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  1. I'm sure some traditionalists will be disappointed that there is no nod to their humble beginnings and heritage - not a shark in sight .
  2. There's not exactly 'nothing' to play for... Trinity can still get 8th, should Hull FC continue to implode (i.e. get beat at home against an underperforming Wigan). Also, a strong finish will have a positive effect on season ticket sales and merchandise for next season plus save the expense of recruiting a new head coach.
  3. I thought the clock was stopped automatically in the last 5 minutes of a game? Even then, Mr Child signalled time off before the hooter. Lost it in the first half really.
  4. It doesn't seem like any club is busting a gut to fit in the postponed fixtures. Everyone's going to get to 18 , so no-one really cares. I think SL missed a trick here. Of course, games can be postponed for covid issues, but the onus should be on the postponing team to rearrange them. If they fail to do so they should forfeit the points.
  5. It should be as I'm guessing they are the current holders and the trophy is played for at the home game of the holders - so not played for last year?
  6. Your question was predicated on the premise that Wakefield promised to / were told to upgrade their stadium as a prerequisite of remaining in SL. The premise is invalid, the question is moot. To answer your question anyway, the plans are going well, just waiting for the enabling development to progress and when funding is available, work will begin, just like all other SL stadium developments. A new roof on the clubhouse and 3 new floodlights have already been done (£400k). The 4th new floodlight will be fitted at the end of the season as access is via the playing surface. The club have given up on the multitude of plans for a new purpose built stadium being built after decades of effort to make this happen. For the first time since the 70s, the focus is now on developing and refurbishing the current site in a number of stages.
  7. They were sent a warning letter (along with 4 other clubs) that if their ground wasn't upgraded or replaced then they would be in danger of not receiving a licence in 2012. See spoiler alert above. Did you answer my question?
  8. They were conditions from the first licensing round in 2009 not on promotion in 1998. Spoiler alert: they were given a licence in 2012.
  9. What you posted. The club was never told to upgrade the ground as a condition of entry.
  10. Which current SL club "had the money" to upgrade their ground? Asking for a friend
  11. This is the fundamental issue, but... I can accept a 2 divisions of 10 SL as long as it's a time-limited stepping stone to the 2 conferences version. It has to be a means to an end. The only good thing to come out of the 8s debacle is that it increased the quality and interest of the second tier by playing regular games against the top flight teams. So, here's my take: Initially, 2 divisions of 'SL 10s' for limited time only (say, 5 years, but coordinated with selling the TV rights) after which two equal conferences. This allows time for new teams to develop and existing teams to get up to speed. All teams should be full time with reserves and academies by the end of the phasing-in period. Each team plays home and away against its own division and 5 home 5 away against the other division. The cross-divisional games are spread through the season. The same structure would apply to the conferences. At the moment, the gap between the top 10 and bottom 10 is too wide, so any mixed conferences would involve more than half the games (15/28) as one-sided affairs. 18 + 10 = 28 regular fixtures (14 home games) Challenge cup, potentially up to 5 games - SL1 only enter at last 16, so 4 rounds Play-offs, up to 4 games - top 16, highest placed at home against lowest placed, straight knock-out. With 2 conferences it would be top 8 from each one. Having expanded play-offs means that it makes it one competition as all teams can (in theory) win the main prize at the start of the season. Each year, the bottom 4 teams' places will be up for review and compared with teams outside the 20 (franchise style) Magic (if retained) as a 9s comp with proper sponsorship and an irresistible prize fund to ensure 1st team representation. All teams would play on both days, keeping more fans attending both days. The 9s have never been done properly over here and the magic weekend is an ideal opportunity to establish it. Invitational teams, women's comp etc. fill the whole weekend. A total of between 31 and 38 games. Internationals can be played on weekends of cross-division games. All teams must release players selected. I have no issue with games played on the same weekend, just not the same day. P & R between the 2 divisions - 2 up to down initially and maybe increasing to 3 up 3 down towards the end of the divisions. Sky money initially divided by 30 with SL1 getting 2 shares (1/15) and SL2 getting one share (half of SL1). Money to be gradually equalised as the conference structure approaches.
  12. Apologies if the points have been made before, but I haven't had time to read all 1.2k replies. Why don't we turn it round on them? Imply that the Aussies are running scared of losing their status as world rugby's top team (sic). They may have passed off losing to NZ in 2008 as a fluke and forgotten how close they were to losing last time out and getting beat by Tonga in 2019. #FearOfLosing Also, how silly will their covid excuse look if we're down to a handful of cases by the start of the tournament. While clearly this may not be the case, as it's too early to tell whether the government's big vaccine gamble will pay off, it is a possibility. The number of cases has suddenly dipped in the last few days, but it could be temporary; a new variant could be just around the corner.
  13. It's the humidity that gets you. Reducing your body's ability to stay cool. I live in a place where it's 28-30 degrees every day, all year round and it's fine, no ac required. We are at 800m plus altitude, so the thinner air reduces humidity. The middle east is a different prospect, very dry but overheating is an issue with ambient temperatures above body temperature of 37 degrees.
  14. There seems to be a slight change of emphasis on their reasons for crying off. From 'it will disrupt our preseason' to 'the risk of catching covid in the UK is too high'. Surely they have time to get all participants vaccinated before then (3 months?) Even if they have to pay for them. Assuming they are not just looking for excuses
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