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  1. Thought so. Was he talking up the south’s v Leeds match in Florida or just talking about south’s in general?
  2. In an ideal world we’d have dozens of newcastle thunder style grassroots expansion programs but in the absence of this the only other route is to get funding from sport England or from local authorities or from crowdfunding etc with the help of dedicated volunteers on the ground.
  3. This. We need a domino effect style expansion approach. We need to spread out from where we are strong into new areas that have little to no RL activity.
  4. Just seems to me that the overwhelming majority of new grassroots clubs setup outside of the heartlands fail because of the lack of competitive fixtures or direct involvement however little it maybe with nearby professional/semi-professional clubs.
  5. The roads in Sussex can’t be worse than the road to barra
  6. Fair enough mate but you brought up your current location in Hastings.
  7. Don’t know any of the names involved unfortunately but I definitely remember reading about.
  8. I think he scaled back his involvement and investment due to a divorce a few years back but still has a somewhat smaller stake in the club.
  9. Called the marlins? Sussex marlins?
  10. I could have also dreamt it but I think he went on a US late night talkshow wearing his south’s jacket and talked about the game. Could have been jay Leno or David letterman. Not quite sure?
  11. Isn’t there some RL grassroots activity in brighton&hove?
  12. Although it was only a pre-season friendly but didn’t Crowe promote and attend the south’s v Leeds game in Florida?
  13. I’m not upto date with all the latest Milf’s coming and going’s but I thought he had signed for south’s before the NRL bosses put it on ice? Has Milf signed for newcastle on a longterm contract because I heard he could be a target for the new NRL franchise Redcliffe dolphins?
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