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  1. What? I was responding to the inference that some people's lifestyle (Saintslass' idiots) was the root of the outbreak by pointing out that low paid workers often don't have any choice in such things. You asked for evidence, so I looked for some. It turns out factory workers at the very factory in question do in fact get minimum wage. Then you suggest I take up cases with ACAS on behalf of people (not sure who) on less than minimum wage. Again, what?
  2. But anyway, Google is your friend... https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-greencore-factory-staff-surviving-on-90-a-week-after-outbreak-12049574 Edit https://www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/Greencore/salaries https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-national-minimum-wage-in-2020
  3. Work where? I only said factory workers. Can you assure me that there are no people working in factories in the UK who receive the minimum wage? The point being, living and transport arrangements may not be ideal for limiting virus transmission, but their choices may be determined by their income.
  4. Yeah. What a bunch of idiots. These factory workers should all buy detached cottages within walking distance of their workplace or at least own their own car. What's the point in paying them minimum wage if they can't even do that?
  5. Effectively, we've got a game-wide scientific experiment going on to decide the future of scrums. A decision needs to be made at the end of the season (across the sport) to decide what form (if any) scrums should take in the future. I am now firmly in the 'scrap the scrum' camp after initially being reluctant to write off such a fundamental and historic part of the game, risking increased repetitiveness. We'll see what happens. At the moment, I've not missed them. It would be good to banish them as it would mean finally cutting the apron strings to mother RU. They would find it more difficult to justify banning the game in various countries by asserting it's the same sport. It's the same except only 13 players, no line-outs, no rucks/mauls, no scrums, no flankers, no props, no hookers, no 2nd rowers no locks... It would give us the chance to rename positions to reflect their modern role. My suggestions: Full back (Right) wing (3/4) (Right) centre (3/4) (Left) centre (3/4) (Left) wing (3/4) (Right) Half(back) or stand-off half or running half or 5/8 (Left) Half(back) or centre-half (Right) Middle (forward) Pivot (Left) Middle (forward) (Right) Wide (forward) (Left) Wide (forward) Loose (forward) or 3rd middle (forward) You could then also make distinctions between tactical positional differences between teams. Do they play with a left and right half or a running half and a centre half? Do they have a loose forward or a 3rd middle? Other suggestions welcome
  6. So, when was the last time Leeds were nilled at Headingley? http://www.rugbyleagueproject.org/matches/Custom/MzQtLS0tLTUyLS0tLS0tLS0tLS0tLS0tLQ==?page=3& Mar 29th 1992 Leeds L 0 - 17 Wakefield Trinity Also on the previous game at Headingley 2 weeks earlier... Mar 15th 1992 Leeds L 0 - 24 Wigan any more recent ones?
  7. At Uni, we were always short of players (which is clearly why I could get to play). One week, this absolutely enormous bloke turns up, but he'd never seen the game before. He started as a sub and I think they explained the basics to him. He came on and easily barged through the opposition defence and over the try line. At which point he threw the ball to the ground, shouted 'touchdown!' and started to celebrate. Everyone else, including the referee, just stopped and stared. The referee eventually worked out what to do and awarded a knock-on. The player stormed off the field in embarrassment. He was later persuaded to rejoin the game when he'd calmed down, but didn't come back the next week.
  8. If you live in Yorkshire*, or were born there, every day is Yorkshire Day. It may be difficult for outsiders to understand, but our level of self-righteous smugness cannot stem from a single calendar date. *other counties are available
  9. Indeed. And that's why it's seen as the epitome of rudeness to ask anyone if they're from Yorkshire. If they're not from Yorkshire, you'll just embarras them into having to admit it in public, and if they are, they'll tell you soon enough.
  10. Not at all, because the location of the ball would be the sensor mounted at the centre of the ball.
  11. Are you saying the wind can act on the ball before the passer lets go?
  12. Once the passer has released the ball it's motion is then irrelevant. For a forward pass, any acceleration would have to be imparted by the passer before the point of letting go. This acceleration could easily be detected electronically. The wind could only act after the ball is released and as such is irrelevant in this case.
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