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  1. Don’t think Webster was his number one fan and he seems to be a confidence player. If BM backs him, picks him every week and tells him to play off the cuff and play what’s in front of him it will be a big positive for the club’s prospects.
  2. Agreed. Either would be welcome both would be great.
  3. Loads of examples of players stepping down thinking they can just go through the motions and be effective….Harris at Fev being a great example. Agreed Junior Moors and Craig Kopcyak have been great this year and buck the trend.
  4. Couldn’t McDermott do us a couple of 20 minute spells as player coach!?
  5. We look like we’re lacking some grunt at the moment with Springer, Harrison and Ferguson all having moved on.
  6. Wasn’t that impressed by Helliwell the first time round and was surprised at who subsequently signed him but if he’s improved since then I’m happy to be proven wrong.
  7. Lots of comings and goings at the club on the player front. Wonder if the new coach has been consulted in anyway. Unlikely with the timing so he’ll have to go with what he’s given and maybe influence some of the later recruitment of players. Not ideal I would suggest.
  8. I’ve seen the words major signing used several times before and then felt distinctly underwhelmed when I saw who it was!
  9. We should have started with either Fergie or Bussey instead of Field. We’d lost the arm wrestle by the time they came on.
  10. So we’re bringing Holmes off the bench at Hooker? Or at halfback therefore spelling half backs like middles??? I know we can move Nu to hooker but surely half backs need to play together long term and develop an understanding not get 20 minutes then rotated. I’ll shut up when we win.
  11. We need size. They outmuscled us last time. Personally I wouldn’t have Holmes in the 17. I’d have Parata on the bench unless Jones is going to do 80 mins. I hope we have a plan B in attack this time as our plan A didn’t work last time against them but we seemed to keep trying the same things….the things that see us put 40+ points on every other team in the division but weren’t good enough to break down their defence…when we did actually kept hold of the ball!
  12. Halton Hardcastle Jones Also Chisholm made a real difference when he came on and Welham is starting to look good.
  13. Can you pay on the gate tomorrow? I never know until the last minute if I’ll get there but tomorrow I’m definitely going.
  14. Looking at Brad’s first season Chisholm put him through a hell of a lot of half gaps which he made the most of.
  15. Brad looked like a world beater and destined for super league in his first season. Clearly a top bloke but perhaps an expensive luxury if always injured….. if not he’d be on a similar trajectory to James Harrison IMO.
  16. Really hope Moors is fit enough to get some game time and we might need his attacking threat against Fax.
  17. I wonder why there hasn’t been an announcement from the club about the signing with the usual drum roll and countdown on Twitter. Maybe they didn’t know the story was going to break.
  18. Agreed he’s been a second choice player in a team that are going to get relegated so not sure how he improves us and what it says about our ambition. As stated probably more about who we know we are going to lose but he’s not as good as our two current hookers.
  19. Very difficult to say as I’ve no idea which of the players are actually fit for selection. An assumption that they all are is clearly a flawed one. If they were all fit I’d certainly have a stab at a 17.
  20. Unfortunately I can’t answer your question POR. My point is having watched the game again whilst stone cold sober I would probably put Fergie in my top 3 but I’ll stick to my original choice to avoid any hassle! I also think as a wider observation that Springer gives us something that we haven’t had so far with his pure strength, energy and wrestle which is most welcome.
  21. Very useful thanks. Did he say anything about Kopczak?
  22. As frustrating as it is watching every week with so many good players missing I can see the logic. We need to finish second and then field the strongest side possible in the play offs. Hopefully, other than Day and Minns, everyone else will be fit which will mean we will have a very strong side. If we secure second with a few matches to spare it will give us another chance to rest players, get some players game time and have a look at a few different combinations.
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