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  1. Major corporates and global players want their name/brand associated with the best. In Australia that means NRL in the 2 big states. In the UK Soccer swallows up most then RU then Cricket grabs a bit, we are left with whatever is left or a true RL man made good eg Fred Done or Ken Davey. When we get some new upstart we drive them away as the mob lights their torches and prepares the rope. RL fans, the media still left and the clueless leadership are the biggest threats to our sport.
  2. and some others will be Thursday games, some others the same clubs collecting the pots, some others admission charges, some others COVID related, some others the player drain to NRL, some others the lack of Internationals etc etc
  3. He rarely risks anything, eg his DL's in LO were covered by the ground I understand. What he obviously has is the trust of Sky etc and must have a much better idea of our value than we do.
  4. Has craven park got a new capacity, google has it at 3000 so can’t be over 1000 with covid???
  5. I have been advocating min spends for at least a decade linked to a two tens SL structure with 3 French clubs in the mix. SL has worked under the lowest cost principal for 10-15 years, you don’t grow by cutting costs and you don’t grow without investment and you don’t grow with clerks running the show
  6. Sorry mate Australias entire history excluding the indigenous peoples is less than a few hundred years old. There is a reason our sports retain P&R, not just RL, and that the biggest sporting league in the world retains it - making the NRL look like a sunday pub league in comparison.
  7. I wet myself at a 10 team comp that had 2 new teams, 2 from france and 6 current English SL teams - Wigan, Saints, Hull, Leeds, Warrington and Bradford/London would offer the most potential. Look at the new division Leigh, KR, Cas, Wakey, Huddersfield, Salford, Fev, Widnes, York, London/Bradford, Fax, Barrow and Sheffield - all with no way into the elite comp (the Aussie way). Do they accept that for the good of the game or break away? You cannot get rid of 125 years of history from a nation that has a history so rich. Change is needed desperately, and that change is driven by capable l
  8. Loved and hated in equal measures Andy Gregory, Martin Offiah, Ellery Hanley, Sean Edwards, Trevor and Kelvin Skerrett, Jim Mills, Sid Hynes, Kev Ashcroft, Tim Street, Barry McDermott and many more
  9. The promoted clubs who are not SL regulars have been London - Relegated, Leigh - Relegated, Toronto - folded. The last non SL regular club to win promotion and stay up was Widnes in 2001/2 ish when the GF was first week in August and a few players still about. Cats came last in season 1 and the rest of the promoted clubs had been established SL clubs in the past 20 years (licensed clubs excluded). Salford Cas and Huddersfield bounced back by being a FT club in a PT comp.
  10. Hull have loads of quality players but no cash, Leigh have loads of cash but no quality players - Leigh havent taken the loan either.
  11. At Leigh we see new interpretations go against us every week, ''WTH was that for'' is now the most common phrase on matchdays. Last week we found out you can knock a ball back (attack) with your foot on the floor out of play, its even endorsed by the In Goal 2 feet away.
  12. I always liked the owd Wiggin fans song that went something like “We come from Scholes and Whelley, we’re ugly and we’re smelly, we rob our neighbours telly, the Wiggin family da da da etc” Always like fans who tekk P out of themselves
  13. Why? Sky pay for the privilege and its not every game. Our league are providing a service to fans unable to access games due to capacity issues. Leigh, we, made a monumental fekk up with ST in the close season when some clubs didnt sell them awaiting covid news or offered refunds for games unable to see eg Leigh ST £240/276 Adult NS with NO refunds - compared to Wire £220 (lowest) with refunds every 4 weeks for unattended games. I dont think we will make the same mistake again - but the reduced Sky money and selling of shirt sponsorships etc at Championship rates probably caused overkill
  14. You may well see that on Sunday as allowing Hull the south stand may well sell out, and the capacity reached at £30 to sit along the sides. ps Went to Wires first home game in 2020 and paid £33 to sit in the main stand
  15. and it proved the right thing to do. An academy cat 3 was set up but the elite academy is all that matters for player production at SL level
  16. Help me out here, what years did we have the opportunity to apply for an elite academy licence, dont forget we do run a cat3 one
  17. Do you never consider things when life changing decisions go against you? Derek saw the investment in the Academy as piece that allows the club to eventually become a realistic long term SL member. The benefits in everything by having a successful academy are huge from depth of squad, to salary cap benefits. Allowing the local kids an option to choose their local elite set up rather than being hoovered up by Wigan Saints and Wire was the last bit to long term SL sustainability.
  18. Just looked back over the years we have been sewn up a few times taking Wigans past it packmen.
  19. Most of us will have believed our value to be greater than reality - we generally change jobs as a result. The key will be did he sign a SL contract or not, and if not can he actually play in SL?
  20. No - they had to sign new SL contracts with big SL words in them. If he signed one then he is bound if not then he shouldnt have played the games he did ( for games substitute 'few minutes' ), we did lose players who knew SL was a bridge too far and hope this is just a silly rumour.
  21. Nail on head Damien. Wigan have huge budget issues as the kids get better and demand better deals, rightly, but so much cash is poured on a few elite players
  22. Chris seemed to suggest that a clip of the fuller incident exists so use that. It’s not unusual to wait outside a bus especially if smoking etc but I do get your point, where are your stewards? Surely coaches willl be a flash point
  23. If true totally agree, now the club need to say so.
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