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  1. We must aim for promotion to build up lost support and finances. If we make it surely we have learned a lesson and won't play a pack of hookers. Looking back I can't see what Chris was up too. We will see if he at Newcastle has learnt his lesson.
  2. Pleased to say that I was right in an earlier post. When I said Carl would be announced as signing wearing the new home kit. So obvious and pleased we have his experience with the young halves. He will be on the bench and come on to replace Matty allowing Blain to move to 9. UTT
  3. Think Bufffer if I am right will be on the bench and will come on to replace Matty allowing Blain to move to 9.
  4. I have a feeling that Buffer will be announced as last signing modelling the new home kit. Maybe wishful thinking. Who will be the new main club sponsor after zombies?
  5. Good player 5 or so years ago, but he must be in his late 30s now A good local squad player with good defence if he has good pace on his wing. Welcome back Jason.
  6. He is Tallish about 6 foot judging by the doors which are 6 foot 6inches or were when DP was built.
  7. Thanks Mr M, Should be enough to build from. Could we sign the 3 men that played for NZ tonight.
  8. Never heard how many lasses turned up to confirm interest?
  9. Well that's 21 signed for thr new start. Glad we have a club and what seems a pretty good squad. We usually rum with 23 or 24 so where are we short. We have some experience in Jordon Burns Scholey Curwen Tomposh and Barnes. Still hope Forber gives us another year.
  10. Thought there was a 5th player being announced?
  11. Good one Mr brick. Thought Marwood would move to 7 which leaves only Henson at 9.
  12. Seem to be building a good balanced squad. Hope Carl gives us a final year for his experience in the half's. Where are we light perhaps at hoover which is a bit unusual.
  13. Could someone whose at the event give us an update on the signed players please.
  14. Long trip for the lads to start what is a season of long trips.
  15. He is a big lad, just what we need after a full preseason.
  16. Glad we got one of my wish list signed, Welcome back Ethan.
  17. Would like to see Scholey and Forber resigned for experience and commitment. We need to get some backs signed up so Bickersdyke would be a good start.
  18. Looking at the Squad on the Town website which has been partly updated with players we know have left and some signings added, but not the last 3 added. It shows 18 players. These include Carl, Clegg, Bickersdyke, Young, Hutchings. Don't know how up todate this is or if this still retains players where negotiations are ongoing.
  19. Great to see us lifting the despondency with some good resigning of lost locals and some promising new blood. Hopefully we can get others like Zac Olstrum back and resign Bickersdyke and Scholey back soon. We have 11 at the moment, and hopefully build to the required 23 or so before preseason. Onwards and upwards TOWN
  20. That's made my day after all the rumours. Some good players to built around for the season. And a local lad puts the club first. Smashing.
  21. In the last 12 months I meant. New signing at 5;30 announced I assume to lift our depression rather than wait for Saturday.
  22. Can't believe Stevie would sign for Haven. Then again I thought Doran would stay for his testimonial and club loyalty still existed. So we start again a lot has happened in 2 or so months.
  23. Thought we had retained or signed 8 players. I assume that more will be announced at the event on Saturday. Hope we have some good news and are keeping players like Caine. Forever the optimist.
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