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  1. Wasn’t st. James park newcastle talked about hosting double header semi-finals?
  2. What’s York city knights capacity? Im guessing that’s a shared venue as well?
  3. Wasn’t it something to do with paying for the new Wembley or something?
  4. I actually preferred the FA cup semi-finals at villa park and Hillsborough to Wembley as playing at Wembley twice for the 2 finalists lessens the occasion somewhat.
  5. What was the last stand-alone semi-final that topped 20k? I remember a couple of saints v Leeds semi-finals at Huddersfield around 2008-2010 that looked good on tv.
  6. Wigan v saints depending on availability should have been played somewhere like bolton or Preston for a 25-30k stadium or Widnes to ensure a certain sellout.
  7. Anything short of 25k would be a failure for me. Who plays 1st? Wigan v saints or giants v KR?
  8. It’s potentially good for the England national rugby league team.
  9. Great news for Harry rushton and English RL. As for Oliver gildart his back could be up against the wall already with the form of To’a who is very highly rated within the NRL and players like Talau and kepaoa still to come back from injury.
  10. Kr are getting great crowds and have reached the semi-finals of the challenge cup so far this season on top of getting their act together off the pitch regarding their home ground. So yes they(KR) have been a success story this season.
  11. Well Huddersfield won’t be needing 8k for a start. Hopefully any remaining unsold tickets will be shared out between KR, wigan and saints so we get a full house.
  12. Indeed. Last year as well. The club definitely feels and looks on the rise both on and off the pitch. They are most certainly on a upward trajectory.
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