on matchday than privately owned ones I can only assume HFC position will become far stronger in 6 years time after the 25 years lease has ended - assuming they buy into the next one and become joint tenants which makes the timing of the annual pitch repairs interesting as its during peak crowd opportunity dates ie no soccer. Does Pearson have any wealth or is he simply taking a living out of the club - in which case the selling of future SL income by private equity will suit him totally.
  17. With you Robin and I know Leigh will work closely with Saints, especially early season before injury and suspension kicks in, in part because we know Fev will be doing so with Leeds Saints and Leeds will see Leigh and Fev as a better place to harden players ready for SL as opposed to the reserves comp.
  18. Of course the facts back this up dont they, I mean look at all the clubs who have gone teets up since p&r was reintroduced in 2015 .......... Bradford. Championship clubs haven't a clue what is happening in 2022 let alone further ahead, so those with ambition will spend the most they can possibly afford to be as high up the chain as they can be. All I can guarantee is that Leighs team will be significantly stronger than that we had in SL, and the team we had at the end would have beat both Fev and TO in a million pound game played at SL pace. Fev will probably say they are stronger too than the Fev that took the field that day.
  19. A few questions like does this include all matches, does this include training facilities, does this include match day costs eg stewards and do Hull keep match day sales of beer food etc what is obvious is that if Hull still own the boulevard then it would be worth redeveloping as £700k pa will pay for a lot of debt to cover it
  20. Next big signing released on Wednesday apparently
  21. We tried a few years ago to sign him but better late than never - looks to be fully over his ankle injury.
  22. but wont have the skills to stop Gallen getting in close
  23. Dont disagree but its far easier for the refs to stop it for all on matchday, 2 games in and it will be sorted.
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