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  1. Joke of a sport one rule for SL stuff the rest, if I was a champ club I’d be fuming especially if they put the 8 in one division. Why let them vote In first place if they had a plan all along.
  2. I’d hazard a guess roger, clubs have known for some time tbh, it’s the public that don’t, as how can you plan budgets etc do you build a good side or keep money back for IMG stuff etc. it would surprise me if clubs haven’t had the paperwork too, to know what to upgrade etc, but that’s just me I’d expect better planning than just throwing out in public domain tbh.
  3. He’s tubbs bound if rumours are true. If what I was told 2 months ago is true theirs some more shocks to come yet about players leaving. I don’t usually listen to rumours, but some are coming to fruition so far. But we’ve also replaced them with bigger names, but like I say all rumours they’re either great or useless lol.
  4. You’re out of luck because he ain’t off to fax lol.
  5. I agree but I’ve seen no strong leadership for 30 years where the governing body takes control so I don’t see it changing now. Clubs shouldn’t get a vote on anything for me no club. Self interest as brought us to where we are now it doesn’t work obviously.
  6. I agree Harry this img thing is rubbish, luckily I didn’t buy a season ticket when they were cheap as I was tempted because I thought we was going up, but I’m done with game now, I’ve no interest in playing for nothing I’d rather go watch Leeds utd tbh. Not that I will mind, just find summat else to do with my money.
  7. I speak my mind always have, if I’m in wrong I hold my hands up but I wont take no one’s s h I t e. If he can’t be civil he deserves all he gets.
  8. A decision either way jonny imo as to be made tomorrow as teams can’t plan for future etc, the longer this goes on the longer teams are in limbo.
  9. I agree just depends which way you look at it tbh, as I’m guessing hybrid squads will pay best PT wages too, so swings and roundabouts I guess, it’s my personal preference I don’t like it because say x is on 100k a season and y is on 30k a season y could think he’s not putting it in why should I etc, not saying that happens but it is human nature tbf.
  10. The meeting is about the game, but it won’t be it will be about what’s best for each individual club, champ clubs won’t want the 8 in champ and the league 1 clubs will want to be in the champ, to blame anyone is silly as their all in it for themselves imo.
  11. Think majority know that anyway Harry tbh, think only handful feel they have a chance even if a slim one.
  12. For me that’s not entirely true we had the best team In the league as table never lies for me, but to say it worked I’d say it didn’t because we didn’t reach our goal. I’ve never been a fan of hybrid squads myself I just don’t think they work. You have guys turning up on silly money then you have guys turning up on peanuts after a 12 hour shift doesn’t work for me.
  13. No it’s us watch this space . If rumours are true we will have a far better team nxt season than this one.
  14. Lmao ok fair enough, was just trying to prove my point that I’ve nothing against any club only c@s, I will leave you in peace.
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