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  1. Leeds have nothing to be ashamed about from this performance but Saints all round game across their different squads is showing over the 80 minutes
  2. Difference is mine were about the game but if you want to make things personal then bring it on
  3. Right yeah, how many of those saints fans would be there if the men weren't playing next?
  4. So the attendance is great and that try wasn't a calamity. I am as honest with the women's game as I will be with the men's, I care give a about gender of the players.
  5. At no point did I say that though. The attendance IS poor for a cup final and that try was a calamity. Opinions, opinions buddy, we are allowed them.
  6. Bury my head and pretended it's all amazing and lie like people do with women's football?
  7. Let's hope the attendance for the mens game is better than this, those two games will give us a good indication of how empty the Tottenham stadium will be
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