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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economic_history_of_the_United_Kingdom An interesting read. I'd say you'd have to be looking at C 19th. Does having an empire count as 'alone'? We got a jump on the industrial revolution and rode the wave for a while. Post war we've been in relative decline. Where would we be if we'd not joined the EU?
  2. "The hamster wheel of doom" very good, but not exactly original. The commentary below is particularly apt: "Published on 6 Jul 2009 A gorilla and a monkey on a quest to get their precious banana horde back from an evil pirate crocodile and his evil henchmen that include vultures and beavers. This plot gives Mario something" Unfortunately, I think we're playing a different game from a similar era - "Lemmings"
  3. Woo-hoo! Increased leisure time - another Brexit bonus
  4. As others have said, what is referred to as "no deal" in the Brexit negotiations is not what would normally be referred to as no deal. It's leaving despite not having any deal in place. It holds minimal threat to the EU as a whole and would have a huge impact on the UK (the duration depth of this seems to depend on your level of belief/delusion). A traditional "no deal" in these circumstances would be revoking A50, i.e. reverting to the status quo before negotiations began.
  5. Not sure how helpful propaganda like this is when it can be seen to be somewhat deceptive... If the UK is the EU country with the most living "Abroad" - 4.9M - OK, but the the 5 EU countries quoted only adds up to 920k. Even if the other 21 have 50k each, that would still be less than 2M. The question should be, "which EU country has the biggest % of its residents living in another EU country?" It could be the same, but it's not clear from that. The World Economic Forum do make some excellent videos though.
  6. But that makes it 3 pages shorter, which is a very significant change indeed, so not the same at all. The EU have been clear, a backstop with a time limit is not a backstop. So, when the EU come back with their repackaged backstop with a promise of staged removal, will that be enough to get it through parliament?
  7. But they have, it's called the withdrawal agreement. They negotiated in good faith and produced a workable starting point. They're not allowed to negotiate details with a current member, so we have to leave first. Parliament (including the leavers) didn't agree with the deal made, not the EU.
  8. Which is what worries me about what's going on with the chess players of the 1922 committee. Get Boris in - drop out with no deal in October - hold a GE and let the 'winners' try (and fail) to deal with the fallout - win the subsequent GE - back to BAU. Keeping May in office so long means that she takes a lot of the blame for the current situation with her, but they need another fall guy to remove the rest. Boris is your man.
  9. They're just not beyond their 'best before' date.
  10. OK, but is anyone actually arguing to overturn the referendum on that basis? Whilst the vast majority of those advocating another referendum are promoting remain, it's not a foregone conclusion that that will be the outcome. We need choices that can be implemented; no more unicorns.
  11. The result hasn't been ignored. They've spent 3 years trying, and failing, to implement it. Having another referendum is a mechanism for breaking the deadlock created by the realities of the situation. Ideally, parliament should have chosen a solution, but none of them had a majority.
  12. Can you give examples of these plans? Were they realistic and achievable?
  13. So will the EU actually allow us to drop out on no deal in October? How much more effort will they put in to prevent it? They already seem to be split on the subject. Are they finally running out of patience? We're like that irritating relative you dread coming to family occasions, but always gives you £50 in your birthday card. At what point do they tell us to do one? It must be highly frustrating to see the lack of progress since the latest extension. Added to that, some of the guff the Tory leadership contenders are spouting about what we will do re deals and negotiations must have them tearing their hair out. Rab C Gove is now saying the deadline is flexible. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-48535879 Last time we were supposed to have a good reason for an extension and didn't give one in the end. I can't see them doing it again without the prospect of a second referendum or a general election to break the deadlock. No deal must be odds on at the moment.
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