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  1. "Bradford Beavers" has a ring to it now you mention it.
  2. Again, they have done well, but that comes from a clear focus over all that time: "How can we improve our stadium with buggerall money?" Cas & Wakey were asking different questions. Also, up to 1995, Fev were a relatively successful club. They were unlucky to be cut out. Wakefield had actually surrendered at that point and agreed to the Calder merger.
  3. When have Wakefield fans attacked the council for not providing a stadium? Which clubs have built a new stadium without active/proactive support from their LA? (not necessarily financial) Sharing is more about location and ownership than the principle itself. Wakefield would not share a stadium in Cas owned by Cas. Cas would not share a stadium outside cas even if it was pretty much central between the two and owned by a district community trust.
  4. Who could you possibly mean? It's not true. No team is happy to finish in the bottom half of the table. All teams want to be competitive and win things. However, the reality is that every year half the teams will finish in the bottom half of the table. The disparity of income means that some clubs are more likely to finish there than others, but it's not guaranteed (Leeds / Warrington). The odds are stacked against smaller clubs even with financial backing (Hull KR / Huddersfield) and it is extremely difficult to break into the top tier of successful clubs (GF winners) e.g. Hull/Warrington For me, 2 up 2 down from 14 would be too unstable. 2 of those would probably the same 2 clubs yo-yoing every year. Impossible to build any stability like that.
  5. This is my worry too. It's not about 2021, it's what happens in 2022 and beyond. If the 12th club is seen as a place holder to fulfil current sky requirements and are fully expected to be immediately relegated, which club would want that? Maybe Bradford would enjoy the limelight and being associated with SL again? My choice would be Toulouse. If they bottle it with worries over covid, then 2nd choice would be London - although I'm not sure how strong a position they're in after 2020. Could they give the promoted club a second bite of the cherry to retain their place by including them in some kind of play-off with the top championship team(s)? In a fantasy world I'd promote Toulouse for next year then sky have an epiphany and agree to extra funding to allow 14 teams from 2022. This will allow no relegation and adding 2 championship clubs (London & York). After which a return to 1 up 1 down for 2023 where Newcastle replace Castleford
  6. Indeed, it should have been the right decision and if the RFL were consistent and stuck to any plan for more than 2 years, then they would have been rewarded. Wakefield have ridden their luck and played the system. They've walked a tightrope most of the time, but despite last year's results (partly due to a massive injury crisis) and this year's covid debacle, I feel we have a squad capable of competing in the top half of SL next year. The club is currently the best run it has been in my lifetime and the new stand could well be what pulls it out of the doldrums (the only club in the top flight not to compete in a major final during SL, not won a major trophy since 1968). As ever, the next season is make or break for the 'mighty' Trin.
  7. So, do you think the club made the right decision?
  8. OK, how long were we 'free from relegation'? It was 2 x 3-year stints, but we were perpetually under threat for the whole time as on both occasions we were the bottom ranked club (allegedly). How long does it take to renovate a stadium if you have no money? How long did it take Fev? How long does it take to build a competitive team for SL? It's not a tap you can turn on & off at will, ask Leigh or Widnes or London. As has been stated, if we'd reduced the quality of the squad and resigned to being tonked by 60 points each week, do you think we would have got a licence for the second tranche? One of the criteria was adding to the competition. Also, average attendances - after 3 seasons of getting hammered every week, what would that have been? Equally if we could have saved a million a year for the 3 years, how much of a stadium could we have built for that? (taking into the consideration the state of BV). It's a dog eat dog world in SL. Rising above the bottom half of the table is a very difficult task, particularly on a limited budget. Trinity were the 3rd best team in Wakefield throughout the 80s and 90s. Mismanagement and poor choices (along with a fair dollop of bad luck) have haunted the club since those times up until the current regime took over. What I meant by Featherstone had 20 years' head start is that they had no intention of moving from POR and limited funds, so the challenge was clear from the start. That they did something is commendable. Wakefield (& Cas) were always chasing the rainbow. It's easy to say with hindsight that they should have just worked on renovating the current stadia (which is ironically where we have ended up), but that was never an option and the pressure to follow other SL clubs and move to a new, purpose-built stadium was intense. In both clubs' cases, the stars never quite aligned to get it over the line. Both BV and WR were in much worse condition than POR and it was always said renovating BV would be more expensive than building a new stadium form scratch. The number one aim of Wakefield Trinity for the last 20 years was to remain in SL and so far, by the skin of our teeth on several occasions, we have achieved that. If there were ever 14 (or 12) other clubs closer to whatever the criteria/requirements were at the time, then they would have been relegated. It's not their fault that no other clubs stepped up to the mark (a pretty low bar to be fair). If they had been relegated during that time, it would likely have been the end of the club, unlike Cas who were able to bounce back twice. When/if the new stand is built next year, it could be the turning point for the club after 40 years of decline and stagnation.
  9. I'm not sure I understand the question. It feels like it's rhetorical, but I don't get the point you're trying to make. Licensing was from 2009-2014. Overview Licensing 2009-2011 details 2012-2014 details Have Featherstone ever had plans to move to a new stadium?
  10. In reality, they've had 20 years head start. It was clear they were not getting a new stadium and hence were resigned to making the best of what they had. Not knocking them, they've done an excellent job. However, both cas and wakey always had the tease of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in the perpetual plans for new stadia. Why would you throw money into a decrepit stadium when a brand new replacement was just around the corner? The sky money argument is a red herring. If you want to stay in SL you need to spend it on players to be competitive. Particularly if your other sources of income are limited. Fev would have done exactly the same if they'd been promoted.
  11. Yes and this was always Peter Box's fall-back argument. Merger is never going to happen. They don't need to build 3 stadia, but some sustained proactive support would have meant 3 fit-for-purpose grounds would exist. There are many benefits of decent sporting facilities in a district including bringing in cash. Anyway, as I say, if this comes off, the council will have played their part, if somewhat belatedly.
  12. It's a bit of a "special" place though. Wakefield District (population 330k) only has 3 professional sports clubs, all of them play RL. You'd think the council would at least support that unique selling point. Anyway, it's a new era without Peter Box. The council loaned Wakefield Trinity the money to buy back the ground and surrounding land. They also took charge of the ground in the mid-80s when the club were in deep doodah. So we can't really say they've done nothing, except when PB was in charge as he was paranoid that if Trinity got a fit-for-purpose ground before his beloved Castleford, their future in SL could be in jeopardy.
  13. oh yeah, must learn to read. Did a three-year stretch in Preston, that was enough for me.
  14. rumour has it that our old 'friend' Sir Rodney Walker is behind the funding of the 4G pitch as he has plans to establish a a soccer club there.
  15. Because the diggers won't be there until the end of next year and we need to sell season tickets now
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