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  1. Leigh sold out 7&8 and were then given 9which looks like about 300 sold in it so far, many had to buy tickets in Cats section until 9 was allocated we are in that number as are many more. All going well transport wise as a plane to Barcelona was withdrawn already stranding about 100 on it yesterday
  2. Cats trip is substantially less than last years Wembley trip with a 1 night stopover not 3
  3. we are asking neutrals to pay £100 for coach and ticket, hotels close by are £200 plus per night and food and drink is expensive and poor outside the ground. I would move it back to Cardiff and sell it out every year
  4. Leigh badly missed the middles to drag the KR defence in and make them work
  5. Or they offer long term contracts in hope
  6. Last years final got a lot of great publicity nationally, maybe we are getting back on track to 70000 gates or above at some point
  7. We need some reality here, the best local kids will still go to the best Academies and it will take a number of years to become one of those best Academies - no matter how passionate they are about the club. You will feed off those families who will find it easier to get to LSV and buy in to the plan and kids further afield fall here also. Bolton is an area we have worked in previously but there is a big gap in OL codes that produces many RL players that is easily accessed
  8. Sorry Batman, plus Pene announced as this season from Melbourne
  9. When I played at Leigh Colts early 80’s the town had 4 under 19’s and 4 under 17’s, and that didn’t include any non Leigh clubs who are currently quite close to Leigh RL like Culcheth Golborne or Westhoughton or RU colts
  10. StHelens is a suburb of Knowsley etc we had no vote 50 years ago
  11. Apparently 40 leigh born lads in Elite system at other clubs.
  12. Train station next - before someone else says it. Best signing ever - well since Colts was disbanded
  13. Its not the repeat fixtures its how they fall. Why cant we have 11 home then 11 away then the loops and magic somewhere between them all
  14. welcome to RFL mind games, its a patented strategy yet to find a buyer
  15. So 8,11,13,3 = Quota if all true and we will have the Big Ben spot also, so no panic there with high quality replacements lined up/done. Don’t think Amone will go btw this year. It will be more interesting which English lads we pick up with the freed cap from those not retained plus Zacs huge deal rumoured at £150k pa at Leigh plus down grades for Hughes and others at older end.
  16. CST now 14 coaches, no tickets left and Leopards only 4/5 singles left. Mates just picked ours up in the Cats section and been told so have many more in Gate 7 Cats side.
  17. Anybody not yet written about at Leigh is joining somebody else, NRL or Hull mainly, at seasons end contracted or not it seems
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