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  1. Fax win for me , barrow are a good team but fax will turn up when it matters , fax 26 barrow 16.
  2. Tbf he wasn’t very complementary of him or mason after they played for us against Leigh , I know Grix has his doubters but personally I like his ‘ don’t care who you are ‘ attitude.
  3. Just confirmed by Matt shaw that he’s off to Newcastle, I hope he’s off to live up there because whatever money Newcastle have offered above other clubs ll be offset by fuel costs . Like you say he’s done ok for fax without pulling up any trees , be interesting to see how many of the fax lads stay for next year .
  4. Oliver roberts released by Huddersfield to pursue championship move , guess we’ll find out soon enough which club .
  5. If we want to utilise our own local young talent has opposed to having to draft in overseas players on 1 year contracts , perhaps there should be a rule that super league clubs can’t have a player under 21 from outside their home town .
  6. Fevs pack too old and slow , my prediction is Leigh beat fev for the rest of season, McDermott relies too much on experience, tbh lam n McDermott are poor coaches at this level , take a young player and make him better then I will listen .
  7. Not seen York’s squad but fax have players injured too that would be more than likely in the 17 , worthington, gee , Knowles and Kavanagh and maybe salty , they have brought in ollie roberts in on duel reg to bolster the pack though .
  8. I agree should be a cracker , the return fixture is on premier sports in July I think.
  9. I was going to break it down but haven’t the time but 28 hours travel and over a 1000 miles in 4 days plus 2 games of rugby is not condusive to the player welfare mantra.
  10. Just had another look and London have to travel to Workington for a 12.30pm kick off on Thursday then York 3.00pm Sunday , madness .
  11. Just looking at the championship fixture list on the our league app according to that the championship are expected to play Thursday the 2nd and Sunday the 5th of June , is this right ? Leigh have 3 games in 8 days ( appreciate there full time ) and fev 3 in 9 because of the 1895 cup , seems against player welfare with the majority been part time .
  12. Some tough calls this week only definite is fev , fev by 40 plus newcastle are full time so the travel shouldn’t be a problem, but I think London might pip it by 2 then I will say barrow by 10 bradford vs York is a 50/50 so I’m going 18-18 Fax vs Sheffield will be another tight one but I think a week off for fax and sheff getting some knocks against Leigh will edge it to fax , fax by 8 widnes v Whitehaven another close one 24 -20 to Widnes.
  13. I can’t believe people are still prattling on about expansion 26 years after superleagues birth , the eyes don’t lie look at the crowds then and now throughout the board not just at a couple of clubs . Plonking some players from Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lancashire in other areas isn’t expansion . Whether you like it or not rugby league is a regional sport and part of the culture. If you want to grow the sport stabilise your strengths then think about spreading further a field but from grassroots not taking players from the said regions and saying it’s expansion. Put the money into clubs like Wakefield, Featherstone, castleford , Bradford, Halifax, Widnes , barrow etc , what made rugby great was the atmosphere from rivalries and the physical nature of the sport , both have been removed and the sport is a sanitised version of itself . The super league is like the Scottish premier league which is what happens when self serving greed rules. Cut out the heart and the body will die , as we are seeing before our very eyes.
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