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  1. Torn a new one by a super league class team ,deal with it and move on.
  2. And played by hard women as well sorry.
  3. Not harsh at all,without constructive criticism you'll never get better and that is all these comments have been,people looking at ways to improve. We should be looking at winning every game we go into and there needs to be a certain amount of disappointment if we lose.I bet Fordy launches into them this week about slow play the ball,dropping off tackles in the section half and not making touch with penalty kicks. Hard game is Rugby league and needs to be played by hard men who can take a bit of flak now and again.
  4. Very flat atmosphere from the York fans tonight but that probably stems from the fact that we never got going on the pitch,we need the two missing half backs back asap. Not too concerned as Fev are favourites to go up but a defeat to Dewsbury will start early alarm bells ringing. Thompson m.o.m. by a country mile .Pauli Pauli needs to get himself involved more and our scrum half could do to speed it up like Morgan Smith did for them.
  5. Which is why, and this is perfectly possible in our new stadium,we should be segregated. Yesterday the west stand should of been given to the Cas fans and us in the East stand. I fully agree the family image of Rugby League is a load of fanciful rubbish and is shown to be the case when opposition fans are put together with alcohol freely on sale. I think its worth spending a bit more on stewarding etc to open another stand than to have people's enjoyment of the game spoilt.
  6. Flipping heck narrow it down a bit ,that's the whole population of Fev you're talking about there.
  7. Sorry don't agree ,everyone (players and fans)bang on about "it's a short career" and they need to earn as much as possible in that time frame. Therefore players look at the biggest financial offer they have and will go for that. Probably in this case Fevs offer was the biggest and he took it. However i will say the short career thing is ###### as most people are capable of working past the age of 35 or 40 and can get another job when they finish playing professional sport. Financial greed rules i'm afraid as it does in most industries and walks of life.
  8. Probably would of signed for us if we could of offered a bigger contract than Fev,remember everyone its all about the money not loyalty,hometown clubs or what the fans want.
  9. As much as people love the technology of the internet and the whole human race is moving towards living their entire lives on it,it is blatantly obvious here that one,just one, cash turnstile would alleviate so much stress and anxiety for lots of people. Headingley for example has the option of paying cash on the day for most Yorkshire matches. With it being £20 for a game now ,there wouldn't be any messing about with change either. Needs sorting out fast.
  10. The sad thing is incidents like this are usually swept under the carpet or left over a period of time so it is forgotten about so as not to tarnish reputations of clubs or companies when it should be easy to identify trouble makers and come down hard on them.
  11. I had the unfortunate luck to be sat on my own right among these people and to be honest ladyknight1967 it did spoil my day and i won't be going on the Pullman bus to away games ever again. I can't see how a bus company can allow people to drink alcohol on a long journey like that let alone let them start at 6.30 in the morning and still be knocking it back at 11.30. Its asking for trouble as some of these blokes had become very dangerous by the evening. SORT THIS OUT PULLMAN. I worked in a BR workshop all my working life so i have heard everything and don't get offended by anything i hear ,but when it's constant for 8 hours and at ever increasing volume anyone would of had enough especially in a confined space where you can't walk away from it. I just hope no harm came to the chap and his wife who were both threatened. I can't imagine how you were feeling for the last 2 hours of that journey knowing someone was going to be waiting for you when you got off the bus to do you harm.Thank goodness the police were there. Anyway i won't comment on the game because it became an irrelevance to me after this disgrace.
  12. Too many old men in the side who've been there done that and don't really need to do it again other than to pick up a final pay cheque. Everyone more bothered about a lovely day out at Wemberlee than establishing ourselves at this difficult level of rugby league.Taken our eyes off the ball somewhat and it might relegate us in the end. It will be interesting to see how crowd numbers hold up in the coming weeks ,us York fans ain't exactly the best at sticking with it when times get tough,no new stadium bounce for us i fear. Big decisions maybe needed by the club in the next few weeks,have they got the balls for it ?
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